Logos Rising


Can be purchased directly from the Flat Earth Inverness for £10

Click the link below or send a cheque/postal order payable to Richard Birkett and send to Flat Earth 2 Greig Street Inverness IV3 5PT and Logos Rising will be posted out to the enclosed address.

For all addresses within the United Kingdom Logos Rising costs £12.

All foreign orders for addresses outside the UK have a standard charge of £16.

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Logos Rising goes beyond the Flat Earth conspiracy and seeks to find answers to the uncomfortable questions which arise from this grand deception. How could the whole world be lied to about what the world actually is? How are the minds of men tricked into believing in such grandiose delusions? What motives would there be to conceal from humanity the shape of the earth? What is our true governance structure and what further nefarious agendas are being imposed upon the peoples of this world without their knowledge or consent? What is geo-engineering and what is the real motive behind the climate change agenda? Interesting times.

1. The Turtle Moves
2. Heliocentrism Destroyed
3. No Curvature on the Flat Earth Plain
4. Why Would They Lie?
5. Miseducation on a Flat Earth
6. The Dawkins Delusion
7. Psychopaths Rule the World
8. The Architects of Control
9. War, Who is it Good For?
10. Government Terrorism

11. What in the World are the Spraying?
12. Poisoning the Population
13. A Silent Weapon for a Quiet War
14. The Prince of the Power of the Air
15. Down at the lodge
16. Protocols
17. Let’s Talk about the Small Hats
18. Deep Inside the Rabbit Hole
19. The Covenant of the Illuminated
20. Walking Amongst the Zombies of the Flat Earth Realm