Silent weapons for quiet wars

Fifth generation wireless (5G) is the latest iteration of cellular technology which has supposedly been engineered to greatly increase the speed and responsiveness of wireless networks and it will be deployed in stages over several years to facilitate the increasing reliance on mobile and internet-enabled devices. The rollout of 5G spending is expected to amount to 2.7 trillion dollars by the end of 2020 as corporatized governments throughout the world urgently push the rollout of 5G communications and surveillance technology. They are doing so in the full knowledge that wireless radiation is carcinogenic. The new technology emits powerful short wavelengths which are more powerful and hazardous than existing systems and to proceed on the basis of current scientific study is either an act of criminal negligence or the complicit betrayal of those they purport to represent.

“5G networks must be secured, they must be strong…they must also cover every community and they must be deployed as soon as possible”

Donald Trump

The democrat politician Tom Wheeler was the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission between 2013-2017 having previously worked as a venture capitalist and lobbyist for the cable and wireless industry where he held the positions of President of the National Cable and Telecommunications Association and CEO of the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association. Giving testimony before the Michigan House Energy Policy Committee Dr Paul Heroux stated that the FCC has …

“Zero medical and biological expertise. They take their marching orders from the Institute of Electrical Engineers. While this institution was setting the standards, I was present. And I know how light-heartedly they suppress any information that would impair the development of their application. They just did not want to hear about it.”

Wheeler, who is ostensibly a representative of public interest, has no interest whatsoever in the widespread public and scientific concerns regarding the safety of 5G…

“And stay out of the way of technological development. Unlike some countries, we do not believe that we should spend the next couple of years studying what 5G should be or how it should operate. The future has a way of inventing itself; turning innovators loose is far preferable to expecting committees and regulators to define the future. We won’t wait for the standards”

adding that there will be…

“hundreds of billions of microchips connected in products from pill bottles to plant water, requiring massive deployment of small cells…

And that….

“We must reject the notion that the 5G future will be the sole providence of urban areas; the 5G revolution will touch all corners, and that’s damn important”

To slightly increase the speed of internet connection is of no relevance whatsoever to the vast majority of the population who mostly regard the rapidly rising costs of basic living of far more pressing concern. The small minority who actively seek higher broadband speeds are predominately people with business interests who could easily be accommodated using fibre optic cables which are simple, effective and much safer than wireless connections.

Behind the ruthless profiteering of the telecommunications giants lies evidence of an agenda to introduce a weaponized system which has the designed capabilities of attacking the health of citizens, mass surveillance, control of civilian populations and control of the human mind.

Health effects

The organization of all biological systems is established by complex electrodynamic fields and perturbations in environmental fields can induce changes in organisms informed by those fields. There have been thousands of empirical studies showing adverse effects to wireless radiation.

“We are literally microwave radiating our population and we’re wondering why there’s so much cancer and chronic illness…We already know the lower frequencies cause cancer and neurological problems. We expect this to be much worse, much quicker. We are literally experimenting with…We need to start pushing back and stop allowing them to use us literally like rats in an experiment. What happens when people get exposed to microwave energy? We know what happens…56 billion dollars to roll out 5G (in the US), zero money to look at the health effects. That should alarm people. This is absolutely wrong…We are completely and thoroughly microwaving our population. This is reckless at best. This is absolutely harmful and criminal” Kevin Mottus

The international EMF scientist appeal was submitted to the United Nations in 2015 urging for more protective policy and guidelines and calling for the education of the public about health risks, especially those risks which concern children and fetal development. Two years later over 180 scientists and doctors issued a declaration calling for a moratorium on the increase of 5G cell antennas citing human health effects and the impacts on wildlife. (they expect populations of birds and bees to drastically decline) Legal firms are fully aware of the evidence within the scientific literature which is why neither Lloyds of London nor Swiss RE will underwrite policies for electromagnetic radiation because they believe the health risks to be too great.

“Wireless radiation has biological effects-period. This is no longer a subject for debate when you look at PubMed and the peer-reviewed literature. These effects are seen in all life forms; plants, animals, insects, microbes. So 5G is not a conversation about whether or not these biological effects exist, they clearly do”

Sharon Goldberg

Exposure to intensive wireless radiation has caused infertility and irreversible damage to DNA in populations of rats. Wireless technology can, and probably will, be used as an enforced method of birth control.

Young children are especially vulnerable to the effects of wireless radiation and many fear that they will become sterilized and harmed if exposed to high doses of microwave radiation.

