The turtle moves

The flat earth inverness

What if everything that you had ever been told about the globe was a lie that has been passed down through the generations? What if the world really was flat, as flat as a pancake? These simple questions are about to awaken the consciousness within humanity which will enable us to finally break free from the chains that enslave our minds. Only then will we learn who we really are and what we are truly capable of. We shall heal ourselves and cure the world of it`s terrible afflictions for we live in an age of deceit and the globe lie is the grandest of all the deceptions.

What a crazy belief it is to think that we live upon a huge globular rock, spinning wildly as it hurtles through an endless vacuum!!

The proponents of this strange theory have never been able to offer a single scientific proof that could validate their outrageous claims. The horizon is level and it always rises to the level of the eye. Nobody has ever needed to account for the curvature of the earth because it simply is not there. Pilots are trained to fly on the assumption that the earth is flat and stationary, submarines do not need to dive to avoid breaking surface through the curving seas above and tunnels, canals and reservoirs are constructed with no allowance for curvature whatsoever.

There is no evidence for any motion either and scientific experiments have been done which prove that the earth is still. If the earth were truly spinning at 1000mph and hurtling along at 40 times the speed of Concorde such incredible motions would be self-evident and yet they are neither noticed or accounted for.

Bodies of water cannot bend or display convexity upon a surface and the pressurized atmosphere of the earth could not possibly exist adjacent to the vacuum of “space” without a sealed barrier between the two. We are told that there is a mysterious force which is called “gravity” that holds oceans at bay yet fails to restrain a butterfly and this hidden force can explain the numerous anomalies of the globe whilst providing the entire foundation of the heliocentric model of the universe. The esteemed priests of the globe employ the fallacious reasoning of argument from ignorance as they cannot define gravity and cannot reference a single demonstratable, repeatable experiment that can prove that gravity even exists.

The target population has been fooled largely because there has been a deliberate agenda to indoctrinate minds and suppress critical thought within education as students are taught what to think and rewarded for assimilating data. Visual imagery is now being referenced as a proof that we are living on a globe. We are not. Space has always been a fraud with all the evidence suggesting that the moon landings were filmed on a film set on earth, and the trickery has continued unabated to the present day. Sad to say, but all the wonderful pictures of our spinning globe have been fabricated. The space hoax has been a masonic operation and there is a reason these masters of deception speak of meeting on the square and leaving on the level!

There is an often quoted line that says “it is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled”. It is a difficult thing to suffer the abject humiliation of our individual and collective stupidity and to accept that the human race has been comprehensively tricked with the joke being very much on us. The vast majority of the population readily accept the somewhat bizarre explanation given for their surroundings and will defend their beliefs stridently even though they directly contradict both their senses and substance based science. We are enslaved within the globe cult, a world of fantasty and delusion that has been constructed with malevolent intent. By removing the very foundations of our existence the ones who consider themselves to be illuminated have succeeded in directing philosophy and ideology towards nihilism and materialism and have disempowered our minds by fostering the egoic mindset. Their efforts have paid dividends as they have prospered greatly from our toil whilst they have manipulated and divided us at their will.

The turtle moves however. An ever growing number of people are rapidly awakening from the collective trance. The globe lie cannot be hidden any longer. All over the plain people are no longer accepting the authority of indoctrinated “experts” and are instead doing their own research and using the power of their own minds. It soon becomes clear that we have been lied to. Modern cameras see far beyond the expected curvature of the globe, lasers are fired over lakes to evidence what the water is already telling us and high altitude balloons are being sent to altitude with lenses that do not distort in the way of the notorious fish-eye lens. No matter how hard they try these researchers can find no evidence of curvature, motion, gravity or bendy water. The increasingly desperate tactics of the globe priests are becoming glaringly obvious as they cannot prove their assertions and instead cling to sophistry and false assumptions such as the commonly used “look, the boat has sailed over the horizon”, which is easily dismissed by zooming in on the boat that has simply left the range of vision and has not sailed beyond any imaginary curve.

The human spirit has such divine strength and the desire for truth of this existence will not be suppressed any longer. What is now required is the full exploration and investigation of the plain to find out where we really are. Once that is established we can then set about learning where it is we came from and why we are here. Be assured that we are not spinning about on an imaginary oblate spheroid!

Welcome to our flat earth realm