Pig Trapping in The Brave New World

Feral hogs are commonly captured using a mind trapping system which tames the natural instincts of the pigs by providing bait, typically an enticing food source, to modify herd behaviour by encouraging the animals to seek convenience at the expense of their own safety and independence.

The same method is being used, repeatedly, to control and corral human beings.

The keepers of this human zoo are, like the pig farmers, highly conscious operatives with a well-developed understanding of how their stock, or prey, are going to react when faced with carefully constructed changes to their physical and psychological environment which are so often assumed to be simply the consequence of a random evolutionary process.

Successful entrapment is largely dependent upon the element of surprise and typically the victims will have little or no awareness of the methodology that has been employed against them until the very last moment when it is of course too late for them to escape. The remedy to avoid this unpleasant fate is to see the danger before the trap can be sprung so we observe the triumph of the hog hunter, relate this lesson to the human condition, and then alter our individual and collective behaviour accordingly. Sentient human beings are not placed into this reality simply to become steaks on their table.


How to capture and slaughter pigs

1. Condition hogs to trust the bait site as a daily food source.                                                                                                  The trapping site and hog bait is selected based upon preparatory data research. The chosen field stands adjacent to a known foraging location and peanuts are used because they are deemed to be more alluring to the pigs than corn. Video surveillance has already been conducted to ascertain the composition of the hog herd as this important information will later determine how to bait the enclosure as it is known, from previous experience, that it is easier to capture the hogs when there are multiple juveniles within the target group. Suitably prepared, the trapper initiates the process by laying bait within the open field.

2. Condition hogs to trust the corral enclosure as a daily food source.
After a short familiarisation period the corral enclosure (Its size and strength being determined by preparatory research) is constructed within the baiting area. The peanuts are then placed both inside the corral itself and outside, near to the entrance, so as to allow the hogs to feed in proximity to the trap whilst remaining within the open field. At first the instinct of the pigs will dictate caution, but it is not long before some of their number, starting with the juveniles, begin to feed within the enclosure itself.

It is important to condition the behaviour of the pigs over several days because the elder members of the herd will remain suspicious of the situation. Trappers must be patient to the conditioning process.

The sub-adults start to join the juveniles within the corral for they have learnt that they can eat more freely here without having to face competition from the more dominant animals and because nothing negative has happened in previous visits the hogs will begin to trust the enclosure. This then tempts the followers within the wider group thereby creating a domino effect that results in all but the most cautious animals being enticed into the waiting trap.

3. Once all the hogs have been successfully lured into the enclosure the gate is slammed shut using an automated triggering device.
On the following day, the trapper is ready to introduce a subtle change to the baiting process by only placing bait within the confines of the corral itself so that if the hogs are going to continue to enjoy the seemingly harmless bonanza of delicious peanuts, they will now be required to forego the security of the open field. The pigs should know better of course, but they have by now become conditioned to an easy and addictive food source.

Most of the pigs soon enter the enclosure but a few of the most intelligent adult hogs are more hesitant to commit. In the viewed infomercial the final entrants are two pregnant sows who, in the words of the narrator, “finally submit to trust and hunger” leaving one lone hog, the matriarch of the herd and mother to several juveniles, standing alone in the open field. The narrator then continued, “Thirty-two out of thirty-three hogs were within the enclosure and there was a good chance the matriarch would return for her pigs, so we manually triggered the gate closed with the onsite remote.”

The pigs are now trapped. Desperately, they test the strength of their prison by mounting coordinated charges against various points of the surrounding fencing, but their captors had expected, and had prepared for, just such a reaction. “This is the reason we drive seven-foot t-posts every four feet around the enclosure. Thirty-two hogs running at top speed require a sturdy enclosure and gate to hold them.”

The minute those pigs worked out what had happened to them, it was already too late.

The matriarchal sow later returned to her young as predicted and was immediately shot dead. These offspring, and the remainder of the herd, were likewise killed which brought the hog hunters mind trapping operation to a successful conclusion.

Throughout the entire trapping process, the marks remained blissfully unaware of their captors existence.

The biggest danger to the life of the individual pig was the way in which it had been influenced by the misguided behaviour of its peers.

The total annihilation of the pig herd ensured that there could be no survivors to retain memories of the trapping process.


How human beings have been enslaved within Western Societies using mind-trapping techniques.

