The Globe Is Dead

More and more people are waking up to this deceit and speaking openly about the flat earth. Seeing the world for what it is can be a humbling and difficult process to go through especially for those within academia who have invested heavily in their belief system. Many try desperately to hold onto the delusion and some even seek to perpetuate it, even though it is blindingly obvious that the earth is not a globe.

There is nothing remotely “scientific” about the heliocentric model which has been based upon fraud and intellectual dishonesty from it’s inception. A lie repeated through generations will become a perceived reality especially when presented through authority and imagery, and if people are deceived about the very world they live on then it stands to reason they can, and will, be deceived about a lot of other things as well.

The “governments” are not lying to you. Most people within these compartmentalized institutions do not concern themselves with the shape of the earth or the geo-engineering programmes and busy themselves serving the interests of the financial interests that control them whilst the real power is concealed within a system of global governance which select your supposed leaders. Citizens are given little perception of what is really going on in this world because the media is a sophisticated and tightly controlled propaganda network with the television being one of the most insidious devices that was has ever been created. This device was sold to the public as a source of entertainment and pleasure but this was never it’s true purpose and it has effectively programmed a generation into a state of apathy, ignorance and dystopia- just as it was designed to do.

This system of governance has no allegiance to national borders and is in the process of destroying America and the European powers as they have outlived their usefulness having largely fulfilled their role as conquerors and plunderers of the world- which explains much about the seemingly nonsensical policies of the puppet governments. These enablers may not be directly complicit as many will not have the ability to discern the true effects of what they endorse for they are not usually selected for their intelligence. A small number of people run the world and do so by concealing themselves behind numerous front organisations which control all facets of society. They manipulate and divide by guile and cunning and rule mostly by subtle persuasion, finance and the control of hierarchies. It is an effective and established method of the of management of human populations from the perspective of the oppressors and those who are rewarded for serving their interests.

This system relies on a domesticated and compliant populace who are supposed to accept their lot and struggle to enhance their status within society by working in the interests of their masters and being compliant to their impositions. Their minds are deliberately suppressed by careful indoctrination within education followed by lives designed to be busy and filled with pleasures and distractions. The sport arenas, “celebrity” culture and entertainment industry distract attention from those that rule the world and were designed to do so. Anything that disempowers the individual is encouraged whether it be restricted employment, addictions, illness, the break up of families or isolation within society. The weaker and more reliant a group or individual is the more they require assistance and then the perpetrator can appear as a benefactor before ultimately becoming the oppressor which had always been their intention.The management class is given a more thorough indoctrination and carefully guided to assimilate the required information and they are adequately rewarded for allowing their minds to follow the imposed orthodoxy of thought and it is probably the case that the vast majority of these people are not even aware of the true nature of the power structure they serve.

Most of the target population is stuck in the lower regions of emotion and mind and can be easily guided. Those who find the time and have the inclination to empower their intellect are seen as a useful, if potentially hazardous, resource and the system will often seek to assimilate their expertise. Reaching into these realms brings the mind closer to the it’s true potential which is the connection with the great energy that surrounds us, whether it is an expression of self or external divine power. The oppressors are well aware of its existence and if enough people were able to connect with it then there would be no tyranny because no fully sentient being can ever tolerate such oppression. Managing this can be problematical for the oppressors but so long as only a few wake up to their true self they can be easily dealt with by the system itself which generally is able to ignore, discriminate against and if necessary persecute such individuals.

The oppressors deride the stupidity of those they manipulate and are increasingly brazen in their mockery. No car has ever gone to space and there are those amongst them who will know damn well the earth is level. Their psychopathy is manifesting increasingly as it seems there is little they cannot get away with as their cowed and submissive victims start to resemble characters of the brave new world of Aldous Huxley. Whether it be through collective psychosis or the influence of an external conciousness the human race is being manipulated into destroying itself and this will continue if the individuals within the hive mind are not able to recover their sentinence and their identity. If this situation is allowed to deteriorate much further then there will surely be a vortex of destruction which will also engulf the oppressors themselves for the power imbalance is just as destructive for them as it is for the steaks on the table, as they have been said to refer to those they manipulate.

There will be many people within this power structure at various levels who will be becoming increasingly uncomfortable with their complicity in the various unfolding agendas of their masters. Continuing to obey and follow instructions may require the suppression of empathy which is why many of these people will often be kept unaware of the shape of the earth. The nihilistic indifference to which so many view their existence is the result of careful manipulation of psychology, philosophy and science to warp their perception of reality. Useful fools have paraded across the world attacking the straw-man that has been presented before them denying all possibility of intelligent design and it seems they have been deceived for their faith in the pseudoscientific ramblings of cosmology has been misplaced and the earth appears to be demonstrably level and motionless. A creative force responsible for this earth and possibly for the souls upon it is hardly likely to be well-disposed to what is going on here and people would be a lot more inclined to ponder on this if they thought that they and their actions had relevance and accountability.

Millions of people are now snapping out of the Stockholm syndrome and seeing through the insane delusions of the globe cult. The oppressors cannot stop this truth and they must know that. The more perceptive amongst them should see this as an opportunity to sort themselves out for they will surely understand they are currently on a road that will end badly for us all.

The globe is dead. This insane nonsense has helped to remove the human race from it’s psychological foundations and kept it in a state of bewilderment and confusion. Who are we, where did we come from and why are we here? There will be no more acceptance of the comfroting answer, the demand is now for the truth of this existence. The great deception is over, It was a good trick whilst it lasted but the joke has worn more than a little thin now.