What in the world are they spraying?

The real cause of “global dimming”

The inaction of the general population to the imposition of a massive aerial geo-engineering programme is both surreal and disturbing as the pollution that is being left in the wake of these aircraft seems to have become regarded as an accepted, and inconsequential phenomena. Official sources claim that these are all “contrails” which form within specific atmospheric conditions but this is a lie which must be exposed.
The thick, persistent trails stretch over miles before slowly dissipating to merge together, as the texture of the sky, and the visibility within it, are noticeably affected by pollution which is often so severe that a clear sunny day will disappear entirely behind an artificial white haze. The aircraft are disseminating aerosols into the atmosphere and they usually concentrate their activities directly in front of the sun. Such sights have been witnessed repeatedly and are becoming commonplace all across the world. Sometimes what appear to be military flights operate en-masse to “grid” the sky and civilian aircraft are also leaving huge trails, which they never used to.
This should be greatly alarming, regardless of the specific cause of the pollution because it is clearly not harmless. Sunlight is being reduced and creating cloud cover on such a large scale must inevitably have a significant impact on weather systems. This is not alarmist hyperbole. The effects of aerosol pollution within earth’s atmosphere have been referred to by the scientific community as “global dimming” and their analysis of the situation makes for extremely sobering reading.
They believe that the amount of sunlight reaching the earth has declined by an average of over 20% across the world since 1950.
They acknowledge that there are devastating environmental consequences from “aerosol pollution” such as toxic rain, smog and respiratory effects within human beings.
They make correlation between “global dimming”, pollution and changes in rainfall patterns which have resulted in heat waves, droughts, forest fires and crop failures.
The effects of “global dimming” have directly and indirectly already been responsible for the deaths of millions of people. According to one study, deaths from “air pollution” have doubled in the last eight years and environmental causes will become the leading cause of fatality by 2050. The world health organisation has issued similar warnings and scientific studies have shown that poor air quality has been linked to a wide range of often fatal ailments such as heart disease, stroke, chronic lower respiratory disease, cancer, abnormal development of embryos, diabetes and alzheimer’s disease.
The scale of aerial pollution within the earth’s atmosphere is already having a sizable impact on sunlight and weather patterns and the toxic air is killing people in large numbers so there is a clear and pressing requirement to identify the causal effect by finding the source of the pollution. Scientific institutions usually claim that the use of fossil fuels within industry and transport is responsible, although they do acknowledge that the effects of aircraft “contrails” are a contributory factor. Their conclusions appear vague and speculative and are not supported by sufficiently thorough research to draw any definitive conclusions. It may never be possible to provide an accurate scaled analysis of this problem but in the deindustrialised Western world it is obvious that “aerosol pollution” is being caused by the aircraft themselves which can easily be verified if only people would simply start paying attention and looking up at the sky.
When these toxins come down to earth they must inevitably have a detrimental effect on the natural world. The trees are dying, and it is reasonable to suspect there may be an underlying reason for this. Forestry and environmental officials acknowledge that there are “tree dieback” problems across many different species but have no clear answer as to why this is happening.
What government bodies seem markedly reluctant to do is take practical measures to rule out an environmental cause by conducting studies based around the sampling of the air and the water and to recognize the importance of doing so. Why? Maybe it is because independent research has repeatedly shown abnormally high concentrations of aluminium in the soil and water which, if confirmed, would force them to address the very problematic question of aluminium particulates which have been linked to geo-engineering and are known to be toxic to plant and animal life.
The “contrail” con
Those who mockingly dismiss the “chemtrail conspiracy theory” are not closely observing the skies above and have not examined the facts with due diligence.
The formation of contrails occurs when the temperature is less than -36.5 degrees Celsius and it requires specific atmospheric pressure and relative humidity. Wikipedia once stated that relative humidity must exceed 60% but this information was retracted, possibly because researches could use relative humidity levels to disprove contrail formation. Contrails are also supposed to dissipate within minutes (with occasional exceptions)
Weather modification programmes have been in operation since before the second world war and their impact has increased as technology has advanced. Such programmes usually had minimal disclosure or were not revealed at all and national governments have repeatedly experimented on civilian populations in a variety of different ways, including weather modification. Historical precedent indicates that such institutions would not disclose the existence of geo-engineering and would use evasion, obfuscation and duplicity to conceal it from the general public.
Government documents relate directly to geo-engineering. In the house of commons science and technology report entitled “the regulation of geoengineering 2009-10” such operational climate “research” was already being acknowledged.
Climate scientists have written books, published papers and attended conferences on geo-engineering. They euphemistically refer to this mass pollution/murder as “stratospheric aerosol injection”.
