Walking Amongst the Zombies of the Flat Earth Realm

Living in the Matrix

“Fortunately, some are born with spiritual immune systems that sooner or later give rejection to the illusory worldview grafted upon them from birth through social conditioning. They begin sensing that something is amiss and start looking for answers. Inner knowledge and anomalous outer experiences show them a side of reality others are oblivious to, and so begins their journey of awakening. Each step of the journey is made by following the heart instead of following the crowd and by choosing knowledge over the veils of ignorance.” Henri Bergson

Waking up to the real world is often neither a desire nor a choice and it is usually a profound shock for the individual concerned. To climb the steps of the stairway of disbelief, often out of idle curiosity, and to then discover the extent of the lies and the way in which the ruling power structure of the society has been consumed by evil is quite a sobering experience. The reaction of each person will vary; many will feel rage towards their oppressors whilst others may struggle with a sense of doom and foreboding. Some revel in the sense of renewed wonder and the challenges ahead. Almost without exception they want this to stop. No more lies, no more banker wars, no more ruined children, no more suppression and destruction of human beings and no more war upon the natural environment. Enough is enough.

Whilst it is true that there is a rapidly growing number of people who are becoming aware that this world is not what they have been led to believe it was, the vast majority still remain locked in what David Icke has referred to as the “perception deception.” People are generally inclined to conform and adhere to the expectations of their wider society and are reluctant to challenge an accepted consensus unless it is their own lives which are being imposed upon directly. They are uncomfortable with the idea that the very system which supports their existence is malevolent and would rather not know that their entire sense of reality has been built upon a false foundation. The messenger bearing this news is rarely welcomed because the typical citizen has neither the time nor inclination to heed their warnings and may even react in a belligerent and aggressive manner if not approached cautiously; As George Orwell once said…

“The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.”

Many awakening souls therefore decide that discretion is the better part of valour and prefer to exist quietly without exposing themselves to the derision and hostility of faceless strangers who will often defend the accepted dogmas and mantras of the system instinctively. The following lines taken from the 1999 film “The Matrix” describe the current situation perfectly…

“Morpheus: “The Matrix is a system Neo. That system is our enemy. When you’re inside you look around, what do you see, businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters, the very minds of the people you’re trying to save, but until we do these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand that most of these people are not ready to be unplugged, and many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it.”

The magical and spiritual realm has been largely hidden from sight and if someone accepts the world as it is presented to them their thoughts and opinions will be based upon interpretations of a purely material world. From the rationalist perspective the intricate conspiracies which have been unfolding over many hundreds of years are so far beyond the parameters of observed human behaviour as to be inconceivable.
Even when confronted with proof of conspiracy many people will still refuse to accept or acknowledge information that is documented and made freely accessible to the general public. As an example of this, the Kennedy assassination is perhaps the most obvious example of a government cover-up; the discrepancies between this real-life event and the official story could never be properly explained and so investigations were obstructed and delayed whilst the level of interest and pressure, gradually decreased.

“When asked how the American people would respond to the inconsistencies of the JFK assassination/Warrren Commission report, CIA director Allen Dulles simply said, “The American people don’t read.” The conspirators know the general public does not read and the books they write don’t attract popular readership.” Eric Dubay

All is not lost however; the level of awareness amongst the general population is far higher than the propaganda would have you believe and whilst people tend to remain sceptical about the earth being level they mostly accept that their elected representatives and media outlets are habitually conspiring to misrepresent information and telling barefaced lies which has created within them a distinct sense of unease about the state of this world. Despite this mistrust the system still retains the capability of directing attention away from itself and towards illusionary enemies and will calmly accept that although people are “waking up”, they can be easily be ignored, and silenced if necessary. Those who persist in questioning the official narratives are however becoming an increasingly irritating nuisance to a control system which relies upon its ability to deceive.

When people joke that those who think that the earth is flat may require institutionalized care they are, perhaps unwittingly, pre-empting the plans which have been prepared to deal with those troublesome characters that do not approve of, or tolerate, the management of the asylum in which they find themselves. The ability of people to communicate what is considered undesirable information is being suppressed whilst legislation is prepared (and is already in place) for those that may be prepared to challenge the coming tyranny.

