The Flat Earth Conspiracy

The greatest lie on earth is concealed in plain sight, hidden so closely in front of our eyes that it has escaped our perception. The earth is not, as is commonly thought, a spinning ball hurtling through the empty vacuum of space; it is as just as our senses perceive it to be, a flat motionless plain at the centre of all we perceive. What is presented to the world as a triumph of scientific endeavour has been shown to be nothing more than an elaborate fraud which has only been maintained through dogmatic faith in an entrenched belief system which it has become heretical to oppose.

Exposing the heliocentric deception is simply a case of trusting our own senses and questioning everything that we have been told about the earth with an open and critical mind.

Evidence for the earth’s curvature does not exist. It is claimed that the earth is a sphere, or an oblate spheroid, with a circumference of 24901 miles; If this were truly the case the surface of the earth would be curving gradually away from the observer at a rate which should be calculable, verifiable and applicable and if we truly lived on a ball such information would need to be referenced and accessible. It isn’t.

It is possible to use geometry, assuming a radius of 3963 miles, to calculate expected curvature over distance which closely equates to the formula 8 inches per mile squared. The table below bears no relation to reality as is shown by the most elementary observations.

MILES     DROP           MILES     DROP      MILES       DROP

1              8 inches           7              32 ft.         50              1666 ft.

2            32 inches          8             42 ft.          60             2400 ft.

3           6 ft.                    10             66 ft.         70             3266 ft.

4           10 ft.                  20            266 ft.       80            4266 ft.

5           16 ft.                 30             600 ft.      90            5400 ft.

6           24 ft.                40            1066 ft.     100          6666 ft.

Mariner`s tables show maximum visibility ranges which exceed the supposed curvature and previous generations of Flat earth researchers referenced the visibility of lighthouses and distant land masses to disprove the globe using the relatively limited optical capability of the 19th century. With powerful modern cameras readily available the heliocentric doctrine is no longer sustainable; the current record for long distance photography shows Alpine peaks visible from the mountains of Spain over 400km away, a distance at which they should be hidden behind tens of thousands of feet of curved earth even after the height of the observer is accounted for.

The horizontal horizon

The horizon is always level and rises to the level of the eye; If the earth were a globe the horizon would fall away equally in every direction as the observer rose above the ground; it should also exhibit visible curvature in accordance with the above tables.

Even in the 19th Century balloonists were somewhat perplexed by the lack of visible curvature, one stating “the aeronaut may well be the most sceptical man about the rotundity of the earth”. These men flew two miles above the surface of the earth and fully expected to find some visible reference to validate the claims of science and yet they found none. Their modern-day contemporaries have sent unmanned flights to 25miles high; the horizons are still level and they still rise to the level of the eye.


It is a common misconception to observe distant islands appearing hilltop first as they are approached and to conclude that they are somehow emerging from “below” the horizon as, in a similar way, boats sailing away from the shore are said to be going “over” the curving waters ahead.

A moments contemplation should dispel such faulty reasoning; if a ship is seen to disappear, bottom first, at a range of six miles in the Atlantic Ocean, how is that same vessel able to be seen at over twice that distance in the Mediterranean Sea? The supposed curvature of the earth has not changed, perhaps it is simply because that region is more conducive for observations on account of the preferable atmospheric conditions? It has been repeatedly claimed that, on a clear day, boats that have sunk from view can be restored to sight through the magnification of a camera lens; If they had sailed “over” the horizon they would not still be within line-of-sight of the observer!

The boats are not sailing over any imaginary curve as the observation is simply a matter of perspective, the way the eye visualizes at a distance. Such effects can be seen on a level piece of road as a car appears to sink into the tarmac or human figures likewise appear to melt into the earth as they recede from view.

Allowance for the curvature of the earth

A flat and stationary earth is always assumed in practical application.

This is openly stated in the flight dynamics summary used for training pilots to fly. Is it at all plausible for newly operational airmen to have to contend with both the curvature and spin of the earth with no preparation whatsoever? If the earth were a sphere, then an aircraft would need to constantly adjust its trajectory in order to maintain altitude; a long-haul passenger flight would need to account for several thousand feet of curvature every single minute!

In the real world, pilots level out at cruising altitude and then adjust for turbulence and not the shape of the earth. Passengers have no sensation of downward motion and the gyroscope will not indicate any change in pitch; neither will a spirit level if it is taken aboard.

Submarines need not worry about breaking the surface of the curving waters above or with firing torpedoes at targets hundreds of feet below the horizon because, like all military systems, they assume the earth to be level.

Surveyors have also always ignored the supposed curvature of the earth and have never provided an adequate explanation as to how tunnels, canals and pipelines can be constructed without the need to account for it. The Flat earth Inverness has openly challenged surveyors to step forward and clarify the supposed curvature allowance and explain how it has been applied in civil engineering projects, submitting the following letter which was published in the Civil Engineering Surveyor, the monthly journal of the chartered institution of civil engineering….

