Ten Inscriptions for the Flat Earth Guidestones

Show some humility for none of us are yet truly woken but are merely experiencing a heightened state of awareness relative to our contemporaries

Knowledge usually comes with a responsibility to use it; when in a state of awareness the extent to which a person’s actions are predicated upon what they have learnt is then a matter then of their own personal conscience

Always strive to improve and maintain personal morality in thought and in speech and in action.

Nourish the spirit, the mind and the body and seek to achieve a balance and harmony between them

Let go of the outcome; try not to be dissuaded by how the external world responds, or does not respond, to what you are doing

The truth may set you free, but that truth can only truly manifest if you are first truthful with yourself

If you are seeking to understand those who serve evil try not to allow their behaviour to consume the mind with anger, envy or hatred

When seeking to influence others, judge first carefully the information that they may be capable, or willing, to receive

Don’t take this world, or your place within it, too seriously. The wider reality outside an individual’s sphere of influence is not their burden to carry

People will say they chase after truth. But sometimes, in the stillness, that truth will chase after them.