“We must reform our mental health laws to better identify mentally disturbed individuals who may commit acts of violence, and make sure those people not only get treatment but when necessary involuntary confinement” Donald Trump

Waking up in Inverness
These are the principal methods by which the information and research on what are termed “conspiracy theories” is kept from the public domain…

~ A lockdown on information dissemination through total control of all major avenues of communication.
~ Self-censorship; the citizen is encouraged to be unreceptive to any information that does not conform to their existing beliefs. Do not ask too many questions!
The “conspiracy theorist” may therefore find themselves somewhat ostracized from the general community should they persist in trying to warn people about what they have come to perceive as the real world and must accept their fate as something of an outsider. In the words of Aldous Huxley;

“The real hapless victims of mental illness are to be found amongst those who appear the most normal. They are normal not in what may be called the absolute sense of the word, but they are normal in relation to a profoundly abnormal society.”

But should people be told what the world is? Can they handle the truth? Some may claim that it is neither desirable nor ethical to startle the domesticated cattle (for that is how you are perceived by your controllers) before their impending slaughter. What use would it be to free the animal from its field only for it to immediately succumb to the merciless ravages of the natural world to which it is no longer accustomed? And would it not be kinder to allow the human species to be quietly anaesthetized and so drift quietly into oblivion? Should not the burden of complicit responsibility of silence be accepted for the greater good? But such are the thoughts of the living dead for sentience demands to be and refuses to acquiesce either to its collective euthanasia or to the intentional destruction of the environment into which it has manifested. Without truth there can be no reason. The truth, as seen through the admittedly distorted lens of personal subjective judgement, must be spoken.
“It is not safe to speak, and it never will be, but the thing to keep in mind is that it is even less safe not to speak…The truth is what redeems the world from hell and that’s the truth. We have seen plenty of hell over the last one hundred years and we have not learnt a thing from it. It’s like wake up. Tell the truth or at least don’t lie if that’s a start. Start talking. The enemy is a cloud.

They are a cloud of gnats. They are only courageous in groups. They are only courageous in mobs. Stand your ground and don’t apologize and articulate things properly and they will disperse around you like they are not even there.

Most of it is illusion so don’t be afraid. Be afraid but be afraid of the right thing. The thing you should be afraid of is not saying what you say, because that is the same as not being. Here you are suffering away, you might as well be at the same time, at least then there is something to you.” Jordan Peterson
The choice, to remain silent, is an open invitation for an ignominious demise.

“It is one thing to behave like a child because one is a child, but it is quite another to be an adult and force yourself to assume childish behaviour. Man’s anxiety, his wish to protect life, forced him to relinquish what was ultimately his best chance of survival; his ability to react and make appropriate decisions. But giving this up he was no longer a man, but a child. Knowing that for survival, he should decide and act, and trying to survive by not reacting, these in their combination overpowered the individual to such a degree that he was eventually short of all self-respect and all feelings of independence.” Bruno Bettleheim

Speaking up about institutionalized deception is not an easy thing to do. Attempts to propagate the message that the earth is indeed a flat and stationary plane which is being governed by an increasingly unstable tyranny have met with due incredulity within the quiet confines of a somewhat secluded side street in the picturesque Highland town of Inverness. It could be said, and indeed it has been said, that the Flat Earth Inverness (or Flat `Erf as they say in these parts) is an unmitigated failure which has so far done little to change the cosmological understanding of the local populace. The seeds are only slowly starting to grow because these things take a little time and it is not sensible to force information upon people too much; it is in any case their own responsibility to see through the delusions for themselves if that is what their own will desires.

Logos Rising has been written with the faith, and hope, that the people of this world can finally turn themselves on and start seeing the world for what it is. The population has been tricked into a state of utter bewilderment and it is tiring and indeed irritating to deal with their foolish mockery and hostility. The importance of perseverance should however be by now clear to the reader for this work simply needs to be done. There is a straightforward task which is to expose the liars of this world as clearly and concisely as possible and to focus on the most relevant information. There is a lot more to this existence than this world of illusory things and whether people appreciate such efforts or not is very much a matter of secondary concern.

“Realizing that you are awake amongst a vast amount of people; the masses on this Flat Earth realm is a lonely feeling. The Flat Earth is one thing, but you can totally forget about it if you want and skip to the real meat and potatoes of your reality and that’s who you are and what you should be doing. You have to move on to a spiritual realm after this because this is a realm in and of itself. You are in a prison within a prison. The flesh is your prison and then the Flat Earth realm is also your prison…Fully wake up, you don’t need anything but yourself and your own heart. Seek your own heart when you talk to God.” Max Malone

There may have to be some degree of interaction with the existing hierarchies upon which order and stability still depend as even the much-derided systems of the establishment have within them the ability to change and could conceivably be reformed so as to function for the betterment of the wider community but for the moment these institutions appear to be very much part of the problem and not the solution.

