The BBC and Flat Earth activism

“Who are the Flat Earthers?”

September saw the release of a BBC documentary entitled “Who are the Flat Earthers” featuring the Flat Earth premises in Inverness, Globe lie street activism in Perth and the second International Flat Earth congress in Colorado, USA. Film maker Conor Reilly spoke to an astronomer, flew in a plane and launched a balloon in an attempt to rebut the arguments for a flat earth and to confirm for himself that the earth was indeed a sphere. Half an hour is too short a time to do this subject justice and so the viewer was presented with an entertaining, if superficial, introduction to flat earth theory together with the reassuring impression that Conor had succeeded in affirming his globe-earth belief. It was nevertheless some welcome publicity for Flat Earth Inverness and not nearly as biased as had been expected although the relevant questions relating to the shape of the earth were not addressed and have yet to be authentically represented within mainstream media.

No measurable proof of curvature was found but Conor did present film of curving horizons taken from a high-altitude balloon which was some twenty miles above the surface of the earth. Video evidence from rockets and balloons has also been used to reveal a flat earth and therein lies the difficulty of using intangible visible evidence; balloons ebb and sway as the horizon line moves from the concave to convex in accordance with the type of lens which is used and the resulting images can then be used as evidence for either a flat or spherical earth. Conor did say however that the footage affirmed curvature and referenced the make of camera and type of lens that was used. He has been castigated, by some, for providing intentionally misleading propaganda, an attitude which is both unwarranted and unproductive. This is an opportunity for Flat Earth proponents to organize a similar balloon flight to be filmed with their own equipment; Conor could then be approached to document this and if this offer was refused accusations alluding to his lack of integrity could at least be backed by some evidence.

The Globe Lie Tour and street activism

Welcome also to the Globe lie European tour which passed through Scotland earlier this month taking their banners and leaflets to the streets of Edinburgh and Glasgow where they set up a visual display and engaged in street interviews. The group then travelled to Ireland and further locations in England before completing the UK leg of the tour with the Globe Lie weekend convention which was held in Kiddieminster on the 13 September. The tour has been organized by Youtuber Jason of the Disbury family who has, like many others, gone to a lot of trouble and expense in an attempt to get the word out, and all power to them all for doing so; getting involved with people directly is essential especially now that online content is being silenced through internet censorship.

Despite such efforts the level of apathy amongst the general population regarding the Flat Earth remains a matter of frustration and concern as the majority remain indifferent or antagonistic and are still very easily swayed by the ever-present propaganda which protects the globe lie. The advertisement campaign for the Flat Earth still has a long way to go but it will continue until the globe lie is exposed for the whole world to see.

Flat Earth promotion

At the Flat Earth Inverness there are Flat Earth shirts, Flat Earth mugs and Flat Earth postcards. Why? Because “Flat Earth” is a clear, honest straightforward mantra which is instantly recognizable. The controllers of this world recognize the power of a shared slogan representing an objective reality which is why so much effort has been put into propaganda which is designed to link the words “Flat Earth” with stupidity and ignorance. There are people who recognize that the earth is flat but disassociate themselves from what has become a loaded term because they can see that the words have been weaponized and used against them. They are mistaken; to lose the slogan is to concede critical ground to the black propagandists.

It is also a mistake to moralize and make judgement upon those that sell merchandise. Commerce creates incentive and efficacy which can, and should, be used to promote the Flat Earth and the people who listen to those who seek to impose the notion that the truth must always be “free” and making money from Flat Earth is somehow “bad” are giving away their own power and not thinking clearly. Anybody who casts aspersions of profiteering must know there is nothing to be made from Flat Earth at this point and even if there was, so what? Earning your own keep whilst speaking the truth in difficult circumstances is nothing to feel guilty about and it would be nice to see others follow the lead of Flat Earth Inverness by setting up their own Flat Earth businesses of one kind or another; book shops, cafes, chip vans anything at all- calling a business “Flat Earth” will start people talking. Standing by the slogan and putting it on public display helps to overcome the social stigma associated with Flat Earth and the ridicule and mockery will only work for so long if enough people follow the example of the Spanish football club who recently came up with the idea of calling themselves “Flat Earth FC”. This is how the message gets out. People with the strength to represent Flat Earth in any way they want and for whatever reason they choose. Those seeking to stifle such expression are simply acting as gatekeepers.

Flat Earth Infighting

A small but vocal minority of flat earth proponents seem to invest an inordinate amount of energy and time into casting judgements and perpetuating conflicts on the internet as they make accusations and insinuations that their targets (usually other flat earth proponents) are somehow “shills” and “agents” who are working for the government.

How would intelligence agencies infiltrate this supposed “movement” and what would they do? Would they steer the objective in the manner of the environmental groups which have become neutered controlled opposition like Greenpeace or the pitiful Extinction Rebellion?

No, not at the moment when all is predicated upon the singular objective of finding out the shape of the earth. What is there to steer?

Would they seek to sabotage the methods used to reach the objective by intentionally misrepresenting information?

Yes, but the vast majority who are being accused of doing this will simply not be to the liking of their accuser; this does not mean they are somehow working for the intelligence agencies!

Would they seek to take attention away from the Flat Earth?

Almost certainly

What is the most effective way for intelligence operatives to deal with the Flat Earth?

They do not want committed individuals cooperating towards a shared objective whilst organizing themselves into cohesive groups so they will use the anonymity of online personas to sow discord and thereby prevent this from happening. They will also pay particular attention to the psychology of influential individuals and seek to manipulate them.

Anything that spreads the Flat Earth message in an effective way is to be welcomed whether it be through isolated individuals or large groups and those that would suggest otherwise are again, acting as gatekeepers.

The Fable of the Lion and the Boar

It was a very hot day and the sun was blazing down. The lion was looking forward to a deep long drink as he padded slowly towards the pool; so too was the boar as he trotted towards the same pool. They both arrived at exactly the same time and they immediately began squabbling fiercely over who was there first and who had the most right to drink and of course squabbling led to fighting and they were soon rolling around on the dusty ground oblivious to anything other than their wish to defeat each other. But as they paused for breath, in the same instant, they both saw a most unwelcome sight. Wheeling in the sky and sitting on the rocks and in the trees were several vultures. “These horrid birds are sitting around waiting to eat whichever one of us loses the battle” grumbled the lion quietly. “Well, we shan’t let that happen then shall we” snorted the boar. And they both stopped quarreling immediately and shared the pool. One at each side. They both drank their fill and walked away quite contented. The hungry vultures all flew away screeching crossly to each other.

In the face of mutual enemies, it is better to reconcile your differences.