The Importance of the Moon Landing Hoax

“It’s a confession of sorts…It’s about a movie I made that nobody is aware of even though they’ve seen it. I perpetrated a huge fraud involving the United States government and NASA. The moon landings all were faked, and I was the person who filmed it. Don’t you think it’s important for people to know the truth? A massive fraud, an unparalleled fraud perpetrated against them; they should know. I do feel bad about it, I also feel proud about it, it’s a terrible conflict. I made a film, if you want to call it a film, which I consider to be my masterpiece.”                          Stanley Kubrick

The moon landings have drifted from the collective consciousness over the years but at the time this seemingly fantastic technological achievement is supposed to have first occurred, it was arguably the most celebrated event in human history. An estimated 650 million viewers worldwide watched as the grainy image of a space suited silhouette emerged from the lunar module and stepped onto the surface of what was assumed to be a distant moon as the hero of the hour, Neil Armstrong, told an anxiously waiting world “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” The people of the earth mostly believed him and for many this then became a seminal moment that would remain cemented in their memories till the end of their days.

At the time America itself was in the throes of social unrest as the armed forces of the country found themselves to be embroiled in a costly and unpopular foreign war. Finally, after six years of preparation, the patriotic citizens could momentarily forget such things and unite in celebration as their conquering heroes returned from their perilous quest. How could it not be true? All the sacrifices that had been made to bring about this wonderful triumph and show the power and prestige of this great nation to the entire world. Long live America! We went to the moon!

Well, you most certainly never went to the moon and neither did any of the twelve so called “astronauts” of the Apollo space progamme who claimed that they set foot upon the lunar surface between 1969 and 1973. These men, listed below, were, and are, liars.

Neil Armstrong (1930-2012) Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin (1930- ) Charles Conrad (1930-1999) Alan Bean (1932-2018) Alan Shepard (1923-1998) Edgar Mitchell (1930-2016) David Scott (1932- ) James Irwin (1930-1991) John Young (1930-2018) Charles Duke (1935- ) Eugene Cernan (1934-2017) Harrison Schmitt (1935- )

We are now in the year 2020 and the moon landing hoax is something of an open secret as the trickery that was used to construct the illusion has been thoroughly exposed revealing to the world the duplicity of the N.A.S.A. space agency whose conduct in the intervening years has only served to confirm the claims that have been made against the integrity of this beleaguered organization. There is no viable evidence at all to support the claim that man landed on the moon but there is an abundance (of evidence) which reveals the great effort that was made to create the illusion that he had done so. Let us now review….


Faking the moon landings

The easiest way to see through the moon landing hoax is simply to listen to the personal testimonies of the astronauts themselves. The footage of several of these interviews has been thoroughly reviewed by Peter Hyatt, an expert in the study of deceptive behaviour traits, and it was his professional opinion that these men were lying. It does not require expertise to see this; Neil Armstrong especially was a very unconvincing liar and was clearly uncomfortable about what he was being asked to do.

And just look at those old moon films! The lunar module looks more like a meth addict’s tree house than an advanced spacecraft, the astronauts can be seen suspended from wires, and a flag is shown fluttering about on the airless moon. Something is clearly amiss here!

The following extract, taken from the 2001 Bert Sibrel documentary “a funny thing happened on the way to the moon” describes out-takes from the first mission to the moon showing video evidence of Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins engaging in a little high altitude photo trickery whilst they were pretending to be in deep space…

“Whilst the Federal Government would have you believe that this a view of earth from a distance out of a spacecraft’s window as it nears the moon, it is not. What they have ingeniously done is place the camera at the back of the spacecraft and centred the lens on a circular window in the foreground outside of which it is completely filled with the earth in low orbit. The circumference of the window then appears to be the diameter of the earth at a distance. As they perfected the shot, a crescent piece of black material was inset slightly into the window to create the illusion of the earth’s terminator line dividing night and day”

They just faked your curve! Next stop the studio…

“When objects are lit solely by the sun, as all the scenes on the moon were said to be then all shadows, regardless of the landscape, will run parallel with one another and never intersect….it is clear that these scenes were lit with artificial light. These shadows which are cast at different angles are evidence that a second light source is being used; in addition, the sun would not cause an isolated hot spot like this, only an artificial light would…

