Heliocentrism Destroyed

Flat earth cosmology

Ancient cultures believed that the earth was flat with the heavenly bodies travelling in fixed circular motions over its level surface.

“From the beginning of recorded history and for thousands and thousands of years cultures across the entire world all believed the earth was flat. Their various cosmogonies and cosmologies differed in slight ways, but their overall geographies and astronomies were incredibly consistent and in fact virtually identical. The earth was a stationary plane, void of any motion or curvature, flat across its entire expanse, except of course for hills, mountains and valleys. The north pole was the magnetic monopole centre point of the flat earth with Polaris, the north pole star situated directly above. Polaris was the only motionless star in the heavens, with all the other constellations revolving perfect circles over the earth every night. The stars were divided into two categories known as the fixed stars and the wandering stars. The fixed stars were so called because they were observed then, as we can observe today, to stay fixed in their constellation patterns night after night, year after year, century after century, never changing their relative positions. The wandering stars, what are today referred to as “planets” were so-called because they were observed then, as we can observe today, to wander the heavens taking their own unique spirograph-like patterns, making both forward and retrograde motions over and around the earth during their cycles.

The sun and moon were both of equal size and they too revolved over and around the motionless earth as immortalized in the Chinese Ying-Yang symbol. The sun and moon were much closer to earth than supposed nowadays and each shined with their own unique opposite lights, the sun’s being warm, golden, dry, preservative and anti-septic and the moon’s light being cold, silver, damp, putrefying and septic. The sun and moon, as though connected to a magnetic maypole, made alternating spiral journeys over and around the earth every year. The sun began its journey at the Tropic of Capricorn at the winter solstice where it made its fastest and largest circle over the earth. For the next three months, every day the sun slightly narrowed its path and slowed its speed until, by the spring equinox, the sun had spiraled its way from the tropic of Capricorn to the equator; then, for the next three months, again, the sun continued to slightly narrow its path and slow its speed until the summer solstice when the sun made its slowest smallest circle around the tropic of Cancer.

Once the sun reached this innermost circle, like the ribbons and dancers around the maypole, the sun would then begin it’s opposing, widening, quickening journey back to the tropic of Capricorn. For the next three months, every day the sun slightly widened its path and hastened its speed until the Autumnal equinox. The sun had spiraled its way from the tropic of cancer back to the equator. Then, for the next three months again, every day the sun continued to slightly widen its path and hasten its speed until the winter solstice when the sun made its largest, fastest circle around the tropic of Capricorn and the annual journey began again. The moon had a similar yearly path revolving over and around the earth, but unlike the sun, which constantly changed it’s speed to keep a consistent twenty four hour day, the moon’s speed never changed so, depending on its latitude, the moon was observed then as we can observe today, to take approximately 24.7 to 25 hours per cycle. This is why at different times and places during each month we can see the moon in the morning, afternoon or night.

For ancient man the earth and Polaris were the two immovable centre points of the universe around which the sun, moon and other stars all revolved in a dome-like shape. Some cultures believed in a literal, solid dome or firmament to which the fixed stars were bound; other cultures mythologized the axis-mundi as the world tree with Polaris at the centre and all the other constellations forming the branches. In these flat earth depictions, the north pole occupied the centre point and south was all straight lines extending outwards from there. East and West were not straight lines is as assumed nowadays but were in fact circles just like all lines of latitude and the paths of the celestial bodies. The southern circumference of earth was surrounded by a gigantic wall of ice 150-200 feet above sea level holding the inter-connected oceans in like a world cup. Beyond the ice-wall some cultures claimed a firm barrier existed through which no human could penetrate. Other cultures believed that there were entire worlds and civilizations existing beyond the Antarctic ice.” Eric Dubay

These cultures, who are so often dismissed as backward and superstitious, show every indication of having advanced technology and knowledge. The pyramids were constructed in a very precise and specific manner to align with the stars and whoever designed them showed deep understanding of celestial motion and could cut and move stone in a manner which would be difficult to replicate with modern day equipment. The suppression of natural history has intentionally concealed and downplayed such information both in Egypt and across many other archeological sites across the world and it is probably the case that amongst these people there were those with a far deeper understanding of this world than most inhabitants of the present day.