The existence of such bodies as the solar radiation management governance initiative is indicative of powerful financial interests being already committed to geo-engineering. This organisation effectively acts as a lobbyist for the industry and has advised governments that they should involve the general public “because a) they pay for it and b) they have the power to stop it. Keep them informed on what geo-engineering is but do not necessarily ask their permission”.
The American government has commissioned similar reports and there is a paper trail of patents, released over decades, relating to the technology that has been required to implement their various weather modification programmes.
Some citizens become aware of what is being done and try to do something about it. Nearly everything these people do is ignored by the mainstream media and political institutions.
When large scale geo-engineering got underway in 1998 it provoked a sizable public reaction. The book “chemtrails confirmed” by William Thomas describes how American citizens were disturbed and alarmed by the unusual trails that were left in the skies above them and organised themselves to demand explanations. Initially this activity appears to have been very concentrated in specific areas which could possibly have been to gauge the public response and prepare and perfect the reaction to it. Since then people have repeatedly held meetings, attended conferences and given evidence before public enquiries presenting their testimony and evidence with negligible response or publicity.
Dedicated researchers have put considerable time and resources into gathering evidence. They have collected samples and documents, filmed the aircraft, lobbied public officials and done everything conceivably possible to alert people to what is being done. One man who has had a considerable impact is Dane Wigington, a keen environmentalist who first noticed something was amiss when his solar panels output noticeably declined as aircraft littered the skies with heavy and persistent trails. He is a regular broadcaster and public speaker who featured in the documentary “what in the world are they spraying” and his website geoengineering watch.org is possibly the best source of readily available information online.
The spraying of the skies has become so widespread that it is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore. The official response has always been one of outright denial and obfuscation but this is becoming difficult to sustain. The public is now being groomed for their gradual exposure to the concept of “geo-engineering” the idea that aerosols are going to be (possibly!) dispersed and that this will be done for the “protection” of the population from “global warming”.

What is geo-engineering?
If the reader is left with any lingering doubts about ongoing geo-engineering, he need only listen to the words of the climate scientists themselves. One would have to be quite the coincidence theorist to postulate that what is termed the “chemtrail conspiracy theory” correlates exactly with proposed research emanating from climate scientists at Harvard University. This group is led by a Dr David Keith and they call the programme “operation solar shield”. Their justification for the depositing of megatonnes of toxic aerosols into the atmosphere is that the dangers of “climate change” are now so acute that an intervention is required and that although many people will die as a result, this is preferable to allowing anthropogenic global warming to continue unchecked.
The idea is to disperse aerosols into the atmosphere so sunrays can be deflected away from the earth, thereby causing it to cool. Keith has openly acknowledged that “you might end up killing many tens of thousands of people” although he is careful to speak about geo-engineering as something which may be implemented in the future once enough data-collection and public consultation has been done. He also denies the constant accusations that this programme is already in operation, although recent press releases do mention that testing flights are to commence shortly. Prominent geo-engineers such as David Keith and Ken Caldeira have given press conferences and made occasional appearances on mainstream television programmes and they seem remarkably sanguine given the enormous implications of what they are proposing. Spraying toxins over human populations which will fall to earth and poison the air, water and soil is no trivial matter.
Anthropogenic global warming
What threat could be so severe as to justify such a reckless and dangerous response, what exactly is anthropogenic global warming?
The earth’s climate is a system of extraordinary complexity which is affected by variables that are beyond human control or understanding so there is no definitive answer to this question. Human activity undoubtedly influences the weather, but it is difficult to identify the primary causes or scale the effect with any precision. It is absurd to refer to “climate change” as the weather is permanently variable and the impact of humanity upon it could be anything from insignificant to catastrophic, although global dimming caused by “stratospheric aerosol injection” is hardly insignificant and could conceivably prove to be catastrophic.
It has been claimed that carbon dioxide levels are rising exponentially causing temperatures increases which threaten to disrupt the climate and cause sea levels to rise. This narrative is then presented to the world as the scientific consensus when it is nothing of the kind. It is seriously questionable whether temperatures have even gone beyond expected cyclical variation, climate data has been shown to have been misrepresented and even falsified, and thousands of scientists have signed the online global warming petition project which questions the apparent consensus.
It has been suggested that increasing carbon dioxide levels have little, if anything to do with temperature variation and may even be beneficial, contributing to higher crop yields and greater vegetation growth. Carbon dioxide is, they say, plant food after all.
