The Abomination of Geo-engineering

1st March 2021

Some of the bewildered herd are beginning to show the first tentative signs that they are somewhat belatedly coming to the realization that they have been tricked in relation to the Coronavirus scam and many are now therefore in a somewhat fragile condition psychologically. Desperately the awakening ones will still cling to the psychological comfort blanket of familiarity with a “system” that could not, in their undeveloped minds, possibly have betrayed them….”It has all been a terrible mistake” they will say, “There really must be an enquiry…This or that politician must go…We cannot possibly be thought of as “conspiracy theorists!” And so on.

Incredibly most of the general population is still grazing now, even after an entire year of being bombarded with utter tripe about an invisible armada of politically and economically aware superbugs which can only be appeased by their willingness to acquiesce to whatever economic, physical, and spiritual sacrifices are demanded by the idiots and criminals that have propagated all the Coronavirus-based nonsense in the first place. The still-entranced citizenry, awakening or otherwise, could all do with a good face slap from a wet fish (There are so many to choose from) at this point and so the topic for discussion within today’s article is a partially disclosed solar remediation programme that is more commonly known as the chemtrail conspiracy theory.


Looking up

Days of large-scale spraying operations are especially noticeable in the local area because Inverness airport is relatively small and so there is a distinct visible contrast to be seen when comparison is made with days of regular commercial air traffic. Usually, although not exclusively, the aircraft will start to appear in the morning, and it is their habit to proceed along staggered parallel flight paths several miles apart flying at an altitude which is somewhat lower than that used by commercial airliners. It is not uncommon to see more than twenty trails peppering the skies within the space of a single hour and a clear blue sky can quickly be transformed into a silky white haze as I have repeatedly witnessed, typically through the powerful lens of Nikon P-900 camera. Similar activity has been widely documented and reported upon from within countries all across the earth for over two decades now. Someone is quite clearly spraying those skies, people.

The spraying is not openly admitted of course but such “aerosol dissemination” (for “research” purposes) has long been revealed within official government documentation such as the 2010 paper from the UK government’s science and technology committee entitled The Regulation of Geoengineering. The following text, which is taken from the Harvard University website, explains the motivation that lies behind the spraying of the atmosphere.

“To take an active stance on research with a unique mandate to develop new path-breaking technologies that might improve solar geoengineering’s effectiveness and reduce its risks. To Employ Harvard’s convening power to bring together scientists, environmental leaders, and government officials to discuss the technology and its governance. We aim to produce research that advances solar geoengineering’s science and technology frontier, publishing high-impact papers, and disseminating ideas that are taken up by other researchers and government research programs.”
Geoengineering refers to a set of emerging technologies that could manipulate the environment and partially offset some of the impacts of climate change…. Solar geoengineering seeks to reflect a small fraction of sunlight back into space or increase the amount of solar radiation that escapes back into space to cool the planet…stratospheric aerosol scattering would introduce tiny reflective particles, such as sulfate aerosols or perhaps calcium carbonate, into the upper atmosphere.”

Some quotes from David Keith, the Faculty Director of Harvard’s geoengineering programme….

“The cheapest thing to do is to use the atmosphere as a waste dump”

“You might end up killing many tens of thousands of people”

“And by the way, it’s not really a moral hazard, it’s not really a moral hazard, it’s more like free riding on our grandkids”

The named financial donors for the solar shield.
J. Baker Foundation The Blue Marble Fund OW Caspersen Foundation The Crows Nest Foundation The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation Constance C. and Linwood A. Lacy Jr. Foundation The Open Philanthropy Project Pritzker Innovation Fund Reflective Earth Ronin Private Investments LLC The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation The Tansy Foundation Teza Technologies LLC VoLo Foundation The Weatherhead Center for International Affairs Laura and John Arnold G. Leonard Baker, Jr. Alan Eustace Rob Fergus Howard Fischer Ross Garon Bill Gates Jonathan Golderg Drew Myers John Rapaport Chris and Crystal Sacca Michael Smith Andrew Stark Bill Trenchard

And from an article in the “Science” magazine (2018)

“University of Maryland in Annapolis, and colleagues set out to answer that question by figuring out how fast plants and animals would have to move to escape changes in their local climate, with and without a stratospheric cloud. In their simulation, starting in 2020, planes would inject 5 million tons of sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere, essentially mimicking an eruption a quarter the size of Mount Pinatubo.”

For those who are not paying attention….

“Planes would inject 5 million tons of sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere”

Given the enormous implications of what is being proposed (or, as I would suggest, an agenda that is already in the process of implementation) it seems wise to look a little closer at the people who are promoting this activity and what their motivations are. The answers that are found can hardly be described as reassuring….

