The coronavirus hoax circular (police)

The dust has now settled after a somewhat unsettling few months which has seen a period of unprecedented change throughout the world for unfortunately 2020 shall forever be known as the year of the Coronavirus. There is, we are told, a “second wave” of this deadly pathogen imminent, so it seems prudent to now examine the role of Police Scotland in these troubling times and to express relevant concerns in written form before this institution and the individuals who serve it become even more complicit in the ongoing crimes which are currently being committed against humanity.

The intentional exaggeration of the pandemic threat and the deliberate misuse of public funds to terrorise the public is now matter of record as is the falsification and fabrication of data which has been used to justify the use of so-called emergency powers which deprive citizens of their most basic freedoms. The “lockdown”, a prison term incidentally, was clearly a pre-planned and coordinated action designed to subjugate humanity and was not intended to protect lives as is so often proclaimed within the increasingly desperate propaganda of the mainstream media.
So, let us not persevere with any lingering delusions. Police Scotland has participated in an agenda which seeks to destroy the very society which the institution supposedly serves. The economy is wrecked and tens of thousands of mostly elderly and sickly people have already died prematurely because of this lockdown. These people were murdered by proxy and did not pass as a consequence of the sniffles. The small cabal represented by Bill Gates and the Rockerfeller Foundation have often said that depopulation is their goal and it is their stated objective to vaccinate the entire population, including serving police officers. It is not in your interest, either morally or practically, to continue to cooperate with such evil agendas.

Remember, Coronavirus is the cover for, and not the cause of, the genocide. Police officers have no right to restrict the freedom of movement of individuals or to prevent people congregating together. They have no business hindering commerce or denying citizens the God given right to sit in a park. And most pertinently of all, they must never compel their fellow citizens to adorn a ridiculous and dehumanising face mask. This is the symbol of the newly silenced (muzzled) slave of the New World Order and when people are treated like this (and they accept it) much worse imposition must inevitably follow. In March there was shock, fear and confusion which had been intentionally instilled in the target population but at this point a chimpanzee with learning difficulties could tell that something nefarious is going on. Hostile Coronavirus related actions directed against the public can no longer be excused through ignorance. You know what you are doing, and why, so where is your own personnel line? Just following orders? How does history judge such people?

Yes, you are in a difficult position but without resistance the current insanity will only continue to escalate and no properly thinking person would want that. Citizens may appear apathetic but many of us are well aware of the threat to existential life and would gladly welcome the support of strong and principled individuals who are working within the system itself. We see beyond the costume and can observe the programmed puppets amonst you without fear or hatred despite their often pitiful behaviour.