The ancient Greeks knew the earth was a sphere!

The concept of a spherical earth which was possibly moving around a central sun is commonly associated with Greek philosophical thought and some historians give Pythagoras the dubious distinction of being the first to postulate and debate such ideas which were later to be developed by Plato and his pupil Aristotle. The four main arguments which were proposed for a globular earth were…

~ Ships, when sailing away from the observer disappear hull first. This observation is apparent under favourable conditions but the conclusion that the water must be bending away from the shoreline is incorrect as the reasoning is unsound. As the distance to the vanishing point varies considerably dependent on atmospheric conditions the effect may be caused by a) atmospheric conditions in conjunction with the curvature of the earth or b) atmospheric conditions alone; this observation cannot be used as an affirmative proof for a globe earth. Aristotle is said to have used this argument, but it was not mentioned within his book “on the heavens” which is said to have been written in 350BC.

“The horizon line is not some form of objective point of curvature on a convex earth but rather the subjective vanishing point of perspective from a given observer’s point of view” Eric Dubay

~ The shadow of the earth cast on the moon during lunar eclipses. The alleged synergy between the sun, earth and moon is certainly not the only cause, and may not be a cause, for the phenomena because both the sun and moon have been observed above the horizon during numerous eclipses. The “scientific” explanation for this is somewhat dubious….

“This is an appearance merely due to refraction. The sun, already below the horizon, is raised by refraction, and remains visible to us. It is the same with the moon, which has not really risen when it seems to have already done so Camille Flammarion

Eastern traditions speak of a shadow celestial body, equal in size to the sun and moon, called “Rahu” which traversed the skies causing eclipses at regular intervals. This postulation, whilst unproven, is somewhat more credible and offers a valid alternate hypothesis to explain the observed effect.

~ The declination of the pole star and constellations increases as the observer travels in a Southerly direction. The observation is self-evident but the assertion that the surface of the earth must therefore be curved is a hasty, and flawed, conclusion because the gradual declination of objects in the sky towards the horizon is merely a product of the law of perspective on plane surfaces and has nothing at all to do with an assumed curvature of the earth’s surface.

~ The varying angles at which shadows from the sun are cast at distant locations as evidenced by Eratosthenes (276-194 BC) The conclusion that this provides evidence for the curvature of the earth is based upon the flawed assumption that the sun is millions of miles away. The variation in shadows that Eratosphenes wrote of could just as easily result from a much closer light source moving over a level surface.

Modern “scientists” still claim that the ancient Greeks had proven that the earth was a sphere and they repeatedly cite ships sailing “over” the horizon, Eratosthenes, eclipses and declination as irrefutable evidence for the curvature of the earth. This demonstrably flawed logic is then presented with an air of authority which helps to conceal the improbable nature of the claim and the complete lack of tangible evidence to support it.

In logical reasoning the goal is less understanding that something is true and more understanding, or explaining, why it is true. Two things are necessary to arrive at a sound conclusion; the premises must be true, and the reasoning must be valid. Assertive claims are invalid if they are based upon inductive reasoning which describes how when something is observed a rule or cause is then proposed to account for it. An example of this is the correlation between the rising of the sun and daylight; the sun may cause daytime, but it is wrong to claim, or assume, that it does based solely on observation. The attempts to explain the way in which boats disappear, the variability of shadows, the declination of luminaries and the eclipses are all examples of inductive reasoning. It is reasonable to speculate that such observations may suggest there is curvature to the earth but it also reasonable to propose that the earth is level and that the accepted observations could be interpreted differently using more plausible logic to arrive at a far more probable explanation for these agreed visible phenomena.

