How “Satanists” Attempt to Control the Earth

A brief synopsis covering the fundamental tenets of the Satanic religion and the methodology that is employed by the followers of this belief system to maintain and secure their positions of dominance within human society.


The Satanic Belief System 

Most Satanists do not believe in an externalized deity known as Satan in the Christian tradition but instead see Satanism as an ideological way of being in the world. To the adherents of this philosophy, there is no such thing as a heaven or a hell and there are no physical or spiritual beings troubling themselves to scrutinize and judge the minutiae of human behaviour upon this earth. Enjoy life and fulfil your potential from a position of informed responsibility they will say because it makes little sense for the self-empowered individual to follow diktats and teachings of religious belief systems that repress the individual both spiritually and intellectually whilst propagating spiritual pipe dreams.

Now on the surface all this seems perfectly reasonable but morally things can soon start to deteriorate when individualistic and often highly intelligent people start working cooperatively together within an ideology which so readily identifies with interests of the self and the mastery of man. But could not the same be said for any number of institutions and organisations within this highly competitive society? Is this not simply the means by which so many people can “get ahead” in their quest to accomplish their lifetime ambitions?  Exactly, this is the whole point! The sad reality is that we are already living within a system that is extremely “satanic” in which the showmanship of the late Anton La Vey and the theatrics of symbol flashing “celebrities” are but the visible manifestations of a far deeper malaise.

Have you ever heard that saying “the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist?”  And so it is with what is termed Satanism. Those who follow and practice a way of being which encompasses selfishness as the highest goal, materialism, moral relativism, nihilism, the rejection of truth and a denial of the creator are already slavishly serving this dark religion however blind they may be to its silent presence and however ignorant society may be, and remain, to its malevolent effects.

The “Satanic” label that is so often attached to this poisonous worldview is an intentional subterfuge that is intended to conceal the true nature, power, and scope of an ancient priestly order of dark occultists who control this earth from behind a myriad of seemingly independent front organisations. The higher up in the management structure of key institutions in the public domain, the greater will be the influence of this hidden power which either dominates or exerts significant control over all religious, financial, intelligence, military, corporate and political agencies of any significance. The dark occult forces are not in conflict with the Vatican at all, it is one of their major headquarters!

Whilst an atheistic philosophy is propagated at the lower levels of organised Satanism, the high practitioners of the ancient Luciferian cult do not deny at all the existence of God. From their perspective this earth is a prison, and they are its reluctant wardens in universal rebellion against spiritual Laws that have been put in place by the Creator. Wilfully refusing to accept behavioural restraint they know that they cannot do whatever they want without consequence to themselves and so they use the lowly practitioners of their religion, and an assortment of corrupted individuals from within the general population, to act in darkness on their behalf thereby directing the brunt of the karmic effect away from themselves. Order followers, wrongdoers and money chasers beware!




The Satanic control system methodology

The Luciferian cult think of themselves as being illuminated on account of their superior knowledge about the physical and spiritual Laws of nature and human psychology. They refer to ordinary people, whom they regard as being less enlightened, as the profane. Communication amongst members of this cult is often veiled from prying eyes within intricate systems of language encompassing the use of numerology, symbols, allegory, geometry, and linguistics. The judicious application of these established power differentials allows a hidden elitist priesthood to easily manipulate those who remain in ignorance of their craft.

This human zoo, and the dysfunctional behaviour within it, has been intentionally engineered to its present condition because without a high standard of morality there can be no human freedom. The dark magicians therefore propagate immorality and unbalanced thinking so that they can create within the overall mind-set of the human population a state of general unconsciousness which is represented symbolically by the number 666, the number of the beast. As far as the ruling “elites” are concerned, if people can be persuaded to act like animals then it is perfectly acceptable to treat them as such.

They maintain control by guiding the individual and collective mind into a state of polarity by preventing synergy between the left (masculine) and right (feminine) aspects of the human consciousness. They want masters and they want slaves. They do not want people who are calm and in balance and are receptive to both information and ideas which they are then able to filter and process correctly. They do not want to have to deal with people who care about themselves and what is going on in this world because it is the human will, motivated by such care, that manifests action into this reality. To mitigate against what they regard as such undesirable behaviour, they will bombard the senses with images and sounds that foster apathy, despair, rage, and nihilism. On a more “positive” note, endless pleasures and distractions are provided to further desensitize the soul whilst distracting attention away from the harsher realities of this world, and, most pertinently, their own insidious activity. The sooner that these methodologies and their harmful intent become more widely understood the better will be the chances for humanities salvation.

Every year a collection of the so-called “elites” of this world stand assembled within a Californian redwood forest (Bohemian Grove) to watch as an effigy of a male child is burnt in front of a gigantic owl. This is an invocation/humiliation ritual. The name of the sacrificed child is “dull care” because they consider humanities care to have been dulled. Those who are ignorant, apathetic, and lacking the will and courage to change the human condition are thought of as being spiritless meat puppets and are contemptuously referred to as the “unbegun” or the “dead” because they are existing in a state of base consciousness. It is essential for the prevailing power hierarchy to ensure that the all-important regenerative principle of care cannot become prevalent in human society, especially if such care is being directed with intelligence and wisdom.