The following article is from a time (2012) when the dying embers of what is termed journalism were still burning somewhat brighter than they are when compared with the surrealist dystopia in which we now find ourselves….


The billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates is backing a group of climate scientists lobbying for geoengineering experiments….

“A small group of leading climate scientists, financially supported by billionaires including Bill Gates, are lobbying governments and international bodies to back experiments into manipulating the climate on a global scale to avoid catastrophic climate change. The scientists, who advocate geoengineering methods such as spraying millions of tonnes of reflective particles of sulphur dioxide 30 miles above earth, argue that a “plan B” for climate change will be needed if the UN and politicians cannot agree to making the necessary cuts in greenhouse gases, and say the US government and others should pay for a major programme of international research. Solar geoengineering techniques are highly controversial: while some climate scientists believe they may prove a quick and relatively cheap way to slow global warming, others fear that when conducted in the upper atmosphere, they could irrevocably alter rainfall patterns and interfere with the earth’s climate.

Geoengineering is opposed by many environmentalists, who say the technology could undermine efforts to reduce emissions, and by developing countries who fear it could be used as a weapon or by rich countries to their advantage. In 2010, the UN Convention on Biological Diversity declared a moratorium on experiments in the sea and space, except for small-scale scientific studies.

Concern is now growing that the small but influential group of scientists, and their backers, may have a disproportionate effect on major decisions about geoengineering research and policy. “We will need to protect ourselves from vested interests [and] be sure that choices are not influenced by parties who might make significant amounts of money through a choice to modify climate, especially using proprietary intellectual property,” said Jane Long, director at large for the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in the US, in a paper delivered to a recent geoengineering conference on ethics. “The stakes are very high, and scientists are not the best people to deal with the social, ethical or political issues that geoengineering raises,” said Doug Parr, chief scientist at Greenpeace. “The idea that a self-selected group should have so much influence is bizarre.”

Pressure to find a quick technological fix to climate change is growing as politicians fail to reach an agreement to significantly reduce emissions. In 2009-2010, the US government received requests for over $2bn (£1.2bn) of grants for geoengineering research but spent around $100m. As well as Gates, other wealthy individuals including Sir Richard Branson, tar sands magnate Murray Edwards and the co-founder of Skype, Niklas Zennström, have funded a series of official reports into future use of the technology. Branson, who has frequently called for geoengineering to combat climate change, helped fund the Royal Society’s inquiry into solar radiation management last year through his Carbon War Room charity. It is not known how much he contributed.

Professors David Keith, of Harvard University, and Ken Caldeira of Stanford, are the world’s two leading advocates of major research into geoengineering the upper atmosphere to provide earth with a reflective shield. They have so far received over $4.6m from Gates to run the Fund for Innovative Climate and Energy Research (Ficer). Nearly half Ficer’s money, which comes directly from Gates’s personal funds, has so far been used for their own research, but the rest is disbursed by them to fund the work of other advocates of large-scale interventions. According to statements of financial interests, Keith receives an undisclosed sum from Bill Gates each year, and is the president and majority owner of the geoengineering company Carbon Engineering, in which both Gates and Edwards have major stakes – believed to be together worth over $10m.

Another Edwards company, Canadian Natural Resources, has plans to spend $25bn to turn the bitumen-bearing sand found in northern Alberta into barrels of crude oil. Caldeira says he receives $375,000 a year from Gates, holds a carbon capture patent and works for Intellectual Ventures, a private geoegineering research company part-owned by Gates and run by Nathan Myhrvold, former head of technology at Microsoft. According to the latest Ficer accounts, the two scientists have so far given $300,000 of Gates money to part-fund three prominent reviews and assessments of geoengineering – the UK Royal Society report on Solar Radiation Management, the US Taskforce on Geoengineering and a 2009 report by Novin a science thinktank based in Santa Barbara, California. Keith and Caldeira either sat on the panels that produced the reports or contributed evidence. All three reports strongly recommended more research into solar radiation management. The fund also gave $600,000 to Phil Rasch, chief climate scientist for the Pacific Northwest national laboratory, one of 10 research institutions funded by the US energy department.

Rasch gave evidence at the first Royal Society report on geoengineering 2009 and was a panel member on the 2011 report. He has testified to the US Congress about the need for government funding of large-scale geoengineering. In addition, Caldeira and Keith gave a further $240,000 to geoengineering advocates to travel and attend workshops and meetings and $100,000 to Jay Apt, a prominent advocate of geoengineering as a last resort, and professor of engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. Apt worked with Keith and Aurora Flight Sciences, a US company that develops drone aircraft technology for the US military, to study the costs of sending 1m tonnes of sulphate particles into the upper atmosphere a year.