Richard Lindzen has identified the root psychological weaknesses which makes the “educated” within society so much the more vulnerable to climate-change propaganda than the “ordinary man”. In his lecture “Global warming for the two cultures” he gives the following reasons-
1. They have been educated in a system where success has been predicated on their ability to please their professors. In other words, they have been conditioned to rationalise anything.
2. While they are vulnerable to false narratives, they are far less economically vulnerable than are ordinary people. They believe themselves wealthy enough to withstand the economic pain of the proposed policies, and they are clever enough to often benefit from them.
3. The narrative is trivial enough for the elite to finally think they “understand” science.
4. For many the need to be regarded as intelligent causes them to fear that opposing anything claimed to be “scientific” might lead to their being regarded as ignorant, and this may overwhelm any ideological commitment to liberty they might have.
Such men are making judgements based upon information from people who are often, according to Lindzen, (himself an atmospheric physicist with over 200 books and papers to his name), insufficiently qualified .
1. Scientists are specialists. Few are experts in climate. This includes many supposed “climate scientists” who became involved in the area in response to the huge increases in funding that have accompanied global warming hysteria.
2. Scientists are people with their own political positions, and many have been enthusiastic about their status as scientists to promote their political positions- not unlike celebrities whose status some scientists often aspire to.
The standard of climate science emanating from mainstream academia and the irresponsible and infantile political response to it gives credence to these criticisms. What, one wonders, could possibly go wrong?
Climate science is neither verifiable or falsifiable and therefore any conclusions derived from it must be considered speculative. Forty years ago, scientists were warning of global cooling and the coming of an ice age and the weather was not so very different then (aside from global dimming/chemtrails). The inconvenient truth is that global warming is a fraud and there is no justification for intervening with the weather at all.
How can they get away with it?
The most astonishing thing about chemtrails is the sheer audacity with which these aircraft can operate, in numbers and in broad daylight, frequently flying directly over large population centres. How can they get away with it?
Ignorance, stupidity, disempowerment and dishonesty.
Ignorance. Defined as a lack of knowledge or information, ignorance comes from the failure to pay attention, to ignore is to be ignorant and it is said that recognition of one’s own ignorance is the mark of a clever man. Most people simply have no idea that their skies are being filled with aerosol pollution as they usually have busy and stressful lives, often living within an urban environment with a high proportion of their time spent indoors. People also have a tendency to look at eye-level as they have no reason to look up with their focus and attention elsewhere. They have been made to feel safe and secure and see no reason to be alarmed by these trails which have been carefully and gradually increased over time and therefore assume them to be of no consequence.
Wilful ignorance is a form of cognitive dissonance where the existing belief system is protected to avoid discomfort. It is unpleasant to be met with disturbing or unpleasant information and the comforting answer is often more palatable to the truth. People often will not see or accept what is around them because they simply do not want to.
Stupidity is a lack of logic, reason and judgement and is commonly caused by a failure to recognize the egoic imbalance which is preventing the mind from acknowledging it’s own ignorance, for we actually know very little. No person can claim something as objectively true unless it is within their direct experience and what is considered “knowledge” is usually just second-hand information. Sophisticated propaganda techniques have been perfected over decades and used to instil the insane mandated nonsense of the climate change religion into weak, vulnerable minds which are easily influenced by authority and perceived consensus. In the words of master propogandist Edward Bernays-
“the group mind does not think in the strict sense of the word. In place of thoughts it has impulses, habits and emotions. In making up it’s mind, it’s first impulse is usually to the follow the example of a trusted leader”
When people are not critically thinking it is not difficult to manipulate their emotions, soothe their fears and distract their attention. Mantras and dogmas – such as the green religion- can then be given to people regardless of facts and evidence whilst the ongoing (and largely unnoticed) geo-engineering continues in the skies above.
Disempowerment. To deprive of power, authority and influence and to make weak, ineffectual and unimportant. Disempowerment can lead to apathy and dissolution and to a sense of nihilistic indifference to life and those who do not care about themselves are hardly likely to care about what is going on in the skies. And the people who do see, and understand, what is going on may not have the confidence to do anything about it.
Dishonesty. Materialistic philosophy, atheism and a consumer society are a very dangerous mix. Such large (and hardly benign) conspiracies require very large numbers of people who are not prepared to stand by natural law, who will serve themselves at the expense of others and who are fundamentally dishonest, with themselves and with other. The world is full of liars and this will inevitably have severe consequences.
The truth behind the climate change agenda
There is a hidden system of governance in existence,to which national governments are subservient, which no longer requires or desires to share this earth with many of the people who currently reside upon it. This cabal decided many years ago that they would use the weather as the ultimate weapon of economic, political and military dominance. As Lyndon Johnson once said “he who controls the weather controls the world”.
