About us

We opened in February 2018 to alert people to the world’s greatest deception. The surface of the earth appears and measures flat and is demonstrably level as evidenced by the water upon its surface.

The globe is a belief system based on a misplaced faith in scientific institutions which are unable to provide any empirical evidence that the earth is a spinning ball.

The flat earth serves tea and coffee. There is also a library and a small range of merchandise.

Logos Rising

Writings from the Flat Earth

Logos Rising goes beyond the Flat Earth conspiracy and seeks to find answers to the uncomfortable questions which arise from this grand deception. How could the whole world be lied to about what the world actually is? How are the minds of men tricked into believing in such grandiose delusions? What motives would there be to conceal from humanity the shape of the earth? What is our true governance structure and what further nefarious agendas are being imposed upon the peoples of this world without their knowledge or consent? What is geo-engineering and what is the real motive behind the climate change agenda? Interesting times.

Available directly from The Flat Earth Inverness: 2 Greig St, Inverness – £10
For all addresses within the United Kingdom Logos Rising costs £12.
All foreign orders for addresses outside the UK have a standard charge of £16.


A few minutes walk from the town centre on the West side of the river Ness across the road from the Greig street footbridge.

Opening times

These are based on demand and the flat earth does not have fixed hours. The premises are likely to be open for longer periods in the summer months.