“When you talk about remedy, a person like myself is no longer really convinced that political changes are really going to work. We don’t rule it out, but we are certainly not optimistic about that kind of change. We understand now that the change has to take place on an individual psychological level; that’s where the Gordian knot is” Michael Tsarion

The self-empowered individual recognizes that the power of the system is largely an illusion and can, to a large extent, avoid unnecessary conflicts with its agents. For all the dystopian propaganda of the New World Order the citizens of Western democracies are, for the moment, largely governed by their own consent and the extent to which the government imposes itself upon an individual is mostly a matter of their own choice. People are dislocating themselves from this cold, amoral and deeply corrupt system in increasing numbers and are demanding, not asking, for the right to manage themselves. One person cannot change this world, but each person can play their own part by affecting the piece of the world in which they live. This is not simply a matter of choice; human beings have been defying the natural order and living in delusion for such a long period of time and to such an egregious extent that a harsh and unpleasant correction can no longer be avoided…

“There has to be a great revolution of the spirit, otherwise the world IS finished. It dosen’t need the atomic bomb; it dosen’t need any of the worst horrors of modern technology; the smart bomb,mustard gas, nerve gas… we will destroy ourselves in some other fashion. It is essential the amnesia is got rid of, that we get back to a state of primitive thinking. Clear. Technology must be brought under proper control. We, in the order, we never condemned technology because it has given great benefits to humanity; it has taken away a lot of suffering and pain. It has enabled knowledge to be diffused much better. But at the same time, it has outstripped the development of the spirit. And then the evil side of technology…we have seen its results everywhere. So, this revolution, of the spirit, will have to be achieved…Tennyson says, “the old order changes yielding place to
new, and God fulfils himself in many ways lest one good custom should corrupt the world.” We must change. A new order will evolve, a new order will emerge. It’s either that or total destruction, and when I say total destruction, it dosen’t mean absolute annihilation, but the ending of things as we understand them.” Druid Ben McBrady

Man has become the lunatic genius of the universe whose diseased mind with its absurd objectives is necessarily and inevitably becoming his doom. His imaginatively constructed castle in the air has collapsed; the ground is being cut away beneath the feet of the affirmations which have always been believed, for man came into being not in harmony with the principles of this universe, but in acting against its order and making himself. He became physically and mentally sick. He is swimming in a raging ocean of uncertainty the billows of which he is forever constructing in the name of progress are puny straws to which he tightly clings, but they are not able to carry him. And one day not even a straw will be left, there will be no lifeboat for him.
Every individual human being, no matter to what race or society he belongs, must alter himself radically: satisfy only his true material needs, work only for these, and turn to a simple, healthy way of life linked as far as that is still possible, with Nature; this applies first and foremost to the people of the West….Man will perceive that in doing so he is making no sacrifice, quite the contrary: he is liberating himself from all the false needs forced
upon him, for which he has previously senselessly worked, making his life harder than it need be. He will then once more find his simple, yet full life worth living. Self-liberation is the indispensable duty of each individual, and circumstances will force people into it more and more” Oscar Maerth

It is a lot easier to identify the problems of this world than it is to suggest the solutions which will alleviate them but once the principal causal effects are recognized it becomes fairly obvious how people are being manipulated and what they can do about their own circumstances. Don’t get caught on the wrong side of the line between good and evil, stand your ground, always speak the truth and do not accept lies. Shine a light on the cockroaches as they scurry in the blackness. There is a change in the air and the Age of Transition/New World Order paradigm can easily unfold in an entirely different way from that which was envisaged by its designers.

~ be aware of the deceptions. The complexity and detail of the conspiracies may be beyond understanding but just to be aware of the basic methodology and overall agendas allows a person to take sensible precautions. Every awakening soul poses a potential problem for this system because the vast majority of such people will make radical adjustments to their lives rather than submit themselves to the humiliation of servile compliance to a tyranny which seeks to impose complete social control, the total subjugation of man`s free will and the exploitation and enslavement of human beings. There are certain individuals who will knowingly continue to prostate themselves before this evil system, but few will escape from the incessant chatter of their own conscience once they fully understand the severity of what they are doing not only to this world but also to themselves.
~ be aware of yourself. The darkness of this world is imbued within every human being and is far from being the preserve of the illuminated ones. The keys to freedom (and enslavement) lie within the individual and are accessed through the ability to master oneself and not to be dependent upon the whims of the external world. The awakening sentience may have discovered any number of conspiracies, but it remains burdened with the effects of trauma and conditioning and is not yet prepared for the task of discerning and evaluating the labyrinth of deception with which it is faced. Having escaped from the confines of its initial pen it has now alerted the attention of a system which now hastens to manipulate inherent weaknesses by fostering the ego whilst feeding the base emotions of envy and hatred.