By this simple deductive process, it is possible to expose the logical fallacies which underlie the supposed “proofs” which are still being used today as evidence for a globular earth. Each has become an established mantra which is used to dismiss the rational and logical mind for it is an established maxim that fallacy can become perceived as wisdom and truth through incessant repetition.

Greek astronomical schools failed to provide any evidence that the earth was a sphere and their failure to remain true to the principles of inductive reasoning was to have the most profound consequences.

“Aristarchus concluded that the fixed stars were almost infinitely far away.”

This quotation is the key to understanding the entire heliocentric deception. In one single astounding philosophical leap the Greeks removed the stars from their previously assumed proximity to man and created an entirely new cosmological paradigm. It may have been reasonable to have challenged the existing assumptions, but to arrive at such definitive conclusions without evidence was to establish a premise which might, or might not, have been true. This faulty premise was later accepted by Ptolemy who incorporated the inherent flaw into a geocentric system which was to stand unchallenged for over a thousand years. All subsequent astronomical understanding was therefore doomed to error as it was based upon a flawed premise that the stars are infinitely far away.

Did the greatest minds of ancient Greece really speak and write about cosmology and the shape of the earth in the words that have been attributed to them, or had their words and writings been fabricated and corrupted in preparation for a coming deception? The concept of a globular earth was given validation simply by being associated with a culture which was revered for its wisdom and understanding, and it is possible that the history of ancient philosophy and astronomy could have been intentionally corrupted (or even invented) as part of a wider conspiracy. The texts and thoughts which have been attributed to these ancient scholars may simply be implanted propaganda.

The idea of a spinning ball earth vanished from the historical record for more than a thousand years but unfortunately it did not die. It was to remain as a latent virus; an implanted seed destined and designed to destroy the minds of men.

Heliocentrism: A timeline

1522- The first officially acknowledged circumnavigation of the earth was achieved by a Spanish expedition led by the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan who was killed during the voyage. (Chinese treasure fleets may have preceded Magellan a century before) Circumnavigation does not prove that the earth is a globe contrary to repeated assertions that it does.

“Just as a compass can place it`s centre point on a flat piece of paper and trace a circle either way around and return to its starting point, so can a ship, or plane circumnavigate a flat earth.” Eric Dubay

A true North-South circumnavigation (which was supposedly first achieved by a “flying tigers” aircraft in 1965) would disprove the flat earth idea although it easy to fabricate on a level earth by simply flying in a large circle between the two polar regions.

1543- The publication of the provocatively titled “On the revolution of the celestial spheres” which was written by Nicolaus Copernicus in which it was postulated that the sun was near to the centre of the universe and the earth was in motion around it. Copernicus had been influenced by the Greek philosophical and astronomical ideas which he had studied during his lengthy period of education. Having accepted the faulty premise that the stars were infinitely far away, Copernicus may have reasoned that the size of the earth was insignificant in relation to the celestial bodies and it was therefore logical to conceive of the smaller earth rotating around the supposedly greater sun which he calculated to be 3,391,200 miles away. The “Copernican revolution” had begun.

“Ptolemy had made it appear that the sun and stars revolved around a stationary earth, but Copernicus advanced the theory that it was the earth which revolved around a stationary sun…either of these entirely opposite theories gives an equally satisfactory explanation of the appearance of the sun by day and the stars by night. Copernicus did not produce any newly discovered fact to prove that Ptolemy was wrong, neither did he offer any proof that he himself was right, but worked out his system to show that he could account for all the appearances of the heavens quite as well as the Egyptians had done, though working on an entirely different hypothesis; and offered his new Heliocentric theory as an alternative.” Gerard Hickson

Contemporary astronomers mostly rejected the Copernican system due to a lack of evidence for the earth`s motion and the inability to detect any stellar parallax. Giovanni Tolosani stated that

“Copernicus is expert indeed in the sciences of mathematics and astronomy, but he is very deficient in the sciences of physics and logic”

1610 -Galileo Galilei uses an early telescope to observe 3 “fixed stars” in the vicinity of Jupiter. These sightings were used as validation of his belief in the Copernican system although this dubious claim relied upon a series of inferred assumptions. Galileo was not adverse to seeking confirmation bias to support foregone conclusions and was to later postulate that the tides were caused by, and therefore evidence of, the motion of the earth around the sun as was required by the Copernican system.

