Highland Councillors (Circular)

On Tuesday August 20th a meeting was convened at the council headquarters at which councillors endorsed, through a majority vote, the construction of a £250,000 art piece at the river Ness gathering place in the highland capital Inverness. Objectors will continue the fight to preserve a well-known and much-appreciated local beauty spot and to hold their public officials accountable for what they perceive as a profligate waste of taxpayer money.

In order to appease sponsors, secure future funding for public art and avoid a repetition of the tilting pier debacle, public representatives had rushed this project through without proper procedure, consultation or assessment and continue to do so in defiance of the 3,000 people who have signed a public petition calling for the project to be cancelled.

This is not to uphold the principles of democratic representation it is to facilitate an unwarranted imposition in contravention of those principles. It is through a similar process of diktat and subterfuge that councils and parliaments are imposing their increasingly tyrannical and immoral agendas upon a largely unsuspecting citizenry.

There have been public meetings and hearings regarding the rollout of 5G technology which were not dissimilar to the one held in Inverness. Health specialists are forced to rush their testimony to fit the allotted 5 minutes, communication industry spokesmen prevaricate and obfuscate, and it transpires that there has been a serious lack of safety study upon the health effects of using short-wavelength communications systems. The hearings are a formality which are likely to be disregarded because the political and financial pressures to install the technology will ensure that public concerns are overruled. The 5G rollout will continue regardless of evidence, objection or testimony unless enough people realize that there is a problem and have the courage and conviction to do something about it.

Increased speeds of wireless broadband connectivity are promoted in the media as a positive development and several local political representatives have shown themselves to be enthusiastic about the deployment of this technology; we can only hope that the recipients of this letter may consider that there is perhaps a little more going on here than a benevolent programme to enhance internet access. This technology has the proven capability of harming, controlling and sterilizing human beings and there is good reason to suspect the integrity and competence of those that are allowing its deployment.

The day after that meeting aircraft were, once again, involved in “aerosol spraying” operations over the town of Inverness. The dissemination of what are presumably metallic particulates will inevitably have a detrimental effect on human health and this activity is the most probable underlying cause for the thousands of dead and dying trees in the surrounding countryside. The sun is rarely seen now because it is hidden behind a semi-permanent rainless grey blanket which seems to forever linger in the sky. Do people not remember what the weather used to be like? What is termed “climate-change” is being caused by geo-engineering and too many people are allowing their minds to be programmed by propaganda instead of watching the sky for themselves. Geo-engineering is real and the justification for its implementation is based upon fraudulent, subjective and non-empirical climate “science” which has always been guided and corrupted by finacial incentive.

Every single councilor in the Highland region has now been written to about these matters and sent a data information stick loaded with visual and documentary evidence, and a big thank you to those that returned the sticks in the mail. Hopefully some of the recipients will now realize that what had been termed the “Chemtrail conspiracy theory” is really an ongoing solar remediation programme which is being implemented without the informed consent of the population and that wireless communication should be treated with caution on account of its demonstrable effect on living organisms.

Those once thought of as “conspiracy theorists” are simply people who have realized that something is very amiss in this world and have then tried to encourage others to question what is going on around them. Such people can now be labelled as “domestic terrorists” for simply trying to speak the truth. THREE buildings were pulled by demolition charges in New York in 2001 and the reaction of the populace is still seems to be one of “everybody knows, but nobody says anything”. Citizens should speak while they still can because the repercussions from that event are coming closer to home with every passing day.

This is a circular which will be posted to all councilors within the Highland region. There is no intention to continue with any further written correspondence regarding these issues; the purpose of the correspondance has been to warn people, not to harass them.

The flat earth, Inverness