Analysis of the eight major national and international inquiries into geoengineering over the past three years shows that Keith and Caldeira, Rasch and Prof Granger Morgan the head of department of engineering and public policy at Carnegie Mellon University where Keith works, have sat on seven panels, including one set up by the UN. Three other strong advocates of solar radiation geoengineering, including Rasch, have sat on national inquiries part-funded by Ficer. “There are clear conflicts of interest between many of the people involved in the debate,” said Diana Bronson, a researcher with Montreal-based geoengineering watchdog ETC. “What is really worrying is that the same small group working on high-risk technologies that will geoengineer the planet is also trying to engineer the discussion around international rules and regulations. We cannot put the fox in charge of the chicken coop.”
“The eco-clique are lobbying for a huge injection of public funds into geoengineering research. They dominate virtually every inquiry into geoengineering. They are present in almost all of the expert deliberations. They have been the leading advisers to parliamentary and congressional inquiries and their views will, in all likelihood, dominate the deliberations of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) as it grapples for the first time with the scientific and ethical tangle that is climate engineering,” said Clive Hamilton, professor of Public Ethics at the Australian National University, in a Guardian blog.

The scientists involved reject this notion. “Even the perception that [a small group of people has] illegitimate influence [is] very unhealthy for a technology which has extreme power over the world”. The concerns that a small group [is] dominating the debate are legitimate, but things are not as they were,” said Keith. “It’s changing as countries like India and China become involved. The era when my voice or that of a few was dominant is over. We need a very broad debate.”

“Every scientist has some conflict of interest, because we would all like to see more resources going to study things that we find interesting,” said Caldeira. “Do I have too much influence? I feel like I have too little. I have been calling for making CO2 emissions illegal for many years, but no one is listening to me. People who disagree with me might feel I have too much influence. The best way to reduce my influence is to have more public research funds available, so that our funds are in the noise. If the federal government played the role it should in this area, there would be no need for money from Gates. Regarding my own patents, I have repeatedly stated that if any patent that I am on is ever used for the purposes of altering climate, then any proceeds that accrue to me for this use will be donated to nonprofit NGOs and charities. I have no expectation or interest in developing a personal revenue stream based upon the use of these patents for climate modification”.

Rasch added: “I don’t feel there is any conflict of interest. I don’t lobby, work with patents or intellectual property, do classified research or work with for-profit companies. The research I do on geoengineering involves computer simulations and thinking about possible consequences. The Ficer foundation that has funded my research tries to be transparent in their activities, as do I.”

John Vidal, environment editor, Guardian Mon 6 Feb 2012


This article would not be written today of course. The “philanthropist” Bill Gates has since taken the precaution of providing funding to the Guardian newspaper, just as he does with many other media outlets, including the BBC. It should therefore be expected that in future a more positive spin will be put on the “science” that claims injecting millions of tons of poison into the atmosphere is somehow going to help save the environment as the actual dissemination of such continues to be wilfully disregarded by the mainstream media.


Wider Agendas

Hopefully we now have the reader’s concentrated attention because this is of course the same Bill Gates whose finance and connections have been so closely associated with the Coronavirus scam. What on earth has the climate of this world got to do with this somewhat unhinged personality? Bill Gates is either a member of, or a spokesman for, the small cabal that likes to consider itself as the ruling elite. These are not the kinds of people that would willingly cede power to others and they know that this power, which is based primarily upon exploitation and deceit, simply cannot persevere without an enemy. For their purposes it does not matter whether or not the adversary actually exists so long as the perceived threat is of sufficient magnitude that it will persuade people to submit to their authority which is carefully concealed behind fronts which direct the institutionalised veils of corporations and governments.

“In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages and the like would fit the bill…All these dangers are caused by human intervention and it is only through changed attitudes and behaviour that they can be overcome…the real enemy then is humanity itself.” The global Revolution (Club of Rome)

There never was a real “climate crisis” of course. Or a rampaging virus for that matter. But Bill, and his friends, have decided to go to war with the CORONAVIRUS (respiratory illness) and GLOBAL WARMING (weather, and the earth is not a “globe”) so they can provide revenue streams for their acolytes whilst tightening still further their control on the human population. Climate science and virology are easily corruptible because so much of the so-called “”scientific study” that is presented before the gullible public is in fact highly speculative and subjective and so Gates and his affiliates simply finance corrupt and misguided academics to present before the world an apocalyptic scenario to further their profit-laden agendas.

