Wake up now or face a genocide

Forget about the “Coronavirus” for a moment; the real danger to individual and collective existence comes from the powers that should not be, a select group of psychopaths who control all governments, media and corporate entities of any significance and are currently seeking to impose a Communistic One-World government, their long-heralded New World Order. In order to seize complete domination over the remnants of the existing governmental structure it is necessary to create the false perception of a threat which requires a drastic and draconian response; the removal of liberties, an end to independent trade, the suppression of free thought and expression and the introduction of a self-policing fascist social order. Once the constraints of an orderly functioning civil society have been removed the New World Order will be in a position to seize the wealth and assets of citizens whilst eliminating those who are regarded as vulnerable, inconvenient and unnecessary whilst acting under the cover of an imaginary pandemic.

This is a time of great importance for the New World Order and the Coronavirus “pandemic” is starting to look like the culmination of the “great work” that these lunatics have been feverishly working towards over multiple generations. The Covenant of the Illuminated opens with the following lines…

“An illusion it will be so large so vast it will escape their perception. Those who see it will be thought of as insane.”

An illusion indeed, for the entire Coronavirus hysteria is almost certainly a media-induced hoax. The Coronavirus is not even considered a threat to human health according to an article which was written for The New England Journal of Medicine on the 26th March. Dr Anthony Fauci M.D, is a close adviser to the American President and has publicly warned that hundreds of thousands of lives are at risk, but in the recent medical article to which he was one of three contributors it clearly stated that

“Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to a severe seasonal flu which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%”.

Many thousands of deaths which are currently being attributed to Covid19 may not have died of Cov19 at all but from their serious chronic co-morbidity. According to statistics provided from the Italian Health Institute the average age of death from Cov19 is 78 and only 2.1% of the deceased had no other underlying health issues; meanwhile in the UK the Neil Ferguson, the epidemiologist behind the highly-cited Coronavirus model has now drastically reduced the projected fatality rate from 500,000 to 20,000. It is all thinly veiled propaganda derived from deliberate statistical distortion and it has been designed to instill fear in the target population- the media is being used for psychological warfare and too many people are still believing their lies.

It is the first day of April in the year 2020 and everybody in the country (UK) is basically fine, notwithstanding underlying health issues; there is no evidence of a “pandemic” whatsoever. The current lockdown is the imposition of a one world government and a totalitarian dictatorship and has got nothing at all to do with “protecting the public.” And this is where things get even more ugly; the powers-that-should-not-be cannot continue to hoax the public with propaganda indefinitely and to implement their agendas they are going to need to murder a lot of people. Most of the people who will be used to do this will do so through ignorance. The clinicians, the servicemen and the police manning the roadblocks will be clueless about what they are doing for to get good men to do evil things it is necessary to convince them that it is for a higher purpose. To trick them.

In a state of lockdown the powers-that-should-not be are now in a position to weaken and destroy life by expanding upon existing methods of population control (poisons in food, water, air and pharmaceuticals) and it has been speculated that weaponized wireless radiation will be targeted against housebound civilians. The Coronavirus is likely to be the primary danger for the civilian population but not in the way that is commonly supposed. The means by which people could be intentionally killed is hardly likely to be an unpredictable and unreliable airborne pathogen; the most effective (and targeted) method would be direct contact between the synthesized virus (Patent US2006257852) and the victim. The best place to achieve this would be within the testing process. The solution to the apparent problem is therefore relatively simple; if people do not accept, or administer, any form of “testing” (or injections) whatsoever then the Coronavirus can remain nothing more than the seasonal flu.

In the coming months the greatest danger to the civilian population will come from those who many still think are there to protect them; uniformed services and medical personnel will be given powers to detain and forcibly administer tests and procedures against the potential “victims” of this imaginary pandemic. As numbers escalate, the “tests” may be directed against medical and service personnel (remember this is the intentional dissolution of state and society) whilst members of the public are increasingly tricked (and forced) into being tested. Don’t take a Coronavirus test. The worse the situation becomes the more extreme will be the measures that are used to combat it, and this could easily result in civilians being quarantined against their will and forcibly vaccinated with a patented biometric tattoo- a covert identification. (COV ID)

So far, the plans and schemes of the New World Order appear to be working to plan and the manipulators must be delighted at the apathetic and subservient response to their generally unsophisticated propaganda. Too many people are obediently locking themselves away in their houses and adhering to ridiculous “social distancing” guidelines which have been designed to engineer their behaviour and to prevent them from building upon the personal and social interactions which are their best hope for survival. People are acting like complete idiots at the moment for their judgement has been clouded with the real virus of fear (were people not warned to switch off their televisions) and they must wake up quickly now or this could end very badly for us all.