The Year 2020

For many years now pampered and promoted “celebrities” working in the entertainment industry have been embarrassing themselves by obediently flashing one-eyed symbolism towards a beguiled and mostly unsuspecting public. For their masters, the ones who regard themselves as illuminated, the all-seeing eye represents the capstone of the New World Order control system and the elevating of personal consciousness to a relatively higher state of awareness. They are said to enjoy boasting to themselves that in the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. The symbol may also allude towards 20/20 vision and thereby be an allegorical reference to the year 2020 and if this is the case it could be a portent signifying great tribulations ahead for the coming year.

In Australia huge firestorms have been raging for many weeks now and driving people away from their homes. This unfolding crisis bears all the hallmarks of an intentionally precipitated crisis. It is widely suspected that the agents of the New World Order have long since mastered the ability of controlling the climate and it is thought that intentional weather manipulation has been used to prevent rainfall from reaching the drought-affected areas. Water shortage has been exacerbated in many places as a result of the vast quantity of water which is being held behind privately owned dams or used for fracking operations. In the outback water is a precious resource which is being exploited for profit by corporations which are being aided and abetted by a corrupted political class.

Through the haze of the smoke local activists have caught glimpses of geo-engineering and it is their claim that the intensity of the fires is being exacerbated by the large quantities of combustible aluminium oxide which is being dispersed over the dry brush countryside. The inferred, and sometimes stated, allegation is that the fires are the result of intentional and coordinated planning conducted in accordance with the stated objectives outlined within the United Nations Agenda 2030. The mass media are still propagating the notion that climate change is the underlying cause for the disaster but thankfully many Australians can see through the subterfuge and are aware that they are victims of weather warfare.

The Western World must face the future with an increased sense of foreboding as the possibility of armed conflict in the Middle East has increased following the recent assassination of a prominent Iranian leader in an American military drone strike. The actions of the incumbent president are entirely consistent with the goals of the Project for the New American Century and the list of nations designated for pre-planned invasion as outlined by General Wesley Clark in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. If it is within the schedule of the New World Order to create a world-wide conflagration in the year 2020 that is exactly what these maniacs will strive to achieve.

Forewarned is forearmed, however. A small clique of malevolent entities cannot manipulate humanity to its degradation and destruction without subservient compliance which is so often based upon ignorance and delusion. For an ever-increasing number of people that spell has now been broken. The most effective antidote to the troubles of this inverted world is the repetition of pertinent truth. Let us hope that The Zombies of this Flat Earth Realm will continue to emerge from their global trance and that sanity can be restored. And why not? Logos is rising!