By supplying false guidance and creating a never-ending supply of real and fabricated conspiracy the system will then guide the inquisitive investigator down innumerable rabbit holes in the hope that they will themselves become a rabbit without pausing to contemplate the greatest potential danger which lies within their own predisposition to error. Personal power comes from acting under the confines of natural law practiced from a strong moral foundation because without discipline and self-restraint people will become prisoners of themselves and their actions will require external control. When a man becomes subservient to the principles of the natural order, that order will reward him with a balance and perspective which will then allow him to think, to see and to be.
~ be aware of the ways of the external enemy; their potential and stated objectives, the control structures and methodology they use and their ideological motivation and psychology. They are too strong to defeat directly and too clever to out-think. But for all its apparent might the existing power structure is inherently unstable and self-destructive and is mostly comprised of vulnerable and child-like personnel who would repair it from within if they could only learn to heal themselves and develop mature thinking. Their masters are few in number and require a constant supply of dark spiritual energy. We are all of the dark and of the light; just as darkness has infiltrated and consumed the light so can light infiltrate and consume the darkness. The system must either allow the balance within itself to be corrected or it will cease to exist.

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not your enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle” Sun Tzu

Once the actions and the policies of the New World Order are seen for what they are they can be reversed amended or avoided dependent on circumstance. The magical trickery and the lies no longer work so effectively once the magician is exposed; then the individual is in a position to claim their freedom.

Self-empowerment is however an incomplete solution to man`s plight. He may seek to withdraw his attention from this insane world and create anew but this will bring him only a temporary respite from the ever-encroaching tentacles of a system that has no tolerance for freedom or sentience and is destroying the resources on which his life depends. He dreams of escape but thinks the world a ball; when he learns that it is not, he must be mindful not to be too hopeful of finding unknown distant lands across the flat earth plain because as far as he can tell this earth is all there is.

It would be nice to know for certain what lies beyond the Antarctic ice but this can never happen whilst the existing tyranny retains control over both the geographical area and the ruling hierarchies. Even if these obstacles could be overcome, hopes of finding habitable terrain would depend upon the existence of an unknown energy source, a second sun, and at some point there must be a sealed barrier because atmospheric pressure depends upon the presence of a solid sealant both vertically and laterally. And there is a further potential problem; any external intelligence which values its own safety would take one look at the shambolic and destructive nature of the human species and would ensure that human beings remained isolated and confined until such time that they could learn to behave.

If people cannot leave this environment, then they should ensure that it remains habitable for future generations and must therefore face its terrible afflictions and deal with them although currently it is difficult to envisage how the existing power structure can be reformed or replaced; if it is not, and instead continues on its present course, then the nature of reality shall remain concealed and there will in any case be more pressing concerns for it will make little difference what shape the earth is if its ecosystem and inhabitants are being systematically destroyed. There must always be hope that the seemingly tragic destiny of this world is not inevitable and that there can be some means by which people can communicate together and work towards a plan of action whereby tragedy may be avoided.

The most vulnerable point in the control matrix is the Flat Earth conspiracy which is the very central hub around which the entire system of delusion and lies has been constructed and once it is exposed the individual must make a choice for they can no longer claim to serve this system in ignorance. The shape of the earth is something that each and every human being can relate to and verify for themselves without the need for recourse to any authority or institution. The exposure of this lie offers an unprecedented opportunity to finally break free from the hypnotic trance for the greater good of all concerned as there will be no scientific dictatorship in a world where people have come to the realization that these apparent experts have not even been able to accurately discern the shape of the earth. Once it is accepted that the earth is not a globe people can regain their collective sanity as they rebuild and grow upon the security of firm physical and psychological foundations on this level and motionless earth.

The most effective antidote to this inverted world is the repetition of pertinent truth. There is no measurable curvature and the surface of any body of water will seek its lowest energetic state which is to form a level surface. No allowance is ever made for the curvature of the earth in practical application. The earth is flat. Most people are still in a trance. Wake up. The year, we are told, is 2020. Logos is now rising, and it cannot afford to fail.