Bill Gates and the Grand Deception

Right now, medicare has determined that if you have a Cov19 admission to the hospital you will get paid 13,000 dollars. If that Cov 19 patient goes on a ventilator you get 39,000 dollars, three times as much. Nobody can tell me after thirty-five years in the world of medicine that sometimes those kinds of things impact on what we do

Dr Scott Jensen

It is often said that a wolf can benefit from the clothing of a sheep, enabling the crafty predator to blend in amongst an unsuspecting flock. And so it is with William Henry Gates, who, in the public eye, is simply a successful computer entrepreneur and innovator who has generously decided to use his enormous wealth (over 100 billion dollars) for the betterment of humanity through funding and helping to organize a number of charitable concerns with particular focus on human health and wellbeing and the protection of the natural environment. This carefully constructed facade has served Gates and his elitist allies very well over the years but the time for pretense is now at an end as this particular wolf is now clearly visible for all that choose to see him. Gates is, to put things mildly, a disturbed individual. He and his associates are eugenicists and they are currently putting in place measures which are genocidal in intent although those who are implementing such agendas are often too stupid to understand what they are involved in. Bill Gates is the principal frontman for the long-planned Coronavirus “plandemic” and his fingerprints are all over this operation. Bill does not openly and directly express the malevolent nature of his intent but instead he allows himself to be placed publicly at the very heart of the conspiracy knowing well that whilst it is quite obvious what he and his associates are planning to do it is very difficult to do anything about it so long as the majority of the populace remains bewitched and under a media induced spell.

Like the Rockerfellers, Gates has long used his apparent philanthropy to further personal financial interests whilst serving the wider ideological goals of his masters. The world’s largest purveyor of harmful drugs has always been an enthusiastic proponent of the pharmaceutical industry and in 2002 he invested, through the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, over 200 million dollars in nine major drug companies. His interests go far beyond what could be considered simply financial prudence as even the mainstream Guardian newspaper noted in a 2016 article which stated that…

Ultra-rich philanthropists and their foundations have increasing influence on decision-making and are setting the global health and agriculture agenda in developing countries….Using their immense wealth and influence with political and scientific elites, organizations like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation and others are promoting solutions to global problems

Of course “Global problems” is simply a euphemism for obstacles which stand in the way of their own agendas and the pernicious influence of such supposedly “philanthropic” organizations as the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation extends far beyond what could be considered the “developing countries” for their influence is now so extensive that they are effectively in a position to dictate what is termed “global” health policy through the World Health Organization. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is listed as the second largest funder of the W.H.O and the current director of this elitist front is one Tedros Adhanom, a former Ethiopian Health Minister who had previously worked with the Gates Foundation as a member of GAVI, the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization. The tentacles of Bill Gates reaches into countries all across this earth including the United Kingdom where his Foundation provided funding to the very Imperial College from where Professor Neil Ferguson made his alarmist projections that death rates from the Coronavirus were likely to account for half a million people. (later recanted after “Lockdown” had been implemented) Another UK “expert”, Christopher Whitty is yet another beneficiary of Gates “philanthropy”; before becoming a governmental advisor this man worked as an epidemiologist and in 2008 he was awarded a forty million dollar grant for Malaria research through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

In 2019 Bill Gates appeared in the Netflix production Explained and prophetically predicted that a killer virus would emerge from the meat markets of China. Then, later that year, the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and the John Hopkins University hosted Event 201 which was an “exercise” that planned for a pandemic which was almost identical to the “Coronavirus” which supposedly broke out in Wuhan province China, several weeks later. Any lingering doubter who still clings to the naive belief that this is all simply a coincidence should take the time to read the document “Scenarios for the future of technology and international development” from the Rockerfeller Foundation and Global Business Network, paying particular attention to the scenario narrative for “Lockstep”. The events of the year 2020 are not happenstance but have been carefully planned.

Bill Gates is a staunch believer in depopulation and it now obvious that Western citizens, who had been trained to think themselves immune from such atrocities, are now in very real danger of being culled. Gates and his associates run your politicians and have complete control over the media. Up until now the Pandemic has simply been an elaborate hoax based on statistical manipulation, lies and propaganda but now people are really starting to die. As citizens are encouraged to stand on doorsteps applauding healthcare workers the institutions they work for are already being accused of murdering some of those under their care through neglect and mistreatment; brave nurses and doctors are desperately trying to warn people of the reality that faces patients who are now being subjected to inappropriate and sometimes deadly interventions as a result of changes in protocol and procedure as the victims are isolated from the protection of their family members. As Bill himself once said…

If we do a really great job on new vaccines, healthcare and reproductive health services we could reduce that (the world population) by 10-15%

It should come as no surprise to anybody that Bill Gates is now publicly promoting the development of a Coronavirus vaccine (all for a non-existent virus!) which virtually the entire population will be expected to take before the “Lockdown” is eased; in Bill’s own words….

For the world at large, normalcy only returns when we’ve largely vaccinated the entire global population.

At this point many people instinctively recoil with horror at the prospect of being forcibly injected at the behest of a lunatic and most would much prefer to take their chances with the supposedly deadly virus. Bill Gates and his friends are however well prepared for this potential problem. Bill has, for many years, been working to centralize food production whilst using finance to manipulate farming practice. He was a major shareholder of the notorious mass poisoner Monsanto (now part of the equally repugnant Bayer) and is currently working with the major food giant Cargill to create a monopoly in artificial “meat” which is intended to replace the existing livestock industry. Civilian populations across the earth are being told to stay indoors and do nothing by treacherous and moronic politicians whilst being harassed by a growing army of thuggish enforcement officers; as this is all happening supply chains are breaking down and people are losing the ability to fend for themselves. We have been set up. The society in which we grew up is falling apart and later in the year there may not even be enough food to go round. After a period of death and starvation amidst the oppressive atmosphere of military-based martial law people may well be begging for Bill and his needle! Reality has been inverted and it could all be avoided if only people would see through the lies and get on with life instead of waiting for an external (and now illegitimate) authority to grant them “permission” to leave their own houses! The virus is of the mind and evil men like Gates can only prevail so long as people are unable to see through their illusions.

Gates is quite simply a monster. He actively promotes death whilst pretending to care about life. He encourages abortion under the softly worded veil of “planned parenthood” and is a funder and promoter of geo-engineering (the Chemtrail conspiracy theory) which endorses the dispersal of toxic particulates in the sky to dampen the rays of the sun. How many times have we tried to warn people about this; trouble was inevitable when such operations could be conducted over heavily populated areas with the full cooperation of the internal political and military infrastructure of the state whilst civilian populations consented through their silence. People such as Gates are unlikely to show any remorse, guilt or compassion. They partially reveal what they are doing because they enjoy mocking the ignorance of those they abuse and being enthusiastic practitioners of the occult, they feel the need to show a little of their hand before performing their black magic. Satanists are in control of this world which is why all this evil is manifesting around us. Old people are dying in isolation deprived of the love of their family and friends in their final days as the churches abjectly close their doors in the hour of their greatest need whilst people are tricked into perceiving each other as sources of deadly infection.

Gates is the bogeyman of the apocalypse and his complicity in this conspiracy is blatant.