What is Covid Denial?

This article is presented with two distinct sections. The first part concentrates on the presentation of reasoned argumentation whilst the second is largely an expression of personal opinion.

Part 1

A provocative mantra is always useful for those who seek to invoke intolerance and hostility towards those that are questioning a narrative that it is deemed necessary to protect. Flavour of the month in this regard is of course that much-derided term of the “Covid Denier”.

Mainstream media allows no voice whatsoever to the heretical opinion that the much dreaded “Coronavirus” may not even exist and even the most ardent “lockdown sceptics” appear themselves to be frequently at pains to distance themselves from such seemingly toxic association. Those on the fringes of public debate must show willingness to recognize the prescribed parameters for discussion and whilst dissenters may still be permitted to question the wisdom of government policy and action with relation to this so-called pandemic they must never be allowed to challenge that fundamental underlying premise upon which all such responses have been justified.

And this is precisely how a false premise can become established as a perceived reality although the attempt to create and instil this narrative within the minds of men shall most certainly not go unchallenged on our watch. Let us therefore question directly whether or not there ever was such a thing as “Coronavirus”.

We are told that out of a world population of some 7.8 billion people some 2.13 million (24/1/21) deaths have been caused by a new and deadly strain of a contagious virus which is purported to have spread throughout the world over a period of some 15 months. To put this figure in context, it represents 1 in every 3,661 people upon this earth or roughly double the number of recorded annual suicides per annum.

Such statistics may appear to be a cause for concern, but they clearly do not justify the social and economic devastation that governments have imposed upon civilian populations across the entire world or the mass vaccination programmes that they and their affiliated pharmacological cartels are now seeking to impose upon the civilian population. In Britain over 100,000 citizens are said to have fallen victim to this supposed pandemic according to the death registration records but in this strange new dystopia in which we now find ourselves very little is as it seems. When we look a just little bit closer at these numbers and from where they were derived a very strange picture begins to emerge and it has got nothing at all to do with a “pandemic”.

Evaluating the information
Let us first briefly review the records of annual deaths for England and Wales in recent years.
2017 533,253
2018 541,589
2019 530,841
2020 529,841 (up to 13th November)

So, 2020 undoubtedly has not been a good year and when the figures are made available it can be expected that the annual death toll will not be too far short of 600,000 people, this being an increase of more than 10% upon the previous year. But exactly when, and how, did these excess deaths occur? A closer examination of the data reveals a spring spike in reported fatalities (some 50,000 people) after which we see nothing whatsoever to indicate any abnormalities within the overall mortality rate which continually remained within expected parameters throughout the months which followed that initial surge.

Overall mortality rates are the best indicator to show whether we are in a pandemic or not and the data quite clearly shows that, statistically speaking, there quite simply was no pandemic in this country or, for that matter, in other countries such as the United States of America where the Coronavirus was falsely reported to have had a devastating effect upon the health of the nation. To underline this point we shall look once more to the data.

Freedom of information requests have revealed that between 1st January and the 31st August only 76 Coronavirus related deaths were reported from a sample of 1,641,281 public service workers (England and Wales)

The age standardised mortality rate (ASMR) for people aged 65 and under was 16.6 per 100,000 people as of August 2020 (31/7/20 England and Wales)

“All of this (referring to data) points to no evidence that Covid-19 created any excess deaths. Total death numbers are not above normal death numbers. We found no evidence to the contrary.” Genevieve Briand (Director of Applied Economics- Johns Hopkins University. Analysis of Data (source CDC) covering February to September


And this is when things can start to become really disturbing. Not only did the political, media and medical authorities fail to report upon the rather benign nature of the supposed crisis but they then repeatedly and verifiably set out to misrepresent and distort information in such a way as to intentionally create the illusion of an ongoing epidemic. All across this world a widespread and coordinated deception has been propagated in which people who had died of a pre-existing condition have had their cause of death reclassified as “Coronavirus” as further fear was induced using case numbers of supposedly infected people that had been derived from a hopelessly unreliable, and easy to manipulate, testing process.

And so we then ask a not unreasonable question: What possible benign explanation could there be for lying about the existence of a pandemic? Whilst this deception does not in itself prove whether or not Coronavirus exists it does provide an extremely powerful indication that it may not. And so we dig a little deeper into the statistical record.


The overall mortality rates (England and Wales), which are, as previously stated, the primary indicator for a pandemic, show that somewhere in the region of 50,000 excess deaths were recorded over a period of several weeks in the Spring of last year. Does this not then prove that the Coronavirus is therefore a very real and deadly threat?

Not necessarily.

The overwhelming majority of these alleged Coronavirus victims died in hospitals and, to a somewhat lesser extent, care homes. Even the mainstream media itself admits that a large number of these people died not as a consequence of the “Coronavirus” itself but rather as a result of the somewhat chaotic response to what was thought at the time to be an impending emergency.