In this magnification of an Apollo photograph a rock, very likely a Paper Mache prop because of the crease here, is categorized with the letter C; in later releases of the same picture the letter is gone. Here a cross hair which was burned directly into the image from the film plate and so should always appear on top of the object appears behind the object in this scene clearly revealing a composite of two pictures into one…

Someone apparently forgot to create a burn crater underneath the lunar modules 10,000 pound thrust engine in spite of the fact that during ground tests there was a real concern of the vehicle falling into the hole that the engine created as it descended…In these enlargements it looks as if the lunar module was simply placed there, not even one speck of dust on the landing pod; as a result all subsequent flights had to have the same discrepancy…

And what about stars? On the moon with no atmosphere they must have been quite a sight to behold…creating a mural with all the stars in the sky would have been virtually impossible to create accurately, much less realistically; a competent amateur astronomer would have been able to point to the error of even the slightest error in measurement. The answer, not to talk about the stars, ever!

And so on…And let’s not mention those moon rocks again, either. The following extract is from a 2009 report that even received some mainstream coverage….

“A treasured piece at the Dutch national museum – a supposed moon rock from the first manned lunar landing – is nothing more than petrified wood, curators say. It was given to former Prime Minister Willem Drees during a goodwill tour by the three Apollo-11 astronauts shortly after their moon mission in 1969….US officials said they had no explanation for the Dutch discovery.”

You’re not kidding! And there is so much more. The biggest whopper of them all was the Nixon phone call, an apparent telephone chat that was supposedly made possible by a regular battery that somehow powered a signal through quarter of a million miles of space, between objects hurtling along at unfathomable speeds, and then connected live with the white house; a quite extraordinary claim that is truly a litmus test for the gullible nature of mankind.

Sceptical investigators cannot quietly peruse all the technical information which could potentially expose this hoax because all the telemetry data has, somewhat conveniently, gone missing, 13,000 reels apparently. The footage from the original master tapes has also been lost forever…

Ultimately, the agency couldn’t find the tapes and determined that they had most likely been erased and used again, which was standard practice at the time. (NASA)

The “technology” as well…

“I’d go to the moon in a nanosecond; the problem is, we don’t have the technology to do that anymore. We used to but we destroyed that technology and it’s a painful process to build it back again.”                                                        NASA “astronaut” and spokesman Don Petit

It is all lies of course. The existence of a pressurized atmosphere is evidence of a contained system because pressure requires a solid barrier to prevent equilibrium so there can be no “vacuum” of space surrounding the earth. The moon, whatever it may be, is most certainly not the huge deep space rock that has been so enticingly portrayed by the cinematic trickery of Stanley Kubrick. A few diehard fundamentalists still cling desperately to this fabricated delusion but for most people the whole sorry affair has now become a matter of little relevance. “Yes”, they will say “there was something a bit fishy about the moon landings but it all happened such a long time ago and really this makes no difference to my life at all.” But they lied to you about mankind’s greatest achievement! “Just one of those things I suppose… who knows why they faked it, something to do with getting one over on the Russians perhaps”….


The moon landing conspiracy

The sad thing is that the vast majority of people involved in the Apollo programme would have remained blissfully unaware of the true nature of what they were involved in throughout the entire process. Rocket engineers, physicists and technical employees were just as susceptible to government propaganda as the general population, if not more so, and they were all operating in highly compartmentalized systems and so had a very limited perspective of the overall project. These people simply accepted the world as it had been presented to them and are to this day reluctant to question the official story because they have a subconscious instinct to protect their personal investment in a lie and will fight hard to protect it. They are misguided, but they are not being intentionally dishonest.

Only a relatively small number of individuals were required to be complicit participants in the moon landing conspiracy; those at the top of the NASA management structure, a few key technicians, the film crew and the astronauts themselves. That’s all. Many of these personnel came from military and intelligence backgrounds and they would have been carefully selected for their role having been rigorously monitored and psychologically profiled to ensure that they could, and would, keep secrets. It is with depressing regularity that history records the misdeeds of such human beings whose loyalty to an institution overrides their sense of moral obligation and this particular little band of state sanctioned deceivers were simply following in a very long and dishonourable tradition. This treachery may well have been softened by stories which their psyche desperately wanted to believe such as “faking the moon landing is integral to winning the cold war and is a matter of national security”, but such lies can be a terrible burden and for some the scars that were left on their psyche would never truly heal.

