Say NO to Vaccination, Obviously

The pitiful lack of morality and intelligence which is evident throughout what is termed Western civilization was rather brutally laid bare before the entire world by the great “Coronavirus” hoax and it has been both a fascinating and horrifying spectacle to bear witness to the unveiling of the true descended nature of these so supposedly advanced and enlightened societies. When properly tested, most of the civilian population simply abdicated their responsibility to think and act for themselves and throughout this now obvious deception they have rather meekly submitted to the decrees of a perceived authority without first questioning whether their prescribed actions were right or wrong, let alone necessary. This mindless and apathetic compliance in the face of evil has inevitably enabled and encouraged the unfolding dystopia and has helped to create a vortex of escalating and destructive madness which now threatens to engulf us all.

The Highland capital of Inverness is in a very sorry state and its inhabitants have yet to show much indication that they have either the intelligence or strength of will that is going to be required to get us out of this nightmare. The palpable sense of unease that is in the air is not now necessarily caused by fear of the “virus” itself, as it most certainly was back in March, but rather by an all-pervasive feeling that something is terribly wrong with this world. Subconsciously at least, I do believe that most people now must know that the very real dangers to their current wellbeing have got nothing at all to do with a supposed pandemic.

Still, the good people of Inverness mostly mask up in compliance with social expectations and have even taken to adorning their ridiculous muzzles on the public streets of this quiet town. Such idiocy is encouraged and applauded by the same self-righteous local social hierarchy that so blindly facilitated the Covid-related nonsense in the first place by puffing out their collective feathers for month after month in a pitiful display of submissive virtue signalling to the whims of power and money. Collectively these fools have endorsed and facilitated the destruction of the very communities which they purport to represent and in many cases they have endangered both their own status and financial security. These sorry specimens are now abjectly pleading with the central authorities for the vaccination programme to be rolled out quickly so that everything can once more return to normal (as if anything will ever be “normal” again after the events of last year) and they appear to be utterly oblivious to the potential dangers to which their fellow citizens are now likely to be subjected.

“Good news. Encouraged by a brief, distanced, chat with some older neighbours whilst taking the bins out. Immediate appointments – and follow up dates – for both jags given to them and, according to them, their similarly aged friends.”                                                                                                                                                                                            MP Drew Hendry (12.1.12)

Please bear in the mind that the supposed condition which these people have been tricked into seeking protection from has had no impact whatsoever upon the death rate of the working age population over a period of some nine months now and having never been isolated has not even been proven to exist at all.

So what is the true purpose behind vaccinating the civilian population? At best, the injections will be a placebo to be used as a means of social control (And what a dangerous precedent will have been set by this) but there is the distinct possibility, and indeed I would go as far as to say probability, that they are to be part of a wider eugenics programme concerned with the degradation of the human natural immune system and sterilization.

Here are the words of Bill Gates himself, once again.

“For the world at large, normalcy only returns when we’ve largely vaccinated the entire global population.”

“If we do a really great job on new vaccines, healthcare and reproductive health services we could reduce that (the world population) by 10-15%”

The overseers are now stepping up their efforts to curtail both commerce and travel using a third, and perhaps final, “lockdown” because they want to see the population confined to their quarters (homes) where they can be monitored and controlled with minimum disruption as the poisons are prepared for them. They would prefer for people to go along with this quietly and so another great tidal wave of remorseless propaganda is sweeping the country in an attempt to cow the populace into an even greater state of submissive compliance than they are in already. The constant repetition of lies is however wearing more than a little thin at this point and so it is most probably the case that a more coercive strategy will be required to combat the growing wave of awareness regarding this quite horrific agenda. They seek to implement the vaccination programme as quickly as possible before people can start waking up to what is really going on around them. The cult servant, war criminal and perpetual liar Tony Blair openly explains this to people….

“I need to see that you’ve got all the logistics and organisation in place so that whatever vaccine is supplied, we get it out and into people’s arms as quickly as possible…. you will get to the stage when it is going to be very hard for people to do a lot of normal life unless they can prove their vaccination status. People have got to understand that vaccination is going to be, in the end, your route to liberty”

Did you get that?

It is hard to know who to be more frustrated with at this point, those who are wilfully, or ignorantly, promoting these destructive agendas or those that are allowing them to do so. We cannot, however, force people to wake up and if we are unable, through our actions, to raise the respective consciousness of masters and slaves alike, then the state of human existence shall only continue to deteriorate, or at least it will for the inhabitants of this particular area of the Flat Earth Realm.