1615–21 -Johannes Kepler publishes his “epitome of Copernican astronomy” in which he attempts to explain heavenly motions through physical causes. His calculations relating to the movements, masses and distances (Kepler`s Laws) were based upon the acceptance of Copernican theory. Kepler had studied both the Ptolemaic and Copernican systems as a student and became an advocate for the latter. He did so partly from a theological perspective as he believed that the sun was the principle source of motive power in the universe.

Kepler`s employer and early mentor Tycho Brahe remained a staunch advocate for a geocentric cosmology, but when Tycho died in 1601 Kepler assumed his position and had the opportunity to actively promote the Copernican system. He also amended the distance to the sun which was now claimed to be 12,376,800 miles away.

1660- The formation of the Invisible college by a small well-connected group of patrons and scientists who were instrumental in bringing about the “scientific revolution.” The college is said to have been heavily influenced by freemasons and was later to become the Royal Society.

1676 -The Danish astronomer Ole Roemer was accredited with becoming the first person to measure the “speed of light”. His apparent achievement was based upon the unjustified supposition that an observation was caused by distance (it could have been the result of a variation in viewing angle) and his calculations relied upon the assumption that the lights he observed were many thousands of millions of miles distant. The supposed “speed of light” is now said to be in the region of 186,000 miles per… SECOND! although there are no practical means by which this can be confirmed. It is most probably the case that light simply shines and does not move at all.

1687 -Isaac Newton published the book “Principia Mathematica” in which he postulated that there existed an invisible force which came from the supposed attraction of an object`s mass. This hypothetical force pulled bodies of matter together and was able to act over vast distances. According to a famous anecdote the young student Newton had this veritable epitome after witnessing an apple falling from a tree; he concluded that the earth itself was pulling it to the ground!

“Sir Isaac Newton told us why An apple falls down from the sky And from this fact, it`s very plain All other objects do the same”

Observing this and ascribing a cause is another example of inductive reasoning.

~ I see an apple falling from a tree ~ I see it happen again and again ~ I form a hypothesis to explain it ~ Further experiments support my hypothesis and it is elevated to a theory, part of a law. The conclusion is probable, rather than certain, which is why, strictly speaking, no scientific theory is regarded as being true. The Trivium

No assertion derived from a theory can be claimed as an objective truth as it has been based upon an unproven premise. Newton`s “Theory of Gravity” does not even meet the criteria for a viable proposition.

~ The claims attributed to Gravity conflict directly with known physical Laws and are so ridiculous that the theory can justifiably be dismissed as nonsensical

~ Gravity is neither tangible nor measurable and no experiment has ever been devised which can demonstrate that Gravity exists.

~ The effect which is attributed to “Gravity” can be easily explained with an alternative hypothesis

There already existed a perfectly viable explanation for why the apples and other objects fell to the ground. It is the natural physics of buoyancy for objects less dense than the medium surrounding them to rise whilst objects denser than the medium surrounding them sink. No external force is required to explain this motion because it is simply created by the inconsistency between their relative densities. People have been brainwashed into believing in an absurd theory and their conditioned minds still seem to think that by dropping an object through the air they are somehow providing a demonstration for an imaginary “gravitational force”.

Gravity was required to validate the speculative suppositions of the Copernican revolution. Without it the globe earth model would remain forever impractical on account of an inherent contradiction with the natural physics of spinning objects and the lack of explanation for the assumed motion of the earth around the sun. Newton, like Galileo before him, was an enthusiastic proponent for the Copernican theory and it seems that his desire for conformation bias may have clouded his judgement. The earth was by now receding still further from the sun within the imagination of man. Isaac Newton reputedly once said…

“It matters not whether we reckon it 28 or 54 million miles distant, for either would do just as well.”