The public is thus presented with the illusion of scientific consensus as inconvenient opinion (and evidence) is wilfully disregarded. Richard Lindzen, an atmospheric physicist with over 200 papers to his name, said the following in his lecture entitled “Global warming for the two cultures”…

“Scientists are specialists. Few are experts in climate. This includes many supposed “climate scientists” who become involved in the area in response to the huge increases in funding that have accompanied the global warming hysteria.”

Another now-deceased physicist Freeman Dyson (not a climate specialist) said the following….

“The people who are supposed to be experts and who claim to understand the science are precisely the people who are blind to the evidence. Those of my scientific colleagues who believe the prevailing dogma about carbon dioxide will not find the evidence convincing. I hope that a few of them will make the effort to examine the evidence in detail and see how it contradicts the prevailing dogma, but I know the majority will remain blind. That to me is the central mystery of climate science”.

The mystery can quite easily be explained. (Dyson came from an era when standards of education and morality were somewhat better than they are today) This extract if from a previous article but the message that is espoused is so important that it is well worth repeating.

“Scientific research that is unverifiable and unfalsifiable will always be bought and paid for if it is expedient to do so and the mark up for pharmaceutical products can be, according to one modern day enthusiast, as high as twenty to one” (Referring of course to the corruption on medical research but a principal that is equally applicable to climate science). The scientists themselves do not necessarily have to be complicit; it is usually just a case of promoting and financing those who have themselves arrived at the prescribed opinion through indoctrination for the cult “education” system has been specifically designed, and financed, to churn out such useful functionaries”.

A recent article (Lockdown sceptics) took apart the credentials of one such Gates-funded acolyte….

“As it turns out, Ferguson (Professor “Coronavirus” Ferguson- Imperial College) holds no formal qualifications at all in the biological sciences – not as a microbiologist, a virologist, nor as an epidemiologist or biological statistician. Instead he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Physics (1990) from Lady Margaret Hall in Oxford, followed by his Doctorate of Philosophy in theoretical physics (1994) form Linacre College, in Oxford. So claims in the media which repeated describe Ferguson as ‘one of the country’s top epidemiologists’ – are quite misleading”.

These functionaries, who, to the awakening, present as a mixture of unhinged psychotics and weaponised autists, provide “authority figures” to give credence to a prescribed narrative that is then propagated by the media through the repetitive use of emotive propaganda and contrived statistics. The media has effectively been bought and paid for at this point and its specific purpose is to promote the agenda whilst maintaining control of the narrative. The media is indeed the virus….

After a long process of centralization, a handful of corporate entities now control what passes for “news.”

There is insufficient demand from the public to stimulate investigation.

There are commercial pressures to regulate content from affiliated business interests such as advertisers and sponsors.

It is usually more profitable to provide entertaining as oppose to informative content.

Investigative journalism can be expensive, and it is much easier (and cheaper) to source news from official press releases.

Misinformation about “climate change” and “Coronavirus” has become a dogmatic religion that is rampant amongst journalism. Most employable journalists do not need to be censored for they usually censor themselves.

The lies be they about Coronavirus or climate change, then permeate throughout society as they are driven and sustained by financial pressures and incentives which then generically create a wall of protection around the false narrative. So many of the players within this grotesque melodrama are driven by financial pressures and incentives and therefore care little for the scientific justification upon which their prescribed behaviour has been based. The newly energised vested interests become slaves to the lies and any brave souls that do speak up for the truth must face professional, social and economic disenfranchisement.

So, to voice our clear and concise opinion; the “science” that underlies the “Coronavirus” pandemic and the climate change agenda is utter b****** and you, meaning the complicit as well as the gullible, are being played like fiddles because at the higher levels these little pantomimes are clearly not being played out simply to make money. Human beings are being tricked into injecting inhibitors into a perfectly adequate natural immune system as the environment upon which our species depends is being systematically poisoned from above. Something, somewhere, clearly does not seem to like us very much which is a something that any sentient human being can surely work out for themselves by now.

The modus operandi of the Gates crew should by now be apparent; Firstly, they create the perception of a problem that does not exist, then they implement a pre-planned response with the intention of causing the very crisis of which they forewarned; and finally, a false history is prepared for future generations.

Geo engineering is of course actually creating man-made “climate change” and reports on what is termed “global dimming” can make for extremely sobering reading…

It is claimed that the amount of sunlight reaching the earth has declined by an average of over 20% across the world since 1950.

It is acknowledged that there are devastating environmental consequences from “aerosol pollution” such as toxic rain, smog, and respiratory effects within human beings.

Correlation has been made between “global dimming”, pollution and changes in rainfall patterns which have resulted in heat waves, droughts, forest fires and crop failures.