“Approximately 16,000 people may have died as a direct result of the coronavirus lockdown, new government figures show….. The shock number includes an estimated 6,000 people who did not go to A&E because they feared catching the coronavirus, and another 10,000 who died in care homes following early hospital discharges designed to free up capacity….The estimates – which were presented to the government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) in July but only published on Friday – also suggest that another 26,000 people could die by next March because of ongoing restrictions on healthcare.”
Independant 8th August 2020

And so, with the single stroke of a pen, the perceived death toll from the alleged virus during the initial surge period immediately diminishes by nearly one third. But how accurate, or trustworthy, was the research upon which this article was based? Let us not forget that the source (S.A.G.E- The Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies) is the same government affiliated think tank whose interest-conflicted members produced that now notorious document entitled “options for increasing adherence to social distancing measures”.

So what exactly was it that caused the death of so many people, some 16,000 if this study is to be believed? The World Doctors Alliance addressed such concerns directly within an open letter that was addressed to all national governments and was rather predictably disregarded by mainstream media.

“Ventilating patients instead of oxygenating patients proved to be a deadly policy and an unwarranted failure. Ventilation resulted in many unnecessary deaths.”

“Sending infected people from hospitals to care homes placed the elderly and frail under unnecessary risk and resulted in many unnecessary deaths.”

“Blanket Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) orders were imposed on thousands of people without their consent nor the consent of their families – this is both unlawful and immoral and lead to unnecessary deaths in care homes.”

“Hospitals became essentially ‘Covid only’ centres as vast numbers of patients were wilfully neglected, resulting in many thousands of unnecessary deaths.”

Add to this list the shortages in the availability of essential medical supplies (especially oxygen) and the various pressures that were placed upon nursing staff in both hospitals and care homes. Is it not possible that it was a simply combination of these factors which led to such an excessive death toll during March and April? Could it be that some 50,000 people died as a consequence of the initial lockdown measures and not the 16,000 as was estimated within the report that was submitted to S.A.G.E ? And if the answer to that question is “yes” then it is surely logical to deduce that not only is the alleged threat from what is termed “Coronavirus” of no consequence in the present moment but that it never was a danger in the first place.

After months of misreporting on what is now being termed a “casedemic” we are now being asked to believe, by these same untrustworthy sources, that the now mutating “virus” is once more resurgent following a most improbable worldwide hiatus period of several months. A “second wave” of deadly contagion is now said to be upon us and mortality rates are indeed starting to rise once more above statistical variation according to the latest data from the O.N.S. (Office National Statistics)

Is this then finally proof of the deadly virus?

No, absolutely not because it could be argued that this unfortunate situation is the predictable, and some would say inevitable, consequence of government lockdowns that have been imposed alongside harmful protocols which were introduced as supposed health protection measures. The following extracts are from an article that was written on the 9th November last year.

“Coronavirus is the cover for, and not the cause of, the excessive mortality that is unfortunately to be expected during the coming winter. The government and the media have contrived to create a situation whereby citizens are kept in fear as they are isolated from one another and it can be expected that those on the fringes of society will be increasingly deprived of the most basic essentials in the coming months. The cumulative effect of all this will be a compromised immunity amongst a civilian population that is being denied access to previously available treatment and healthcare services.

It should not be necessary to explain this to grown adults, but wearing face masks for prolonged periods of time, losing herd immunity through “social distancing” and continually spraying harmful chemicals upon the skin is also going to have a detrimental effect upon their health. People are going to fall ill and die this winter as a direct consequence of measures which have supposedly been introduced to “keep everyone safe.”

A sizeable percentage of the annual winter death toll will be people who are, to some extent, authors of their own misfortune and still more will succumb to the effects that this traumatic year has had upon their mental health. The statisticians will doubtlessly calculate such collateral damage to the nearest unit and the death of the unfortunate victims will, of course, be blamed upon the unverifiable Coronavirus. Perhaps all this human misery, used in conjunction with further contrived statistical trickery, will prove sufficient in itself to persuade people that the “virus” is indeed real and that they must continue to acquiesce to all the demands of their government.”                    The Flat Earth Inverness

Since those words were written, a new variable has entered the fray; some 6 million UK citizens have, at the time of writing, been vaccinated. This very evening a personal acquaintance got in touch to relate the experience of an elderly relative who was vaccinated, fell violently sick and then lost the ability to walk. Two days after vaccination this lady died in a hospital. Such “adverse reactions” or “side effects” are a known hazard of inoculation. According to the ACIP COVID-19 Vaccines Work Group (19th December) 3150 out of 112,807 (2.79%) recipients of the Pfizer-Biontech COVID-19 vaccine experienced what they term a health impact event, meaning that following injection the person was…

“Unable to perform normal daily activities, unable to work, required care from doctor or health care professional”

Occasionally, or perhaps frequently, (it is too soon to know) some of these people, especially amongst the elderly and the frail, will die which will then impact upon the overall mortality statistics.