Outlandish theorizing on the nature of the universe could not be disproved by practical science and was often rewarded with patronage and prestige. Astronomy was well supported at this time for there was intense competition between the nation states of Europe based upon the practical need to navigate the seas by starlight. This was the process by which the folly of the Copernican system became engrained within astronomical schools and observatories throughout Europe.

“I only regret that they were too ready to accept Copernican astronomy as though it were an axiom, and did not put it to the proof; and that, as a consequence, their fine intelligence and industry should have been devoted to the glorification of a blunder.” Gerald Hickson

1773-76 -The English naval explorer Captain Cook spent three years sailing in the deep south and achieved the first circumnavigation of Antarctica. His expedition was the first in recorded history to sight the “ice wall” which is widely thought to be the barrier which contains water on the flat earth.

“The ice extended East and West far beyond the reach of our sight while the Southern half of the ocean was illuminated by rays of light which were reflected by the ice to a considerable height.” James Cook

Sixty years later two naval warships the Erebus and the Terror commanded by James Clark Ross embarked upon a four-year voyage of exploration to the Antarctic. Ross described the ice wall…

“It presented an extraordinary appearance, gradually increasing in height, as we got nearer to it, and proving to be a perpendicular cliff of ice, between one hundred and fifty and two hundred feet above the level of the sea, perfectly flat and level at the top, and without any fissures or promontories on even its seaward face”

The significance of these voyages (with regards to the flat earth) is the distance sailed to achieve circumnavigation. On a globe earth the circumference of Antarctica would be roughly 10,000 miles. If the earth were flat with a wall of ice surrounding it the distance would be significantly greater at around 50,000 miles. Both expeditions sailed in excess of the latter figure and had difficulty in navigating the Southern oceans, where they continually found themselves many miles out of reckoning. This is suggestive evidence for a level earth enclosed by an ice wall.

1783-The invention of the hot air balloon allowed aerial observations of the earth. Early aeronauts were surprised to see level horizons rising to the level of the eye for they fully expected to see the land falling away equally in every direction.

“Instead of the earth declining from view on either side and the higher part being under the car as is popularly supposed, it was the exact opposite. The lowest part, being like a huge basin under the car and the horizon rising on all sides to the level of the eye”

Modern day balloons can reach altitudes in excess of 20 miles above the earth. Amateur footage taken from unmanned balloons without the fish-eye lens reveal that even at these altitudes the horizon is still level and rising to eye level.

1798- An experiment is performed by Henry Cavendish which claimed to have demonstrated, and measured, a gravitational force which attracted objects by their mass. (The Cavendish experiment was also credited with discovering the mass of the earth and providing evidence for the existence of the earth`s core) To achieve these scientific breakthroughs, Cavendish attached two lead balls on opposite ends of a torsion balance and hung them from the roof of his shed. Two much larger balls were then located 9 inches away and held in place by a separate suspension system. The conclusions and results of the experiment were derived from watching and recording slight motions of the contraption through a telescope at the shed window.

Physics students often graduate without ever having heard of the Cavendish experiment. The reason for this glaring omission in their studies is presumably because the more perceptive amongst them may come to the realization that the Cavendish experiment does not meet with the criteria for the scientific method.

~ The experiment cannot be replicated because the results are inconsistent

~ The torsion balance is highly sensitive to outside interference

~ There is no control for the experiment which can factor out and positively differentiate between the alleged gravitational force and the known stronger electro-magnetic force

This demonstrable pseudoscience is still propagandized as proof for the existence of a gravitational constant and scaled-down variations are even sold online to mislead the gullible. The theory of gravity cannot be proven through experimentation which is why it remains a theory.

1851-The “Foucault pendulum” is put on public display to provide evidence for the rotation of the earth. Similar to the Cavendish experiment, it is without scientific merit for the results are inconsistent both in terms of the speed and direction of the pendulums swing. Nevertheless, these bizarre pendulums are still to be found in universities and museums throughout the world.