Children are removed from their parents at an early age so that they can become indoctrinated within education systems that are specifically designed to foster a state of obedient compliance whilst all around them their culture and entertainment is being used to corrupt and infantilise societies that have been rendered intentionally childlike. The misguided and miseducated “adult” is then encouraged to partake in the various trappings of a highly materialistic “consumer society” which comprises the bait that is then used to modify the citizens thought and behaviour in accordance with the wishes of their management “elite.”

“Diet, injections and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible.” Bertrand Russel

“Unhindered by the restraints of traditional liberal values this elite would not hesitate to achieve its political ends by using the latest modern techniques for influencing public behaviour and keeping society under close surveillance and control” Zbigniev Brezinski

We have basically been set up, just like those pigs, and the enclosure is quite full now. At first it was the juveniles who entered (The trappers will, expressed through gullible “youth culture” and “progressive thinking”), then, over time, the sub adults (sponsored pioneers followed by established institutions and figures of influence) started to follow their lead which created the social conformity to help trigger the necessary domino effect that enticed the rest of the herd (The “mobs” of Shakespearian drama) to surrender their autonomy for the sake of convenience and pleasure.

Three strands of related thought combined today, these being…

The sight of those cautious mature pigs watching anxiously from the open field as their less aware herd members crowded into the pen.

The severity of the analogous situation that is presently unfolding amongst human beings.

The potential consequences of separation as foretold within Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World.

The carefully prepared trap was finally sprung in the spring of the year 2020 as the human farmers, to return to the hog-trapping analogy, “manually triggered the gate closed with the onsite remote.” and “reset” the existence paradigm for their unwitting subjects although the “gate” in the human case is a more of a spiritual/psychological construct than a physical one. An entire year has elapsed and throughout this farce we have continually been saying the equivalent of “Get out of that enclosure” (Don’t do this. Do not fall for this fraud, you cannot afford to go along with any of this, just look at this evidence! …And so on.) but generally people have either disregarded such warnings or have remained in blissful ignorance of the danger. Most of the population can now be considered to have been successfully corralled and the schism between their worldview and ours is widening by the day.

“The people who are walking in the streets with masks on their face, they’re gone, we cannot help them.”
“If people have not seen through this by now, they are never going to.”

Which brings us to the Brave New World.

Our farmers must have known that it was not practical, nor perhaps desirable, to capture the entirety of humanity within this trapping operation so what they are instead seeking to achieve is the creation of an apartheid system between human beings that are divided into (at least) two separated groups, the members of which are to be fundamentally different from one another, both on a physical and psychological level.

The enclosure has been specifically baited for people who have been conditioned into having unbalanced minds, a of low state of consciousness and a poorly defined sense of morality, these prescribed characteristics being intrinsically linked to one another. This does now appear to be a human slave trap with its initial objective being a complete subjugation of the bewildered herd after which stock numbers can easily be controlled through resource deprivation (cold and hunger) euthanasia, and sterilization. It can be expected that the population will be greatly reduced over time, because from the perspective of the farmers, most of the people who are currently alive today are simply a nuisance and a subconscious reminder, for some, of their own guilty conduct.

“There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak” Aldous Huxley

Those who form some understanding of what the trap is and refuse to enter it are most likely to be considered as irredeemable at this point and will only be tolerated for so long should they persist in remaining close to the outskirts of the enclosure where their unwelcome presence is already starting to unsettle the sensibility of the captive animals. As things start to settle a little the human farmers will turn to the undesirables and make it clear to them that they have no place within the confines of The Brave New World and should therefore remove themselves to the savage reservation (social, and perhaps physical exclusion) forthwith or face elimination.

A bleak future awaits should humanity continue with its present course. Citizens are mostly conforming to the medical tyranny and its self-policing social order, the few partially aware figures that retain positions of public influence are still making Herculean efforts of self-denial to avoid facing the full horror of what is going on and over thirty million citizens have now willingly consented to an experimental and sometimes harmful injection from which indemnity has been removed. This is not going well, to put things mildly.

It is still well worth going to the effort of putting together a little article such as this, however. The words act as a guide to help those who are currently facing the same discomforting realities which many of us were fortunate enough to first notice in more settled times and they also sing into a future in which the complicit agents of this genocidal agenda will hopefully be held accountable. Who, or what, are these creatures ultimately working for? Just what exactly is going on here?