The £10,000 curvature challenge

The flat earth Inverness has written to over 100 RCIS registered land surveyors and offered considerable financial incentive to show in a demonstrable way that the earth is a globe by measuring the curvature of the earth:

“There is a rapidly growing belief that the earth is flat and does not move. This idea is often ridiculed but nobody can reference any substantiating evidence to support the idea that the earth is a globe.

The purpose of contacting a surveyor is to propose a challenge–if the earth is a globe then it should have curvature which should be measurable. Find the curvature in a demonstrable way and flat earth inverness will pay up to the tune of £10,000. A method should be agreed upon and then a contract signed prior to any incurring of expense.

We seek evidence of the drop height over distance and do not wish to get involved in the complex mathematical discussion of navigation over the surface. We seek tangible and not visible evidence and contend that the curvature/refraction allowance is simply a matter of refraction and nothing more.

We propose that the expected curvature of a sphere with a radius of 3963 miles equate to 8 inches per mile squared. We accept there is contention regarding this formula and would discuss alternatives as the amount of expected curvature would need to be clarified and accepted by both parties.

The flat earth is open to discussion regarding viable methods of testing over distance – a fixed, unsupported, tensioned wire for example. Alternatively, evidence could be found within ongoing or completed surveying projects.

Surveyors must be aware of the growing discussion regarding the shape of the earth. There are multiple projects often over hundreds of miles and yet no tangible evidence for allowance for curvature is forthcoming whilst debates still rage about what the curvature of the earth actually is. It is becoming increasingly apparent that people are being deceived, and not just about the shape of the earth.

This absurd lie has been perpetrated for far too long and has done immeasurable harm to the psyche of mankind. That so many seem to think it of little importance is testament to how damaged and demoralized we have become. This is important, it is time to settle this matter in a clear and definitive manner and to deal with such implications that arise”.

Nothing of substance has been received from all this correspondence and the money is quite safe; it is surely evident to the discerning reader that some form of documentary evidence relating to the measurable curvature of the surface of the earth would have been presented by now if the earth were truly a sphere!

Water will always find its level

The beauty of truth often lies within its simplicity. The substance of water will always seek to find and maintain its level and standing bodies of water do not have the ability to adhere to the exterior of a shape, this is an obvious and empirically verifiable fact. To accept this and still claim the earth is a spinning ball with water clinging to it is clearly fallacious as the statements are mutually exclusive and cannot both be true.

The belief that at some undefined point huge oceans of water curve around a ball and then persist without any form of sealed containment is contrary to the known properties of a liquid and the behaviour of this most common and honest of substances is, of itself, enough to provide demonstrable proof that the earth is level.


The imaginary force of “gravity is often invoked when it is necessary to try to provide an explanation for what is impossible to replicate in practical reality.

There has never been a remotely reputable experiment which can validate the theory of gravity. Objects have never been shown to attract each other based upon the attractive force of their mass and prior to Newton it was widely accepted that if they fell to earth it was simply a matter of their greater density relative to the medium of the air.

This “force” supposedly holds huge oceans to the outside of a ball, allows the gaseous atmosphere to rotate in harmony with the solid earth, maintains aircraft at a fixed height and is somehow responsible for permitting a pressurized system to co-exist next to a vacuum with no solid separation between the two. In the theoretical construct of whizzing space balls, liquids upon the surface behave in a uniform manner regardless of the mass, curvature or spin velocity of whatever imaginary planetary body they are curling around- the strength of the “gravity” is apparently of no consequence!

This inexplicable and unverifiable figment of man’s imagination remains unproven and yet the entirety of all cosmological understanding is based upon the assumption that it exists; theoretical postulations which have been derived from this hypothetical theory have been asserted to be objectively true by astronomers and astrophysicists who appear to be lost in a world of fantasy and delusion….

“Today’s scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality.” Nikolas Tesla

No evidence of motion

The human senses do not feel the earth move and observations suggest that the heavenly bodies are in motion above a motionless earth. When the American scientists Albert Michelson and Edward Morley devised an experiment in 1887 to reveal the relative movement of the earth through “space” the result discredited heliocentrism as no evidence for the motion of the earth was detected and similar findings were also recorded in 1871 and 1913. This distinct lack in stellar parallax is evidenced by the consistency of a night sky by which sailors have navigated for hundreds of years.

The heliocentric theory postulates that the earth is moving as follows….

The earth is travelling around the sun at 67,000 mph

The sun is travelling around the galaxy at 500,000 mph

The galaxy is travelling around the universe at 1.3 million mph.

Such extraordinary claims should require extraordinary evidence. There is none; the hypothesis is a mathematical construct which is based upon calculations which assume the existence of gravity and in practicality there is no satisfactory means by which such claims can be either verified or falsified.

The earth is also supposedly spinning at speeds of up to 1000 mph dependent on latitude although, again, evidence for such motion is somewhat lacking. All military and aviation systems operate on the assumption that the earth is not moving and if the earth appears still, then it probably is as there is no viable reason to believe otherwise.