1864- Samuel Rowbotham published “Zetetic astronomy earth not a globe” which challenged the heliocentric worldview and led to a late 19th century flat earth revival. Rowbotham believed in practical science by demonstration and he toured widely to favourable reviews presenting evidence for the flat earth.

1871- An experiment by George Airy fails to detect the motion of the earth and instead suggests that the stars were moving relative to a stationary earth.

1887- The Michelson-Morley experiment sends shockwaves through the scientific establishment when it provides further evidence that the earth is not moving.

1892- Alexander Gleason releases the “New Standard Map of The World”, an azimuthal equidistant projection of the flat earth.

1913- The Sagnac experiment confirms the ether and leads to speculation about the validity of Newtons theory of gravitational attraction which was by now becoming unsustainable and needed to be replaced, or at least amended to sustain the illusory universe of man`s imagination.

1916-Albert Einstein introduces his “Theory of relativity” which was to revolutionize the study of theoretical physics and astronomy. Claims of extraordinary astronomical phenomena such as neutron stars, black holes and gravitational waves are all predicated upon Einstein`s theory which has even allowed for paradoxical concepts to be introduced into the imaginary universe; any practically-minded scientist understands that when dealing with objective reality the paradox is simply a failure in interpretation or understanding. The sad truth is it is all complete nonsense which was intentionally designed to be intricate and complex to the point of being beyond reasoned comprehension. In the words of “Professor” Einstein himself…

“What we mean by relative motion in a general sense is perfectly plain to everyone. If we think of a wagon moving along a street, we know that it is possible to speak of the wagon at rest, and the street in motion, just as well as it is to speak of the wagon in motion and the street at rest. That, however, is a very special part of the ideas involved in the principle of relativity.”

1927-The Jesuit trained Georges Lemaitre proposed an expanding model for the universe and four years later postulated that the universe began with the explosion of the primeval atom thereby introducing the “big bang” theory of creation.

1931- A hundred Austrian and German scientists contribute to a book entitled “Hundert Autoren Gegen Einstein” in which they denounced Einstein and accused him of leading science into the realm of pseudo-mysticism, abstraction and speculation. Nikolas Tesla agreed…

“Einstein`s relativity work is a magnificent mathematical garb which fascinates, dazzles and makes people blind to the underlying errors. The theory is like a beggar clothed in purple whom ignorant people take for a king…it`s exponents are brilliant men, but they are metaphysicists rather than scientists.”

1945-59 -A secret recruitment programme, codenamed Operation Paperclip, was established by an American intelligence agency to procure the service of German scientists, engineers and technicians in the aftermath of the second world war. American rocketry research relied heavily upon their expertise and it was Wernher Von Braun and his V2 rocket team who led the team which pretended to have put men on the moon. When Von Braun he died in 1977 he left a cryptic clue on his tombstone (psalms 19.1) which could be interpreted as mockery or as a warning.

“The heavens declared the glory of God: and the firmament sheweth his handiwork.”

1957-The first claimed launch of a satellite. Satellites do not exist, at least not in the way that is commonly thought.

~ Satellites supposedly travel in a region of space called the thermosphere where the claimed temperatures far exceed the melting point of the metals which are used in their construction.

~ Systems of advanced communication and navigation were already operational long before the supposed “satellites” even existed. The increased availability of these systems is a result of a massive expansion in fibre-optic cables and ground-based towers.

~ High altitude craft do exist and use a variety of methods to remain airborne (many use helium balloons) but they are not “orbiting” the earth held to their station by gravitational attraction.

1969 -With one ingenious deception, a bit of rocket technology, and some clever camera trickery the American space agency NASA successfully pulled off a massive psychological operation by pretending to land men on the moon.

Psychological operations (PSYOPS) are defined as operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, objective reasoning and ultimately the behaviour of governments, organizations, groups and individuals.

