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THE FLAT EARTH (40 QUESTIONS) You have been lied to we do not live on a globe. Both our senses and substance-based science tell us we live on a level. The heliocentric model has no substantiating evidence to support it and it`s proponents rely on ridicule, sophistry and visual imagery. What do you trust more, logic and understanding or a picture?

WATER ALWAYS FINDS IT`S LEVEL It is the nature of fluids to be and to remain level. Water does not lie.

1. Bodies of water are unable to conform to the exterior of a shape and bodies of water cannot bend. Is it not ridiculous to think that huge oceans are clinging to a spinning ball?

2. Water will seek to find and maintain it`s own level, if the surface of earth is mostly water is that not the strongest indication of a flat earth?

3. Water is level in a cup, a bath, a pool and a lake. At what scale has anybody ever evidenced standing bodies of water displaying convexity upon the surface?

4. Did you know that whenever FE researchers fire lasers over lakes to find curvature they fail to find any.

WHERE IS ALL THE CURVATURE? No matter how hard they try researchers can find no evidence of the curvature of the earth.

5.The earths curvature should be 8 inches per mile squared. After 4miles 10 feet, after 10miles 66 feet and after 23miles (loch Ness) 352 feet. Where is all this supposed curvature?

6. The horizon appears to be horizontal and always rises to the level of the eye. Are you aware that researchers have flown balloons over 100000ft with corrected lenses to evidence this?

7. Do you know that modern cameras can zoom in on structures and hills that should be hundreds, even thousands of feet below the horizon?

WHY NO ALLOWANCE FOR CURVATURE? In practical application nobody is making any allowance for the curvature of the earth.

8. Did you know that surveyors are working from the datum line when constructing tunnels and canals?

9. Are you aware that pilots are trained on the assumption the earth is flat and stationary?

10. Have you considered that aircraft would have to continually dip their nose to maintain altitude if they were flying over a curved earth?

11.Why do submarines not take curvature into account when sailing underwater?

WE DO NOT MOVE EITHER! The earth is supposedly spinning at 1000mph whilst going around the sun at 67000mph. The sun is moving at 500000mph, the galaxy at over 1million mph. This sounds, and is, ridiculous.

12. And despite all this motion we can step outside on a calm clear day to a serene stillness?

13. How have sailors been able to navigate by the same night sky for hundreds of years?

14. Does it not seem more than a little odd that the atmosphere, which is a gas, is supposedly spinning in perfect unison with the solid earth?

15. Why are aeroplanes not allowing for such an incredible spinning motion? 16. Are you aware of experiments such as Michelson/Morley and Airy`s failure which have shown that the earth is motionless?

NO EVIDENCE OF GRAVITY !! Gravity is nonsense. It explains anomalies with no rational explanation and underlies all astronomy.

17. What is this mysterious force that holds oceans at bay yet fails to restrain a butterfly?

18. If something is denser than the air it will fall and if it is lighter it will rise, so how does dropping something possibly prove the existence of an external force?

19. Did you know that gravity has never been demonstrated through practical demonstration?

20. It is a basic logical fallacy to make an argument from a position of ignorance. How can we trust anything about the heliocentric model when it`s entire foundation is built upon an unproven theory?

DO YOU STILL BELIEVE THAT SPACE IS REAL? NASA is the worlds greatest magic show and has been faking space for over 50 years.

21. How could the vacuum of space exist next to a pressurized atmosphere without a barrier between the two and does the existence of pressure not suggest we live in a contained system?

22. Is it not likely, given evidence of front screen projection and numerous anomalies, that the moon landings were filmed on a film set on earth?

23. Is it credible that NASA have managed to lose the original footage and the telemetry data and have also “destroyed” the technology saying it would be a “painful process” to rebuild it?

24. The astronauts on the ISS use harnesses, wires, green screens and CGI to pretend they are in space. There seem to be a lot of bubbles up there, could they possibly be filming spacewalks in a pool on earth?

THERE IS PROOF, AND WE HAVE PICTURES! The ability to doctor images is advanced and yet these cartoons are referenced as proof of a globular earth.

25. Everything you see is an image, why are there no photographs of the earth from space?

26. The images do not even correlate with one another. Do they even look real?

27. Boats are not disappearing over the horizon. They zoom back into focus and similar effects can be seen on dry land when a car is driving away. Why is fallacious logic being used as the main “proof” of the globe?

28. Those supposed “proofs”. Sticks in the ground and lights in the sky. Is there no tangible evidence at all?

BUT FLAT EARTHERS ARE STUPID, AND I AM A SCIENTIST! Generalised terms like “conspiracy theorist” and “flat earther” have been introduced to mock, discredit and draw attention away from content. Flat earth is the elephant in the room for the scientific community. Those scientists who defend the globe are a shambles and their arrogance, stupidity and intellectual dishonesty is an embarrassment to real science. They repeat insane mandated nonsense based on a dogmatic faith in their studies and institutions and have continually avoided addressing the hard questions whilst mocking and ridiculing people who trust in their senses and own discernment over the perceived authority of indoctrinated “experts”.

29. If the flat earth is nonsense why are so many people braving the ridicule and standing for their truth?

30. Science should always be open to question, and the truth need not fear enquiry. Are scientists not capable of a reasonable discussion about the flat earth based on first principles, logic and understanding?

IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT SHAPE THE EARTH IS! Are you serious? This is the greatest lie that has ever been told!

31. Who is behind the deception and why have they lied about the shape of the earth?

32. What else are they lying about and what else are they doing?

33. What about the puppets in government, are they ignorant or complicit?

34. What about “mainstream” science, if they cannot even get the shape of the world right, how can we trust them when they endorse geo-engineering and tell us microwave(5g) signals will not hurt us?

35. What is wrong in our own minds that we were taken in so easily by such nonsense?

36. Why have we removed the skills of critical thinking from our education system?

37. Now let`s find out where we live. What are the true dimensions of the earth?

38. What is our true history, and where did we come from?

39. What is the meaning of our existence?

40. People who subscribe to the random cosmic creation caused by a big bang usually believe we live on a globe. People who think the earth is flat usually believe in some form of intelligent design. It is an important question and possibly one of the motives for this lie. What do you think?

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