Why would they lie?

The globe deception is at the centre of a web of lies which has been constructed to enable a small ruling caste to gain psychological domination over entire populations. They control the human mind because they understand the power of philosophy and know how to apply it.

Mankind’s perception of himself is founded upon his perception of the earth on which he lives.

“If the earth is the centre of the universe, then the ideas of God, creation, and a purpose for human existence are resplendent. But if the earth is just one of billions of planets revolving around billions of stars in billions of galaxies, these ideas become highly implausible”

A false paradigm has been intentionally created to facilitate the manipulation of human society whose distorted perception of reality then spawned materialistic, atheistic and nihilistic ideologies which in turn unleashed a murderous psychopathy upon this earth. Millions died (and continue to do so) to serve the interests of a small cabal who are ruthless and proficient when dealing with the management of human populations and have long understood the art of rule by subtle persuasion.

“We will control all aspects of their lives and tell them what to think and how. We will guide them kindly and gently letting them think they are guiding themselves”

“We will keep their lifespans short and their minds weak while pretending to do the opposite”

“Their minds will belong to us and they will do as we say”

They regard themselves as the illuminati, or enlightened ones and their “illumination” is grounded in knowledge and philosophy-

Metaphysics – Cosmology, theology and the nature of existence

Logic- The guiding principles of rational thought

Ethics- Defining morality in relation to character and individual responsibility

Psychology- The investigation and classification of human thought

Epistemology- The nature of knowledge

Aesthetics- The science of nature and the human response to harmony and beauty.

The judicious application of such knowledge is the ultimate power-

“He who has not even a knowledge of common things is a brute amongst men. He who has an accurate knowledge of human concerns alone is a man among brutes. But he who knows all that can be known by intellectual energy, is a God among men”.

Intellectual elitism is inevitable because the desire and capacity for understanding varies greatly from one individual to another, but it is not necessarily malevolent. Knowledge can either emancipate or enslave, it depends on the wisdom and intent with which it is used.

If it is accepted graciously and seen as a responsibility to the creator and to the world to be shared freely with those of like mind who are capable and willing to receive it then the raising of awareness will be beneficial; to help bring understanding from ignorance, faith from superstition, love from hate and harmony from discord for the greatest good of all, is the divine calling of the truly enlightened.

If, however this sacred knowledge is occulted, corrupted and distorted to serve the interests of a select few who, inadequate in their own sense of being, feel the need to validate their existence through the exercise of dominion over others then the future for humanity is bleak indeed. The parasitical hierarchy is plotting and colluding to further all manner of destructive and nefarious agendas which will, if left unchecked, continue to cause a literal hell upon this earth, presumably until the last vestige of humanity is either enslaved or annihilated.

The ruling oligarchy would much prefer it if their chattels did not focus their attention on such matters and have generously provided all manner of distractions and entertainments for people so they will come to “love their servitude”, as Huxley prophesied.

They are also programming the population into a state of apathy, ignorance and dystopia and have fostered egoic thinking to facilitate this.

“contrary to the dictates of reason, a standard has been established which affirms that innocence born of ignorance is more to be desired than virtue born of knowledge”.

This is intentional; they do not want a population capable of critical thinking.

The revelation that the earth is indeed flat and still promises to bring this malevolent conspiracy to an end and free humanity from enslavement.

~ All the other lies shall be exposed with the wonders and horrors of the world revealed for all to see.

~ The renovation of philosophy upon sound foundations and a reawakening of consciousness.

~ Education designed to fulfil human potential with no more indoctrination. Emphasis on how to think, not on what to think.

~ More self-empowerment for the individual as people awaken from the lies and propaganda and start to think for themselves.

~ Exploration to find out the true dimensions of the earth.

~ The end of the insane delusions of the globe cult and the end of the New World Order and their planned dystopia. The last generation of slaves bequeathing a world worth living in for future generations.

This is the reason why such immense effort has been invested in creating, maintaining and defending the Flat Earth conspiracy, the grandest of all the deceptions and the greatest lie that has ever been told to mankind.