The End Times and the Return of Jesus Christ

For the illuminati and the designers of the New World Order this is a time of great anticipation as the various strands of a myriad of related conspiracies finally all come together in the seemingly triumphant culmination of their “Great Work”, an inter-generational masterpiece which has been designed to correlate with biblical scripture. Their plan is now clear; Western society has been successfully demoralized and destabilized and will now be brought to its knees through the intentional creation of crisis as foretold in revelation. As part of the process of normalization a messiah of seemingly divine origin is to miraculously appear amongst the survivors of the cataclysm which has befallen the Western nations and will be accredited with restoring order and hope amongst them. This apparent Messiah will be regarded by practicing Christians as the Second Coming of Jesus Christ returning in physical form to save the faithful. Believers will be galvanized in their faith as the revelations have come to pass in direct accordance with end times prophecy and they will be desperate to find the solace and guidance which has for so long been foretold within their religious texts.

But can such texts be trusted? The primary source of Christian doctrine is the Vatican which has a long history of occulting and distorting knowledge and it is this very institution that is primarily responsible for giving the world both Christianity and the ball-earth delusion. The aspiring Christian must believe that the only way to the Father is through Jesus Christ the Son who died on the cross to atone for their sins. They must also accept that a virgin gave birth and that decaying bodies can be restored to life. To demand that the believer acquiesce to the imposition of a false sense of reality is the same trick which the false Heliocentric doctrine has used to enchant humanity. Why would benevolent sentience seek to cause such doubt and confusion?  And why would the “flock” be required to accept that a supposed Jewish “race” had been ordained to have the status and authority befitting of a divinely chosen people? Christianity demands unquestioning obedience to the platitudes of the indoctrinated priestly caste and inconvenient doubters must forever remain silent if they are to be accepted into the ranks of the faithful. Preachers are trained to offer potential converts a stark choice of either accepting the texts (and the officially prescribed interpretation of them) or being damned to an eternity of deserved torment which effectively amounts to psychological manipulation in the form of trauma-based mind-control.

The calamities of Revelation are coming to pass as a direct result of the actions of the illuminati and it is highly questionable to propose that a divine will would desire to see such activities continue. It is also suspiciously convenient for the prevailing power hierarchy when the faithful are told to place their trust in the actions of an external saviour as preachers pander to prescribed and politicized opinions and appear blissfully oblivious to the uncomfortable realities of this world such as the Chemtrail-laden skies above. There is also the small matter of correlation between the central tenet of Christian doctrine and the pragmatic realism of the New World Order. The “chosen people” (Jews) are the bag-men of the illuminati and their admitted ideology is revealed within the Protocols; it is foretold that there will be the return of a Jewish Mossiach of the Davidic royal line- a mortal (and selected) man is to be chosen by the Learned Elders as an avatar through which the illuminated ones can project their tyrannical power in the manner of the Mejii restoration as described by Caroll Quigley. And what better time would there be to fool humanity with such a deception than when people have been thrown into a state of collective panic and confusion?

To question the Bible is not to disregard it. Many non-religious and unaffiliated researchers have long concluded that scripture is not to be read literally but that its secrets have been encoded. What if the return of Jesus Christ is not a reference to the return of a physical being but something else entirely such as a collective raising of consciousness? Perhaps the divine essence of the human being is guided and affected by the nearby heavenly bodies as the illuminated ones seem to believe. And could it be that it is their electrical power which is energizing and connecting with humanity and awakening an ever-increasing number of people from their collective trance?

And they won’t like this, the illuminated ones. Maybe that is another reason why they spray the skies so much and rush to saturate the earth within an invisible electronic smog.