Once citizens believed in the moon landings and the distant pictures of the earth, they accepted a lie which tricked them into perceiving the globe earth as an unquestionable reality. The moon landing hoax was a brilliant finale to what was the greatest psychological operation of all time. And people ask why they have been lied to about the shape of the earth…

“By feeding him a sequence of composed information, and understanding his logic, the slave will behave in the desired manner. Such techniques have been known for thousands of years. Reinforcements are built in; the Persian Magi knew this well. To dominate, visual distortions (illusions) must be performed, the mind tricked into seeing something which does not exist…This necessitates intensive work on only one generation which will then programme its own offspring. Once programmed the victim is unable to reach rational conclusions on his own.” Alan Watt

Fixing astronomy

Theoretical physicians are the living embodiment of the lost inhabitants of Plato`s cave as they scramble in the darkness of their own imagination working feverishly to invent ever more outlandish and abstract illusions. In this inverted world these people are generally considered to be extremely intelligent whilst those who question them are derided for their ignorance and stupidity.

“The real hapless victims of mental illness are to be found amongst those who appear to be most normal. They are normal not in what may be called the absolute sense of the word, but they are normal in relation to a profoundly abnormal society” Aldous Huxley

A glorious new age of astronomical discovery is now at hand predicated on the correction of fundamental flaws which underlie the current understanding of the cosmos.

The idea that the stars are “infinitely far away” has been shown to be incorrect so modern astronomers, physicists and cosmologists can dismantle their fanciful model of the universe and start anew. They remain in ignorance as to the real distance to the celestial bodies and therefore have no legitimate means of forming any conception of their true dimensions; neither can they claim to know the true nature or composition of the sun, moon and stars or what compels their motion through the heavens.

The celestial bodies are likely to be much closer and much smaller than previously thought based upon triangulation measurement and observation; the actual distance to the sun has repeatedly been calculated to be between in the region of 3-4,000 miles away using nautical sextants and geometry.

“It is possible to measure the distance of the sun, moon and stars from the surface of the earth by using plane trigonometry. “The following are the particulars of an observation made, a few years ago, by the officers engaged in the Ordnance survey. Altitude of the sun at London 55, 13; altitude taken at the same time on the grounds of a public school at Ackworth in Yorkshire, 53, 2; the distance between the two places in a direct line, as measured by triangulation is 151 statute miles. From these elements the true distance of the sun may be readily computed; and proved to be under 4,000 miles…The same measure of measuring distance applies equally to the stars; and it is very easy to demonstrate, beyond the possibility of doubt, so long as assumed premises are excluded, that all the visible objects in the firmament are contained within the distance of 6,000 miles” Samuel Rowbotham

The crepuscular rays of the sun and footage of localized hotspots from high altitude balloons suggest that these distances are a lot more credible than the current official figure which now stands at 93 million miles.

Further evidence of the proximity of fixed and wandering stars comes from the powerful zoom capabilities of modern cameras. The Nikon P900 is the “flat earth” camera of choice for filming the luminaries and the amount of detail that can be seen through the camera lens soon dispels any notion that the stars are trillions of miles away.

To return to the cosmology of the ancient civilizations and end the sad tragic story of the heliocentric deception is to step out of the illusory world of Plato`s cave and to begin to embrace the light of reality and truth.

The Jesuits and the ball earth

Most people still believe that the heliocentric model of the universe was consistently oppressed by an ignorant and reactionary catholic church but the true nature of the relationship between the Vatican and modern cosmology is far more complex than the historical narrative would suggest.

It was the Catholic Church which created the university system during the Medieval Era from cathedral Schools which had been created to teach theology and canon law to local clergy. Eventually, these schools developed into universities that accepted scholars from far and wide, so they were essentially precursors to modern colleges. Even the concept of a university granting honorific “degrees” owes its origins to the Church. During this era, a school could only start granting degrees once it had been recognized and approved by the Pope, essentially a pontifical accreditation. If the Vatican had been as vehemently opposed to the new cosmology as is popularly thought the teachings within these schools and universities would have reflected this but instead, they propagated the flawed astronomical ideas of ancient Greece. Copernicus and Kepler were products of these academic establishments and their later cosmology must have been heavily influenced by their astronomical, philosophical and religious studies.