The greatest burden was placed upon the astronauts themselves who had the unenviable task of peddling this fraud before the eyes of the entire world and their obvious reluctance to do so suggests that pressure and possibly coercion had been applied to ensure their compliance. The original team chosen for this expedition had all been burnt alive after the commander had persisted in his habit of asking uncomfortable questions and the internal investigator of the supposed accident was himself then killed in a road accident shortly thereafter. The Armstrong crew simply kept quiet and did as they were ordered because there would undoubtedly have been severe consequences had they not done so. Who would they have told in any case because no mainstream media outlet would ever have allowed them a voice without first getting an official approval; Perhaps Armstrong did try to get the word out, albeit many years later and somewhat cryptically….

“There are great ideas undiscovered, breakthroughs available to those who can remove one of truths protective layers”


Why lie about the moon landing?

Most of the participants in this grotesque drama cared little for the authenticity of the moon landings because they were quite simply trying to make money.

“Landing humans on the Moon by the end of 1969 required the most sudden burst of technological creativity, and the largest commitment of resources ($25 billion; $156 billion in 2019 dollars) ever made by any nation in peacetime. At its peak, the Apollo program employed 400,000 people and required the support of over 20,000 industrial firms and universities”

This was a gravy train; a massive economic stimulus package that fed the insatiable appetite of the American Military Industrial Complex with taxpayer money that was mostly being obtained under a false premise. The moon landings themselves were a flashy and distracting front behind which lurked black budgets, rampant corruption, and hidden investments in research areas such as the manipulation of the earth’s climate (geo-engineering) and the militarization of high-altitude airspace. Those that profited from the bonanza had tremendous power and it was very much in their interests to instigate, protect and promote the Apollo “space” programme, regardless of whether or not men actually landed on the moon.

The purpose of the politician in Western democracies is to act in the service of such people whilst appeasing the general populace by providing the illusion of representative government. The moon landing façade allowed politicians to fulfil their necessary obligations to the corporate masters whilst also deriving personal benefit from the uplifting space-based propaganda at the polls. The media lapped up the entire charade, and why wouldn’t they when the unfolding drama sold their newspapers in droves as a steady flow of advertising revenue poured in from their space-associated corporate sponsors.

This does not mean that all these people knew that the moon landing was going to be a hoax; not at all! When Kennedy made the carefully scripted “we choose to go to the moon” speech in 1962 the extent of moon “science” was very limited indeed. Extraordinary and highly speculative claims had been made about this light that ruled the night, but the supposed experts really had no idea at all about how far away the moon was or what it was composed of. (they still don’t) Perhaps there were some within the cabal who knew about the occulted knowledge, but it could easily be the case that most were unaware, at least initially, because conspiracies are generally conducted on a need-to-know basis.

As soon as the government money started pouring in, the lie, intentional or not, became protected. Inconvenient scientists offering alternative theories about a plasma moon were exiled to the periphery of intellectual discussion and there could be no tolerance for Gus Grissom who famously hung a lemon on the lunar module and died in highly unpleasant circumstances shortly thereafter. It was nothing personal; a powerful criminal enterprise was simply protecting its financial investments.

And that is the logical foundation upon which the moon landing hoax was perpetrated. It was not done to beat the Russians at all; this nationalistic narrative was just a public relations ploy that was used to help sustain the support of the general population and the so-called space race was nothing of the kind; intelligence agencies of the American and Russian governments were actually colluding with each other to fake space as long ago as the 1960’s and this mutually beneficial activity is still going strong some fifty years later.

With the moon landing hoax, the American government and its NASA space agency established a blueprint that it has been using ever since. Provide the theatre and entertainment for the masses with rockets at Cape Canaveral and then employ graphic artistry to project asteroids, moons and “planets” thereby creating an imaginary “solar system” which has been designed to meet the established dogma of the astronomical community. They do still of course use astronauts to give a human touch to the propaganda and these modern day clowns are continually being exposed in much the same way as the original Apollo cast were all those years ago although nowadays the space actors do not seem to be in the least troubled by their rather obvious duplicity.