The studies will usually claim that the use of fossil fuels within industry and transport is primarily responsible, although they do acknowledge that the effects of aircraft “contrails” can be a contributory factor. However, from personal observation I can attest that “global dimming”, “solar shield” aerosol dissemination and the “Chemtrail conspiracy theory” are simply different terms to explain the same phenomena; large numbers of aircraft are visibly polluting the skies and they are causing noticeable, and detrimental, effects to our climate.

The people that are behind this are playing a very dangerous game; out of one side of their mouth they are practicing biological and weather warfare against the civilian population whilst at the same time they are presenting themselves as the saviours of humanity. Consider please the following quotations….

“The climate emergency is the unseen pandemic, because left unchecked it will kill more people, and do much more harm, than Covid-19”

“In the same way we have to work together to tackle Covid-19, it follows that we will get the environment we pay for, we will get the climate we work for” Sir James Bevan (CEO Environment Agency)

“The amount of change, new ideas; it (climate change) is way greater than the pandemic and it needs a level of cooperation that would be unprecedented. Its’ s not easy, we have thirty years, we have more educated people than ever, we have a generation which is speaking out on this topic …” Bill Gates

Let us not forget that this is the same dark consciousness that has helped to fake a pandemic and is responsible for instigating the mass vaccination programme and so it is only logical to conclude that the ultimate goal with solar remidiation is surely to guide the human race into destroying, or at the very least curtailing, itself.

“What all these ancient traditions agree on is that humanity itself is in some way implicated in its own fate. I have to say, if there was ever a civilization that looks, in mythological terms, like a soon to be lost civilization, then that civilization is ours. Because, just like Atlantis, we have, if you like, lost the mandate of heaven, we have become arrogant we have become entirely and intensely materialistic” Graham Hancock

“At their core, the controllers of this earth are dark magicians and they have succeeded in manipulating some of the most arrogant and deluded people that this flat plane has ever seen (Extinction Rebellion) to prostrate themselves on public streets to invoke their own (pre-planned) annihilation. This, the New World Order will happily oblige, and they will use geo-engineering, amongst a variety of other methods, to achieve this”. Logos Rising



How can people possibly be so blind?

Most people simply could not give a rat’s arse as to what is going around them; this I can attest to having taken some time to engage in Chemtrail screenings, leafletting, mail drops and innumerable conversations on this most disturbing of topics. The b******* who are flying those planes are not exactly subtle about what they are doing and can operate quite freely in broad daylight over the town without ever raising a fuss. There is, quite simply, something wrong with people now for they would never have got away with this kind of thing thirty years ago. It never ceases to amaze me how images and sounds that are projected upon a television screen can have such a profound influence on an individual’s behaviour whilst such flagrant abuse of the air can take place within their direct experience with scarcely a hint of disquiet.

“Standing in a field in Cornwall. Absolutely blitzed the sky. Chemtrails. There’s your old St Andrews cross right there (zooming in). And of course, they’re not too far from the sun. An absolute shambles they’ve made of the sky. There are about seven or eight trails visible in the sky right now. Absolute scumbags. Whilst this is going on nobody is saying a peep. The local bar has got a sign on it saying “stand here and wait while we take your temperature (Covid-based Psychological coercion). This world is just insane.”

And I am the crazy one?

“How could they get away with it (chemtrails) but for the prevalence of ignorance, stupidity, disempowerment and dishonesty throughout the general population”? Logos Rising 2019

These same people that appeared to be so indifferent to the polluting of the earth upon which they live are now “self-isolating” and scurrying about the streets in ridiculous and degrading muzzles (without any pressure or coercion to do so) as they plead for a “vaccine” to protect themselves from a condition that does not even exist. The term “pathetic” does not even begin to describe such behaviour…

“There is a sizable majority that actually believes the government is not doing enough to control the pandemic. There is a sizable majority that wants lockdown to continue forever. There is a majority of people that doesn’t want schools to open, that doesn’t want businesses to open. A very sizable majority support Coronavirus vaccine passports. They support ongoing social distancing, face masks, needles, vaccines forever! I’ll tell you what the “pandemic” has been, it has been an apocalypse, a revelation…I have now a seething hatred for most people. Most people don’t deserve the label of human being.” Charles Veitch

For those of you who are actually interested in doing something about this mess, there are three principal pressure points with which to exert pressure upon this God-foresaken system; there are those who seek to find and relay information; there are those who seek to create their own lives outwith the supply chains, and therefore control, of the beast, and there are those that exert pressure from within the system itself. Zombies aside, we simply must keep going.