Open-Ness and The Fight for Democratic Representation

A public meeting was held at the Spectrum Centre, Inverness, to highlight concerns regarding plans to construct a £250,000+ “gathering place” on the banks of the river Ness. The meeting was well attended as there is much heartfelt opposition to the project which has already provoked nearly two thousand people to sign a petition against it. The proponents for the gathering place (with one vocal and highly opinionated exception) did not attend and their lack of response to previous attempts at communication was noted.

The principal objections raised were-
~ Environmental. A much-appreciated area of natural beauty would be forever lost and there would be a destructive impact on the ecology of the river.
~ Aesthetic. It was stated, repeatedly, that the wall was not in keeping with the proposed location and had little, if any, artistic merit.
~ Profligacy. The squandering of such a huge sum of public money.
~ Flood risk. The present contours of the river provide a measure of natural flood mitigation which would be lost.
~ Planning procedure. Widespread disquiet was expressed regarding the lack of public consultation with regards to this project. The Highland council was criticized for a lack of transparency as those behind the decision-making process appear to be beyond the reach of public accountability and concerns were raised regarding both their moral and legal conduct. A handful of Highland councilors attended the meeting, each providing measured and reasoned testimony which gave useful insight into internal planning procedure but did not provide reassurance with regards to public standards within the council.

The imposition of an unwanted wall which will despoil a natural riverbank at prodigious expense has provoked a strong reaction from local citizens who have formed the Open-Ness group, referencing a desire for accessibility to both the river and their local government.
There is every reason to be concerned about the accountability of public officials and council planning procedure and there can be no more tolerance of diktats from unaccountable committees because there is a lot more at stake than a wall on the Ness. Local authorities have begun the planned rollout of shortwave communication systems which are being hurriedly implemented without due regard for the safety of the civilian population. It is one thing to have a monstrosity erected on the river, it is quite another to allow citizens to be exposed to potentially harmful radiation being emitted from weaponized technology.

Are people really so gullible as to believe that all this frenzied activity is simply to enhance internet speeds? Behind the profiteering lies evidence of the dark agendas of surveillance, psychological manipulation and population control as the more alert citizenry are becoming aware. There are powerful interests working to ensure that the required infrastructure is built with great speed and without interference which provides clear motivation to disempower those involved in the local political and planning processes. Highland councilors are encouraged to focus their attention on these critical issues and the “gathering place” fiasco should help to separate the wheat from the chaff amongst these public representatives whilst exposing those local authority employees who are unfit for office at this critical time.

The Flat Earth is not affiliated with Open-Ness but is supportive of those that would expose the facilitators of unwarranted impositions- it has been said that eternal vigilance is the necessary price of liberty.