Now this all seems like a test. Will humanity choose the path of knowledge, truth, and freedom or that of Ignorance, lies and slavery? And it is a choice. The dark magicians are, for all their Machiavellian brilliance, entirely at the mercy of the prevailing human consciousness which will, if suitably awakened, expose them all and put an end to their insane cult.


 Masters and slaves

The control matrix, which is itself a product of unbalanced minds, is built around vast networks of seemingly independent systems which are self-serving whilst simultaneously working for the interests of the same centralized group of dark occultists. The conspiracy which they have been working collectively towards is so diabolical that most of the people concerned are operating in a state of ignorance and confusion amidst varying degrees of knowledge and complicity at the higher levels.

The preferred management qualities for the control of human society are based around left-brain thought manifestations such as rigid scepticism, moral relativism, social Darwinism, authoritarianism, and intellect. To achieve “success” the aspiring elite/professional must first undergo a lengthy grooming process in which they are monitored, assessed, and selectively processed whilst also conforming to the social expectations of their peers and elders. The products of this system then become indoctrinated functionaries who spend their earthly existence as unconscious magicians in the service of an evil that most can neither perceive nor understand. The occulted power is so effective that even the more balanced minds usually fail to notice its existence and can even serve to assist in its objectives by helping to present the largely illusory facade of an apparent opposition to the established order.

Those left brained individuals who are less cerebral are generally used to enforce the precepts of an increasingly unstable psychopathic “elite” which rewards their loyalty with security, social status, and fellowship. All over the earth these stormtroopers of facism are being groomed for horror as unthinking order-followers that are willing to abdicate all sense of moral responsibility. Their job, primarily, is now to protect and serve the interests of the same dark occultists who have contemptuously wrapped the chequerboard (undeveloped consciousness) around their brains and placed flashing red and blue lights (confusion in polarity) upon their patrol cars. This subtle mockery is of course way over the head of most of these sad souls, both literally and metaphorically.

“They’re our dogs. They are our animals. They are our cattle, and they protect us. They do our bidding and protect us. We use them like the trash that they are”

Institutionalized psychopathy has sought to create a widening chasm between the psychology of those that control and that of those who must obey by promoting timidity, inhibition, blind belief, and unfounded generosity as virtuous qualities. There is a symbiotic relationship between rampant psychopathy and complicit subservience and both states of consciousness can be said to be dangerously imbalanced.

“Most of the conspiracy folk will put the focus on that overt control and they imply by that the slave would actually love to be free. I actually believe that it is a relationship …man is an instrument in his own enslavement.”                     Michael Tsarion


The left-hand path- Sorcery and black magic spells

If a human being were to perceive the earth without preconceptions of its essence, it could reasonably be assumed that it was a flat, fixed and motionless realm above which the wondrous heavens circled majestically overhead.        Stable. Calm. Perfectly at peace. Balanced and still. And, of course, level.

And this is indeed the reality for there is no measurable curvature whatsoever upon the surface of the earth.

But modern scientific dogma would have its adherents believe that this is not the case at all, and they will confidently proclaim that the earth is in fact a wildly spinning globe that is hurtling along at unfathomable speeds within an endless void of nothingness.  Chaotic. Unstable. Neither level nor balanced. And in constant giddying motion.

The average person recoils with horror at the prospect of attempting to visualise or explain this quite extraordinary conception and so rejects the reality of their earthly existence. It is, after all, far easier to go along with the apparent consensus and meekly accept the doctrine of a brainwashed caste of indoctrinated globe earth priests. To dark occultists within the Jesuit Order, those who are primarily responsible for instigating and propagating this deception, such “science” should not be taken literally at all. The spinning globe earth is, to the initiated, an allegorical reference to the state of the collective human mind that will inevitably result from adopting such a misguided and destabilising belief system. Removing the psychological foundation in this manner has done immeasurable damage to the human psyche on a subliminal level and is possibly the most destructive magical spell in the history of mankind. And this is how these dark occultists employ magic of the left-hand path to bewitch humanity.

My people are destroyed by lack of knowledge”    Hosea 4:6

The pitiful condition of collective human consciousness was laid bare in the year 2020 when the “Coronavirus” spell was unleashed upon a largely unsuspecting human population in what is undoubtedly the most extensive and successful psychological operation that has ever been propagated against mankind. And possibly the most ridiculous. But facts and logic no longer seem to matter, such is the widespread failure in thought, emotion, and action amongst the great mass of humanity. An old Vietnamese proverb says that it is only when the house burns do you see the rats. And that house is most certainly starting to burn now.

But the rats are not going to be allowed to prosper for long. The present dystopia is a direct consequence of a failure in human consciousness and the increased manifestation of mental illness, as so blatantly displayed over the course of this momentous year, is a precursor for some form of mutually assured destruction in the very near future barring some miraculous change in human behaviour. This is, according to Theosophist tradition, the inevitable consequence of provoking the natural order which must always defend itself against any attempt to transcend its authority.

“If humanity cannot raise their consciousness to a high enough level of awareness during the recurrence of such wave cycles, they may experience “setbacks” in their evolutionary progression in the form of semi-extinction events, or cataclysms, which necessitate a restarting of humanity from a subsequent root-race.”

As represented in allegory with a cataclysmic comet impact from the deep space of man’s imagination. The “Satanists” are not really in charge here at all, they are merely the symptoms of a diseased consciousness, the virus that lies within the human mind.