We need to prove that the earth is flat

Nothing, it seems is going to eradicate the ludicrous globe earth belief system from the minds of men.

Broadly speaking, the reality deniers in this insane cult fall into two categories. There are the followers and there are zealots.


The followers are mostly apathetic and do not really care what shape the earth is and will happily admit that their own understanding of heliocentric cosmology is virtually non-existent. “What difference does it make anyway?” they will say, “This does not affect me!” Followers are quite content to go along with whatever spoon fed narrative is provided by their prescribed experts and have little interest in challenging the prevailing consensus regarding the nature of our reality.


Then there are the zealots who have invested considerable time and effort learning the pseudoscience of this strange religion and who seem determined to defend its dogma to the last regardless of whatever evidence is presented before them. The sceptic may bring to their attention the fact that all practical applications assume a level earth. “What about the seasons in New Zealand?” the zealot will cry, completely ignoring what has just been said. “How do you explain the movements of the stars in the Southern sky? You can’t, can you, so this must mean that the earth must be a nature defying sphere!”


These people are either ignorant or they have been brainwashed and so they are unwilling or incapable of engaging in reasoned discourse but will instead resort to evasion, mockery, and hostility when their belief system is challenged. What on earth is it going to take to get through to them?


A practical demonstration of primary evidence is required. The following suggestion was put forward by the YouTube content provider Beyond the imaginary curve from Paisley. (Flat/Level earth -Let’s put it to bed)

  • Standing at any given point on a sphere, the surface should fall away equally in every direction relative to the observer.
  • Construct a perfect level using only the initial reference point which is set perpendicular to the earth. Build over level ground which is in proximity to the sea.
  • Hypothesis: If the earth is a globe the distance between the level and the sea should increase over distance. If the earth is flat, then that distance would stay the same as the level remains parallel to the sea                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Theoretically, this could work although the greater distance over which the level is built, the greater will be the practical problems which would need to be overcome.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 –
  • Finding a suitable location (terrain and land ownership)
  • Building tolerances for error over distance
  • The project would require expertise, funding, and organisation
  • Localised tidal differentials may need to be accounted for.
    The construct would have to extend over considerable distance before conclusive proof of the supposed curvature of the earth became evident. The standard formula is 8 inches per mile squared although this is not universally accepted. (the very fact that there are no referenced tables is enough to give the game away- nobody is actually making any allowance for curvature!)
    8 inches per mile squared
    1 mile 8 inches
    2 miles 32 inches
    3 miles 6 feet
    4 miles 10 feet
    6 miles 24 feet
    8 miles 42 feet
    10 miles 66 feet
    Building a level with the specific purpose of demonstrating the shape of the earth should not be necessary because there are hundreds, if not thousands, of examples where civil engineers have already built perfect levels over distance to serve a practical purpose. We do not, however, exist in a sane or rational environment and so sometimes it is necessary to descend into the clownworld in order to expose the clown.
    A project like this could potentially receive widespread support amongst the ever-increasing number of people who have realised that they have been lied to about the shape of the earth and theoretically the globe defenders should welcome such an initiative because if their claims are true they can finally be validated publicly using a practical demonstration. Surveying and construction specialists should also be keen to get involved because the building of a level over distance represents an interesting technical challenge and should awaken their sense of curiosity. There are also many individuals with significant resources at their disposal who might wish to operate independently. If this can be built, and permanently commemorated, it will be very difficult for the likes of Neil De Grasse Tyson, and Brian Cox to continue with the ridiculous charade of a spinning ball earth.