Why the Earth is not a globe

10 Reasons

  1. Nobody has ever made any allowance for the curvature of the earth in practical application. Communication systems functioned perfectly well over hundreds of miles before they pretended to go to space and all military systems also assume a level earth. Surveyors do not account for curvature either and have been challenged to prove otherwise.
  2. Water always seeks to find and maintain it’s own level and bodies of water do not have the ability to have convexity upon their surface which shows the known world to be demonstrably flat.
  3. Modern cameras have the ability to zoom in on mountains and buildings which would be hundreds of feet below the horizon if the earth were really a ball with a circumference of 3963 miles.
  4. The horizon is always level and rises to the level of the eye regardless of altitude. If earth looks flat and measures flat it probably is!
  5. Pilots train on the assumption of a flat and stationary earth-they would need to constantly dip their nose to maintain altitude if they were flying over a curved surface.
  6. The atmosphere (gas) could not spin in harmony with a spinning(solid) earth and just as no allowance is made for curvature, no allowance is made for motion either. If the earth feels still, it probably is!
  7. A pressurized atmosphere could not exist next to a vacuum without a sealed barrier between the two. The pretty pictures of earth from space cannot be real-look closer and see admittedly composited images that do not correlate with reality or with each other.
  8. Why would international space agencies cooperate to fake space? -They do, don`t take our word for it, just take a look for yourself, it can be quite amusing once you get over the initial shock!
  9. Gravity is used to explain anomalies with no rational explanation and to provide the foundation of our understanding of the universe and yet it is a theory which has never been proven by experimentation. That is argument from ignorance, it is not science.
  10. There are no “proofs” of a globe earth at all, only flawed logic, appeals to imagery and authority and the hope that people are not thinking or caring about the shape of the earth.


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