The divine professor Richard Dawkins

Richard Dawkins has fallen hook, line and sinker for the illusion that there is no God. He is successful because the promotion of an atheistic theology is so vitally important for this age of transition. The imposition of tyranny requires disempowerment as it is prudent to carefully weaken your victim before they are subdued and removing psychological foundations whilst instilling a nihilistic indifference and despair into a target population will achieve this.

A true understanding of our being, place, purpose and fate has always proved elusive and our childish need to grasp at certainty within systematic belief systems has greatly hindered humanity. Human beings are deliberately infantized and distracted within education, culture and ideologies which are primarily a means of population control and subjugation. It is very lazy and foolish to then surmise from this that “god” simply does not exist for the earth is clearly a product of an intelligent mind.

Dawkins is a shallow and literal-minded fool whose pseudo-intellectual ramblings have corrupted the already weakened and programmed minds of the television era and his function is that of the pied-piper of scientism

One day Dawkins found himself on a public stage with the American actor and charlatan Neil De Grasse Dyson. They were rambling on about life within the imaginary universe and Dawkins was under the impression he was talking to an esteemed astro-phycisist. Dawkins had been struggling with the concept of an “event horizon” which, like much within the bizarre world of modern astronomy, requires great mental gymnastics to assimilate. Dawkins asked De Grasse to provide an explanation and De Grasse responded with the bluster and verbiage of a door to door vacuum-cleaner vendor. Dawkins was not satisfied with this response and asked him again. De Grasse had been pedalling this nonsense for a long time and he was able to keep his composure without presenting anything of substance.

And something within Dawkins knew he was being had. A light flickered within. He paused, unsatisfied as he wanted to ask the question again. To do so for a third time would be difficult. After a brief and fatal, contemplation the light was gone. Such words as “Of course you are an astro-physicist and “these things are not within my field- how I could I possibly understand such things” tumbled from his lips. With some relief the conversation moved on and the crisis was averted. For that brief moment in time the omnipresent divine that is referred to as “god” manifested within the writer of “the god delusion” himself, a somewhat comical if tragic irony.