The faking of space

“There are great ideas undiscovered, breakthroughs available to those who can remove one of truths protective layers” Neil Armstrong

The moon landing is widely known to have been a hoax although it is yet to be officially acknowledged as such. The film trickery has been systematically exposed, supposed moonrock has proved to be petrified wood and awkward questions regarding fluttering flags, the visibility of stars, astronaut footprints, the car, a long-distance telephone call and soft drink bottles on the lunar surface have no reasonable explanation. The credibility of NASA took another blow when the space agency openly admitted to losing the original master tapes of the moon landing in addition to thousands of reels of telemetry data and the following statement did little to restore confidence in the beleaguered organization….

“I’d go to the moon in a nanosecond. The problem is we don’t have the technology to do that anymore. We used to but we destroyed that technology and it’s a painful process to build it back again” Don Petit

Further damning evidence of astronauts “faking the curve” of the earth from the blacked-out cabin of an aircraft emerged in the documentary “something funny happened on the way to the moon” and recently released Wikileaks footage is so damning that it should finally persuade any lingering doubters that the supposed “moon landings” were, in reality, filmed on a studio set on the surface of the earth.

The question is then one of motive- why lie about going to the moon? It has been said that the footage was fraudulent although astronauts really did go and it has also been suggested that the hoax was simply a matter of cold war propaganda which was done in the national interest.

Neither explanation has credibility as the faking of space has continued unabated to the present day; NASA is the principal protagonist but the space agencies of all the other major powers, including the Russians and the Chinese have also been complicit. The weightlessness of “space” is created with the use of Zero-G aircraft, graphic manipulation and, more prosaically, harnesses and wires, whilst “spacewalks” are filmed in a swimming pool which is why we see bubbles in space. Claimed landings by remote-control on Mars cannot even be replicated and the pictures purporting to be landscapes from these distant planetary explorations show features identical to those of more localized locations here on earth; occasionally there is even wildlife lurking amidst the rocks.

So why lie?

Fraud. Governments are effectively stealing taxpayer money with NASA receiving a budget of fifty million dollars a day to fire rockets into the sea.

Propaganda. The “space” programme beguiles the public and serves the emerging technocracy by promoting the “science” brand, faith in which is so critical for their Brave New World.

The main reason for the lie is however, to conceal the true shape of the earth.

The globe earth has been a constant feature on the television screen for over fifty years and its enduring image has been subliminally implanted into the minds of men. It is not real; the faking of space has worked in conjunction with the film industry to create a magical and illusionary universe by propagating the most effective psychological operation in history. There are no photographs of earth taken from “space”, only a series of “composite images” which are not even convincing when exposed to closer examination; when NASA released a series of “blue marble” pictures they featured inconsistent colouring, continents which change size and the repeated use of the cloud cloning tool.

The same fraudulent trickery has been employed to produce a gallery of images which depict an elaborate “solar system” comprising an array of multi-coloured whizzing space balls each with its own unique climate, topography and temperature. In the words of Don Petit a spokesman for NASA ….

“the only limit to human future is in our own imaginations”

The rockets that take off from the Florida coastline do not then rendezvous with distant planetary spheres, they simply level off and fall back into the sea leaving the imagery of these wandering stars to the creativity of NASA and their graphic artistry. The trickery is no longer sustainable as the zoom capabilities of modern cameras are transforming our understanding of the night sky; stars that were once thought to be trillions of miles distant now appear as beautiful flickering bodies of light within what appears to be a liquid substance. The true size, distance, and composition of the celestial bodies remain unknown but the fraudulent and misguided nature of the claims about our “universe” have finally been exposed to the general population. The “universe” is probably just as our senses perceive it to be, what are called “stars” being brilliant lights travelling in fixed motions around a central point with the “planets” being simply “wandering stars”.

The idea that the sun is a gigantic nuclear inferno 93 million miles away has never been verified and the entire concept has been contrived from the fallacious interpretation of observation; once again the gravity hoax has blinded man to the truth. The evidence suggests otherwise; geometric triangulation, video of localized hotspots on the clouds and our own senses are telling us that the sun is in actuality a small localized light source no more than a few thousand miles distant which is travelling in regular motions across the sky as it projects heat and light over a level surface.

The moon appears to the eye to be the same size as the sun and it looks a lot closer than 238,000 miles away judging by the surface detail which can be seen through the lens of a powerful camera. Moonlight is demonstrably cooler than the shade and has independent properties which indicates that the moon is emitting its own light and is not reflecting distant sunrays as mainstream science asserts.

Full investigation and exploration is now required to establish the full dimensions of the earth as no definitive claims to its size and boundaries can be made until substantiating evidence is forthcoming. The sea is level with the water contained and the existence of a pressurized atmosphere indicates an enclosed system with sealed containment both laterally and vertically.

The people of the earth have been led to believe that the earth is a random accident, just one of untold millions of planets spinning and whirling around innumerable “suns” at unimaginable speeds amidst the pitiless “vacuum” of space”. It has all been a lie.