To achieve this goal, they have employed the Hegelian dialect by creating a problem (that did not exist), stimulating a reaction and then implementing their pre-planned solution. There was no discernible crisis within the earth’s climate, but it was possible to create the perception of an impending catastrophe through control of major scientific institutions and media outlets by means of finance and propaganda.
With the “global warming” hoax firmly established the next step was to gradually introduce weather manipulation technologies (geo-engineering) to control and deliberately disrupt the weather and poison the air. Governments acquiesced to prohibitive “green” agendas which were purposefully imposed to decimate economies which thereby resulted in the ceding of yet further political power. The media continually promoted these agendas whilst demanding a political reaction to what was now being referred to as “climate change” and as this was happening all evidence of geo-engineering was disregarded. Further green taxes were then levied to compel citizens to help pay for the destruction of the very environment that this money was supposedly intended to protect. The ideology which surrounds environmental issues is entwined with market-driven corporate interests and there are fortunes to be made from poisoning the earth.
The effects of disseminating millions of tons of toxic particulates upon civilian populations is now becoming apparent as the decreased sunlight (from spraying in front of the sun) and catastrophic health effects (air pollution to be the leading cause of death 2050) are acknowledged and referred to as “global dimming”. The plan is to now blame aerosol pollution on the citizens themselves by using the carbon emissions from industry and transportation to explain the consequences of a massive geo-engineering operation which has been implemented without their informed consent. They may well succeed in pulling this off because people are kept distracted and the “educated” amongst them have become so hopelessly indoctrinated. Any of the supposed “elites” who manage to work out what is going on will soon find themselves isolated within the system if they try to do anything about it.
What we are now witnessing is probably the greatest crime that has ever been perpetrated against humanity and it is only possible because so many people within the population are dishonest, disempowered, ignorant and stupid. This is as a result of sophisticated programming and social engineering, it is not happenstance
If there is to be an escape from this mess it must come through honesty, empowerment, knowledge and intelligence. This madness needs to stop, and soon.
It is safer to speak than to remain silent
It is one thing to be aware of the ongoing geo-engineering programme but what is to be done about it? The knowledge is not power in itself as it is only the use of that knowledge which is able to affect change. Disseminating information has only a limited effect because most of the population has been conditioned to consider those that question official narratives as “conspiracy theorists” and disregard what they say. This is the simple and use of weaponised language to create a generalised term to label and define a collective grouping which can then be ridiculed and dismissed. Alerting others is much more a process than a conversation and it requires patience and judgement.
It is generally acknowledged that mainstream media are an unreliable and untrustworthy source of information, this being especially true in the UK. Major media outlets have employed an effective blackout on geo-engineering/aerosol pollution except when citing information released from scientific and political institutions. There are a number of reasons for this.
Geo-engineering, although obvious, is difficult to corroborate
There is insufficient demand from the public to stimulate investigation
After a long process of centralisation, a handful of corporate entities now control what passes for “news”
There are commercial pressures from adverisers and sponsors whose investments will inevitably seek to protect and enhance their business
It is often more profitable to provide entertaining as oppose to informative content
Investigative journalism can be expensive and it is much easier (and cheaper) to source news from official press releases
Mis-information about “climate science” is a dogmatic religion rampant amongst journalism. They do not need to be censored for they censor themselves.

It is naive to think that the governments are going to stop the geo-engineering programmes or to officially recognize their existence unless sanctioned to do so. The centralisation of political power driven by financial interests has effectively disenfranchised national parliaments which have not instigated geo-engineering, but they have acquiesced to it and have never shown any inclination to stop it.
Voters elect politicians based on implanted perceptions and not on what is actually important. If enough of the electorate cared about geo-engineering their MP would also have to in order to get elected.
What is called “government” is a vast network of inter-connecting departments and institutions comprised of individuals of whom many will be just as unaware and uninformed as the rest of the population. There will be levels of awareness and complicity amongst departments (meteorology, health, military, civil aviation, environmental) but to say “the government is spraying you” is, admittedly, simplistic. Some individuals within the various institutions are criminally complicit and will hopefully be held accountable for their actions.
The governments and parliaments which purport to represent have never seemed worthy of attention or respect so consent to their authority has been withheld. There can be no tolerance for what is perhaps the greatest crime ever perpetrated against humanity.
Speaking up can be met with arrogance and derision but there are those who will listen and pay attention, and those people may go on to warn others. It is not safe to speak, and it never will be, but it is much less safe NOT to speak.