“When you put WIFI in schools what you are saying is, for the sake of a little bit of money that saves getting a workman in to drill holes through the walls to feed cable because it is cheaper, we’re just going to put WIFI in but you can have genetically damaged children for the rest of your families career…. I think anyone who puts WIFI into a school should be locked up for the rest of their life” Barrie Trower

Behind the reckless profiteering there are allegations of a premeditated long-term plan to rid the world of those “useless eaters” to be facilitated by the weakness and greed of human beings. As John D Rockerfeller once said..

“The population problem must be recognized by government as a principal element in long-range planning”

Mind Control

In 1969 the physiologist Jose Delgado published “Physical control of the mind- towards a psycho-civilized society” in which he demonstrated that the basic mechanisms of the brain could be detected, analyzed, influenced and sometimes substituted for by means of physical and chemical technology with the capability of inducing predictable behaviour and specific mental responses. Intelligent and purposeful determination of neuronal function could be substituted with blind, automatic responses.

~In colonies of cats and monkeys, aggression, dominance, mounting and other social interactions have been evoked, modified or inhibited by radio stimulation of specific cerebral areas

~In patients brain stimulation during surgical interventions or with electrodes implanted for days or months has blocked the thinking process, inhibited speech and movement or in other areas has evoked pleasure, laughter, friendliness, verbal output, hostility, fear, hallucinations and memories

~Automatic learning is possible by feeding signals directly into specific neuronal structures without conscious participation

~The heart can be stopped for a few beats, slowed down or accelerated by suitable stimulation

According to Delgado…

“The individual is defenceless against direct manipulation of the brain because he is deprived of his most intimate mechanisms of biological reactivity. In experiments, electrical stimulation of appropriate intensity always prevailed over free will. Because the brain controls the whole body and all mental activities, ESB could possibly become a master control of human behaviour by means of man-made plans and instruments”

acknowledging that…

“The possibility of influencing wilful activities by electrical means has obvious ethical implications”

Delgado, as the title of his book implied, espoused a totalitarian philosophy of collective social control over the mind of the individual whom he considered a creature of impulse and conditioning. His work was part of huge secretive programme, that included the notorious MK Ultra, which sought to control the human mind…

“A highly organized global programme to unlock the black box of man’s mind, established during WW2, funded by elite foundations, government health and intelligence agencies and military research branches, run through Ivy League schools, hospitals, mental health facilities and prisons. Involving a diffuse global network of intelligence agents, neurologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, physiologists, anthropologists, mathematicians and cyberneticians, all seemingly working under the same United Nations/UNESCO goal for decades; how to create peace in the minds of men. Melissa Dykes

Whatever was discovered has been withheld from public. The information is so sensitive that a declassified CIA document from the 60’s had redacted all pages relating to cybernetics. If the television could effectively programme a generation what is the technological capability of the present day able of achieve? The creation of an all-pervasive 5G network will almost certainly be used to impose mass mind-control and manipulation and it would be naive to think otherwise.

Weaponized microwaves

Between 1953 and 1976 the American embassy in Moscow was targeted by a microwave transmission which was intentionally directed towards the building and a disproportionate number of the diplomatic staff were to suffer adverse health effects as a result of what became known as the “Moscow Signal.”

“Microwaves then were used as weapons, as they are today, it is a perfect stealth weapon and when governments don’t like a group of people, for instance the ladies who protested Greenham Common, England, about the American missile base; they camped, they were microwaved. We microwaved Catholics in Northern Ireland to make them sick, it goes on all over the world. It is a weapon you don’t know you’re being targeted because the dose is very, very low and it may take a year or two but you can cause neurological disease and cancers with low level microwaves and you can make you’re opponents sick. It is a perfect weapon for a government” Barrie Trower

5G is, according to some activists, a phased array system capable of mapping terrain and identifying targets. It could conceivably be used to target an individual on a public street or in the privacy of their home and the victim could then be either monitored, debilitated, incapacitated or eliminated without leaving any trace of nefarious activity. This would be the perfect weapon for a tyrannical government and knowledge of its existence would be enough to quell any thought of rebellion.

In a democracy, citizens do not expect to be attacked, radiated, sterilized, surveilled and mind controlled by a nefarious network of affiliated communication, military and intelligence networks acting with the tacit approval and support of their own government. Legislation has been enacted with the specific purpose of helping the telecommunications industry impose 5G on communities which have been stripped of their right to make decisions about the unwarranted imposition of demonstrably harmful technology. A government which ignores its own citizens whilst wilfully exposing them to harm is illegitimate.

“These people were elected by us to manage our infrastructure in a responsible manner; that is the sole purpose of government if it is going to exist at all. And if it doesn’t do that then it has no right, it is invalid”

Max Igan