Copernicus appears to have had a cordial relationship with the Vatican and “On the revolution of the revolution of the heavenly spheres” would probably never have been published were it not for the influence of the Catholic church. The Vatican has either been internally divided or it has been intentionally maintaining the pretense of fighting a battle against the progress of modern “science.”

The Jesuit order was founded in 1540 by Ignatius of Loyola and became the largest religious order within the catholic church. The order is heavily involved in academia and research and their scholars have taken part in all the major scientific controversies in cosmology. Historically the Jesuits were enthusiastic advocates and proponents of the heliocentric doctrine which they are accredited with giving to the flat-earth Chinese in the 17th century. One priest, some say a Jesuit, was a fellow of the Royal Society and published a version of Newtons Principia in 1726. Another, the Jesuit trained Georges Lemaitre, came up with an idea that nothing instantaneously exploded and manifested into something which was later to become known as the big bang theory. There have been numerous examples of such Jesuit astronomers over the centuries and they have enjoyed excellent facilities for the Vatican owns most of the early books of antiquity on astronomy and is the largest and longest owner of patents for telescopes and celestial observatories in the world. It is also worth noting in light of the moon landing hoax, that 35 lunar craters are named after Jesuit astronomers.

The heliocentric lie, like much of the scientific fraud of the present day, required a great deal of support from the “elites” for such a ridiculous concept would never have survived the rigors of true scientific investigation and may never have been considered at all. The mainstream scientific community is likely to be comprised mostly of the innocent and the beguiled, but the Jesuit order is widely suspected of being intentionally deceitful.

Jesuit Guy Consolmagno is an American research astronomer and director of the Vatican observatory who is known as the Pope`s astronomer; he is also a frequent speaker at science fiction conventions. The following quotations come from a 2008 interview. (the shuttle reference relates to a recent meeting with a group of supposed astronauts)

“The world was interpreted in terms of metaphor and simile; of course, the crazy thing is science itself is metaphor and simile. Newton’s equation for the fall of a rock due to the laws of gravity is a poem; It says the path of this falling rock is LIKE the solution to this equation. It’s not that they’re the same thing.”

“Evolution is not going to be proved; nothing in science is ever proved.”

“The bible’s 3,000 years old, the gravitation book is 25 years old; the gravitation book is out of date, it’s obsolete.”

“And I’m thinking you know, have you actually read Genesis? Where it says the earth is flat and it’s covered with a dome and there’s water above and below the dome; where does the (space) shuttle go? “

The space shuttle gradually levelled off downrange of the spectators view before turning around and landing under its own power. Both the astronauts and Consolmagno must surely have known this.

The three main centres most often associated with network power are Washington DC (military), The city of London (finance) and The Vatican (legal and spiritual) and n 2013 the first Jesuit pope took residence within the Vatican.


The heliocentric deception was implemented with a formula which has been used repeatedly and is very much in evidence in contemporary science.

~ Control the education of the young.

~ After careful preparation the desired concept is presented as a hypothesis

~ Being anti-scientific, the concept will inevitably struggle to seed in the initial stages but inevitably some students will be guided to adopt the desired concept as their own

~ Nurture and promote such students and allow “their” idea to spread organically giving encouragement and protection as required

~ At first the concept is met with derision; then, as converts slowly emerge, it is attacked. At this point setbacks are to be expected and the concept may even have to be abandoned. If this happens it may reveal misjudgment (or provocation) behind the initial plan to implement the deception but the plotters (and their intent) need not be revealed. Once such obstacles are overcome the concept can be protected from a position which is perceived (and is likely to eventually become) accepted “science”.

~The worst is now over as science, and it`s priests, help to instill the concept into the wider populace helped by the propaganda methods as explained by Bernays. The inversion is now complete as the lie is slowly assimilated into the collective consciousness until it is accepted as an objective truth.