The faking of space franchise has now expanded somewhat (there are now thirty five space agencies) although people are not as attentive to the spectacle as they were in ’69 and very little effort is being made to even put on a decent show. It really is just money for old rope at this point although the motivation for what is now an international fraud goes way beyond mere profiteering.


Hiding the true shape of the earth

“Psychological operations (PSYOPS) are defined as operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, objective reasoning and ultimately the behaviour of governments, organizations, groups and individuals.”

The moon landings were arguably the most effective psychological warfare operation of all time. On an exoteric level the propaganda was widely understood to be directed towards uplifting the morale of the civilian population who thought their team was getting one over on the Russians. The “elite” of their day understood of course that there was a deeper purpose; namely to distract public attention away from what all that money was really being spent on whilst propagating what they knew to be the myth of a “space race” between the superpowers.

But the real power of this masterful psychological operation was something the whole world could see yet not perceive. It was hidden in plain sight all along.

Remember the “earthrise” which is generally considered to be the most iconic picture ever taken? It must have been quite something back then to be shown pictures of the earth as a beautiful colourful globe suspended in nothingness and surrounded by the black emptiness of “space.” For the first time mankind could see his home, only it was not really his home at all because the higher esoteric purpose for the moon landing hoax was to deceive humanity about the true shape of the world. The earth, you see, is flat.

Five decades of constant exposure to subliminal hypnotic and repetitive globe earth imagery and wonderful depictions of an entire solar system comprised of multi-coloured whizzing space balls has served to drive humanity into a state of pathological delusion. This is how the real rulers of this world control the minds of men, spellcraft at its finest, at least from the perspective of the black magicians who run this place.

“By feeding him a sequence of composed information, and understanding his logic, the slave will behave in the desired manner. Such techniques have been known for thousands of years. Reinforcements are built in; the Persian Magi knew this well. To dominate, visual distortions (illusions) must be performed, the mind tricked into seeing something which does not exist…This necessitates intensive work on only one generation which will then programme its own offspring. Once programmed the victim is unable to reach rational conclusions on his own.”        Alan Watt

Break this spell and they lose control, and they know this. The Coronavirus hoax has not worked on the flat earthers!


Same clowns only different costumes

The purveyors of the present-day Coronavirus scam are, just like the moon landing hoaxers, primarily driven by the need and desire for commercial profit. A pandemic is a gravy train, after all….

“We concluded that achieving a goal of getting between 3 million tests per week between now and eight weeks from now and then getting up to 30 million per week in six months is achievable with a set of specific and concrete investments and actions we can make. We estimate that somewhere between 5-15 billion dollars of the 100 billion (dollars) is for deploying a workforce of up to 300,000 Americans in a community health corps that would be accessible and allow for cities and states to scale up their public health workforce.                                                            Rajiv Shah – The Rockefeller Foundation

From an amoral perspective, does it really matter if any of these tests actually work? What difference will it make whether or not the various intervention measures have any effect, or if these effects are harmful, just so long as there is money to be made? What would it matter if the virus actually exists, just so long as people believe it is real? Have these people not pulled off a similar trick before when they pretended to go to the moon?

If people can see through their game they really are in a lot of trouble which explains the somewhat hysterical performance that we have seen from the media and political establishment whose assigned role is to create, protect, and propagate prescribed pandemic narratives at the behest of Coronavirus-associated corporate sponsors whose financial resources are intended to bulldoze these lies into the consciousness of the population.

And this is now a very dangerous time for the spellblind….

“Scurvy is caused by lack of vitamin C. All disease is caused by nutritional, social or spiritual deficiency or an excess of toxins. None are caused by being around or touching people. I am not even going to post what these diseases look like from obstructing your airways to ingesting heavy metals because they are too graphic. You will start to see it everywhere and it will be called Covid 19. This is not the first or the last time a population has been so far off path of reality that they think fear, avoiding people, avoiding sunlight, wearing a mask and injecting themselves with toxins is the “cure.” No, it is the cause of their coming death; be grateful to God for letting you see”
Owen Benjamin