Psychopaths rule the world

The motives behind the deliberate aerosol dissemination over civilian populations can be difficult to comprehend until the dire nature of the collective predicament is both accepted and understood.

It is widely accepted amongst alternative researchers that a small cabal of self-proclaimed “elites” are ruling this world through affiliated front organizations and collectivized power structures whilst the illusion of free choice is maintained behind the pretence of democratic representation. The oligarchy does not appear to be permanently loyal to any nationality, religion or ideology although they will create such groupings and belief systems with regularity and then cause conflict between them, retaining control by a repetitive process of divide and conquer. They have infiltrated and guided a myriad of seemingly independent hierarchies to form a vast compartmentalized network which is self-serving whilst simultaneously working for the interests of the same centralized group. A very small number of people are thereby able to covertly control the entire world by using these simple and effective methods of human population management.

These self-proclaimed “elites” have written and spoken openly of a one-world government imposing total control over every aspect of existence upon this earth and their plans for world domination are well advanced. What people believe to be their ruling “governments” are indentured to them and the infestation of the body politic is now so pronounced that national parliaments are little more than subservient vassals entrusted with fulfilling the various “globalist” agendas to which they have been assigned. They have become so heavily infiltrated and disenfranchised as to have become an irrelevance as public officials and representatives are endorsed and financed based on their lack of morality and integrity (degrees of complicit servitude) and levels of indoctrination and stupidity (servitude through ignorance).

Every few years there are carefully orchestrated puppet shows for the gullible masses as they are given a choice between two supposedly opposing factions that are carefully controlled and selected from within the real governance structure which is in no way representative or accountable to the voting public.

The cabal does not need to fix elections as it has long since perfected the use of propaganda to give voters their pre-selected “leaders”. A handful of affiliated media outlets disseminate selective information to the public who are then carefully guided to interpret it to form prescribed opinions. This is not news, it is an extremely complex and effective propaganda network by which entire populations are led by way of subtle persuasion to think and act as their masters dictate. The population is further programmed by spurious entertainment which delivers a constant barrage of drama and distraction intended to carefully lull subjects into a false sense of security as they are led to entrust in those that would oppress them.

Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. Kudos to journalists like Peter Hitchens who understood the consequences of what was happening and tried to do something about it, (he is still trying) but not enough people were paying attention. Liberties are not given, they are taken and they are rapidly disappearing under the bureaucracy and legislation of global governance.

There does not appear to be much humanity or morality within the cabal or the networks which support it. Behind the facade of public relations their (habitual) actions reveal

~ a ruthless disregard for human life and suffering

~ a parasitic and compulsive drive for wealth and resources

~ a will to dominate

~ dishonesty and deception (to a pathological extent)

These are the characteristics of clinical psychopathy. The word “psychopath” is a term without clear definition (it is an imprecise and relative subjective judgement) which could be described as the manifestation of psychological imbalance within the more assertive and dominant members of the human tribe. Such people are naturally drawn to hierarchical power structures which are always susceptible to the manifestation of psychopathy within them and to avoid instability civilizations must adopt a variety of strategies to restrain and harness this useful, if potentially dangerous, energy.

But power based upon continual conflict and chaos will not seek to suppress these imbalances but will instead encourage them. The cabal is seeking to impose a corporate and cultural hegemony to be enforced through financial extortion and military force and it is more beneficial to the cabal to encourage psychopathy than to restrain it.

It is by observing the actions of the so-called “elites” that they can be identified for what they are. Their behaviour is becoming ever more erratic and deranged as unrestrained psychopathy must inevitably degenerate into lunacy. These are the people who own and control the world and have at their disposal technological and pharmacological capability without precedent in known human history. In an age of mechanization and artificial intelligence they have little use for those regarded as “useless eaters” and so they have every motive for disseminating aerosols over civilian populations for nefarious purposes. Why would such techniques not be used to weaken human populations mentally and physically, so rendering them meek and docile to pre-planned tyrannical imposition and possibly worse?

The weaker that people become the more dangerous and frenzied the psychopathic “elites” will be because that is how psychopaths react to vulnerability. This situation would never have arisen were it not for the cooperation of so many of the so-called victims who usually prefer to accept the delusions of this world than face up to the truth. It has been said that it is easier to fool someone than it is to convince them that they have been fooled and it takes courage for a person to face up to this and address uncomfortable questions about their own weaknesses.

Many people have an intuitive feeling that something is very, very, wrong on this earth. Sentience is attuned to the natural world being aware of the subtle changes within it and it can sense the extreme energetic imbalance within the collective human psyche.

There is a symbiotic relationship between rampant psychopathy and complicit subservience and it is this extreme psychological imbalance which is the underlying cause of dystopia upon the earth and the greatest threat to our collective existence.