But I have had Coronavirus! I know people who have died from Coronavirus!

How would you know?

Shortness of breath and high temperatures are extremely common symptoms that are associated with any number of conditions. Every single year hundreds of thousands of people are admitted to hospital in the UK alone with what are termed “respiratory ailments” and unfortunately some of these people can then die. Recovery from such trauma can be a slow process especially if the lung tissue has been damaged.

If a sick person is told that it is the dreaded Coronavirus that is responsible for their suffering then very often this seemingly definitive explanation is accepted without question. The patient has no idea what “Coronavirus” actually is and neither do the health professionals who are treating that patient because the diagnosis is always based upon the subjective interpretation of symptoms and “guidelines” which are supported by, as has been previously highlighted, a series of hopelessly flawed and unreliable clinical tests. And is it not more than a little strange that such a supposedly serious and transmissible virus did not cause an abnormally high manifestation of respiratory symptoms amongst the young and healthy population in the year 2020? Could not the fear that has been induced within the general population not adversely affect some people’s ability to recover from known respiratory ailments, both physically and psychologically?

Those who have suffered personal loss or suffering as a consequence of what they believe to be Coronavirus are prone to become volatile and emotional when the stated cause of their grief and pain is so directly challenged. Such understandable hostility is unfortunately shared by a small army of zealotry virtue signallers who will puff out their collective feathers in displays of self-righteous indignation as they dutifully protect what has become a most privileged and revered victim status. How dare these people say that Coronavirus might not exist! Burn them!

We dare because the truth is without emotion and so has no care for feelings. Everything that is within the prose above can be supported with facts, reason and logic and the reader is challenged to find fault with either the information that is provided or the conclusions that are then drawn from the critical evaluation of that information. There are very solid grounds for doubting the existence of “Coronavirus” which urgently need to be reviewed and discussed in a reasoned and civilized manner.

Part 2
The opinions of a “Covid denier”

Think of the events of 2020 not in terms of a deadly pandemic but rather as a worldwide political, economic and social revolution. What we are currently witnessing is a pre-planned well controlled, and relatively ordered, dismantling of the established order which is taking place amidst ongoing plans to asset-strip, enslave and reduce a civilian population that is undergoing a massive social engineering programme which seeks to completely change human beings both on a physical and psychological level.

Some form of crisis, or the perception of crisis, needed to be created in order to provide an impetus to implement such unprecedented changes and being a worldwide agenda this required an event that would impact upon countries across the entire earth. A pandemic was duly manufactured. Or so it seemed. Because, and this is the brilliant part, the well planned and rehearsed crisis would be caused not by the “pandemic” itself but rather by a carefully coordinated response to something that was, in reality, nothing more than the elaborate presentation of a crisis for the “pandemic” itself was simply an illusion.

To understand how this has been done it is necessary to examine the long and tortuous history of Western medicine in the 20th century, and much else besides, because the events of 2020 did not happen in isolation but were rather the culmination of decades, if not centuries, of intricate preparation. For the purposes of this article it is enough to state the basic methodology that has been used; they have weaponised psychologically known respiratory ailments.

And people will say; but how can this be? How can so many seemingly normal human beings within what had previously been regarded as quite respectable institutions possibly have conspired to deceive the world in this way? What about all those esteemed medical personnel that are frantically careering around this world seeking to save us all from this new and deadly plague? And all across the land there are people hiding themselves from the world and only venturing outside with masks upon their faces as the social and economic life of the country grinds to a standstill; have they all gone quite mad?

Yes, all these people are clearly behaving in a deranged manner and engaging in collective mass psychosis but whether the individuals themselves could be considered “mad” or “bad” is largely a matter of how consciously aware they are of what they are doing and how tightly they are bound by the psychological ties that hold them to the pandemic narrative. Functionaries who exist within systems of mandated and collectivised orthodoxy are rarely able to demonstrate the independence of mind which is required to challenge the surrounding hive-mind mentality and are generally content to externalise their responsibility to think and to act for themselves. They know that to betray the lie is to betray the system that sustains them and many will desperately cling to their belief in that lie no matter how far-fetched and illogical it may eventually become. As the stench of the lie becomes overpowering (as it most certainly has with Coronavirus) the true vacated nature of the deceivers (and deceived) begins to show and it is a most unpleasant sight to behold.

And that is the process by which human beings can construct for themselves a literal hell upon this earth; it has all happened many times before and it is happening again right now.

All of these people, masters and slaves alike, are under the hypnotic mind control of highly proficient magicians who are perfectly capable of manipulating the thoughts and emotions of less conscious beings in accordance with their will. Think of the Coronavirus not as the common cold (for that is its literal definition) but rather as that most insidious virus of the human mind; fear. Fear is the real virus and it can, as recent events have so clearly revealed, prove to be extremely contagious.