The truth behind the climate change agenda

There is a hidden system of governance in existence, to which national governments are subservient, which no longer requires or desires to share this earth with many of the people who currently reside upon it. This cabal decided many years ago that they would use the weather as the ultimate weapon of economic, political and military dominance. As Lyndon Johnson once said, “he who controls the weather controls the world”.

To achieve this goal, they have employed the Hegelian dialect by creating a problem (that did not exist), stimulating a reaction and then implementing their pre-planned solution. There was no discernible crisis within the earth’s climate, but it was possible to create the perception of an impending catastrophe through control of major scientific institutions and media outlets by means of finance and propaganda.

With the “global warming” hoax firmly established the next step was to gradually introduce weather manipulation technologies (geo-engineering) to control and deliberately disrupt the weather and poison the air. Governments then acquiesced to prohibitive “green” agendas which were purposefully imposed to decimate economies which thereby resulted in the ceding of yet further political power. The media continually promoted these agendas whilst demanding a political reaction to what was now being referred to as “climate change” and as this was happening all evidence of geo-engineering was disregarded. Further green taxes were then levied to compel citizens to help pay for the destruction of the very environment that this money was supposedly intended to protect. The ideology which surrounds environmental issues is entwined with market-driven corporate interests and there are fortunes to be made from poisoning the earth.
The effects of disseminating millions of tons of toxic particulates upon civilian populations is now becoming apparent as the decreased sunlight (from spraying in front of the sun) and catastrophic health effects (air pollution to be the leading cause of death by 2050) are acknowledged and referred to as “global dimming”. The plan is to now blame aerosol pollution on the citizens themselves by using the carbon emissions from industry and transportation to explain the consequences of a massive geo-engineering operation which has been implemented without their informed consent. They may succeed in pulling this off because people are kept distracted and the “educated” amongst them have become so hopelessly indoctrinated to serving a conspiracy they are usually unable to comprehend, and any that do soon find themselves isolated within the system if they try to do anything about it.

What we are now witnessing is probably the greatest crime that has ever been perpetrated against humanity and it is only possible because so many people within the population have become dishonest, disempowered, ignorant and stupid. This is as a result of sophisticated programming and social engineering, it is not happenstance.
If there is to be an escape from this mess it must come through honesty, empowerment, knowledge and intelligence. This madness needs to stop, and soon.