Harry Gow gets their wings clipped

A communist revolution is unfolding around us, and those that instigate such revolutions fully understand the importance of using psychological manipulation to instil within the civilian population the necessary willingness, and indeed enthusiasm, to police one another’s behaviour.

The techniques used to achieve this dubious objective are outlined within a report that was produced by the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on behalf of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (S.A.G.E) who released the chilling document entitled options for adhering to social distancing measures” on the 22nd March 2020 only three days after the perceived threat from the so-called Coronavirus had been officially downgraded to that of a normal seasonal flu.

The first step was to make people afraid so they would stop thinking and do as they were told.

“A substantial number of people still do not feel sufficiently personally threatened…The perceived level of personal threat needs to be increased among those who are complacent using hard-hitting emotional messaging.”

Then it was made clear that social inclusivity would require unquestioning obedience.

“Communications strategies should provide social approval for desired behaviours and promote social approval within the community.”

Whilst conversely…

“Consideration should be given to the use of social disapproval but with a strong caveat around unwanted negative consequences.”

It is hard to understate the dangers that lurk within words such as these and we said as much at the time.

“This then is the banal and often unseen face of evil; small groups of seemingly educated and respected men gathering together to form “nudge units” as they intentionally facilitate the breakdown of society in order to fulfil the political objectives of their paymasters.”

These words have since been vindicated by events although it was admittedly unjust to assume unanimous intent amongst programmed functionaries who typically present as highly intellectual people that are rather lacking in basic intelligence: They knew they were lying, but may not have understood the true purpose of their deceit.
Ten precious lost months later and the Daily Telegraph newspaper has finally managed to publish an article entitled “State of Fear” in which it reported that the government had used “covert psychological strategies” that were “operating below the public’s level of awareness” to keep people huddled up within their houses during that now infamous “flatten the curve period”.

And this is not just about that one document. They have been doing this non-stop now for over an entire year.

The consequences, in terms of behavioural modification, have been utterly appalling. People have become completely brainwashed and most seem so far gone that I sometimes have doubts if they would accept the Coronavirus as a hoax even if the authorities themselves were to openly tell them that it was so.


Harry Gow Bakery

The local Harry Gow bakery recently withheld service and so once again we had to go through the tedious formalities of rectifying the situation. The somewhat grudging letter giving notification of policy amendment finally arrived but did little to appease the overall feeling of futility in relation to the mask-wearing problem as unfortunately both staff and customers at the bakery have now become conditioned mask wearers broken by the techniques of psychological warfare. The somewhat clueless customer services manager even proudly boasted that….

“We had also experienced some customers stating they were exempt, but it became apparent that this was not the case. Interestingly, these customers now always wear a face covering when in our shops.”

If she is correct and the law of the state must be invoked to restrain her excessive adherence to senseless protocols then the battle is most likely already lost as it would indicate that the target population is now ready to now accept more coercive legislation in relation to mask-wearing. This criminal government is not going to stop with the masks however and they are already planning for the creation of a system in which a citizen’s access to service becomes dependent upon proving their “vaccination” status.

So why bother complaining at all?

To help stop the imposition of this horrific medical tyranny that is being founded upon lies. We have successfully resisted one small manifestation of the masked zombie apocalypse whilst also taking advantage of this opportunity to spread a little awareness.

“This letter is an acknowledgement of written notification that Harry Gow bakeries have adapted their face covering policy following a formal complaint that was submitted to the company in relation to an incident in which service was withheld for the refusal to wear either a face mask or a lanyard.

As legislation currently stands, it was not in the interests of your company to uphold the policy against which the complaint had been made and a letter of escalation had been prepared on the very morning that your correspondence arrived. It is further noted that the company did not respond promptly and that I have received neither an apology nor an admission of error.

That said, the amendment of face covering policy is welcomed and the motivation for this complaint is not primarily financial so I should like to give written assurance that this matter is now considered to have been satisfactorily resolved.

To address some of the points that were made in the notification letter: I have considered that some of the staff and customers whose health the company has a degree of responsibility for may feel a sense of anxiety when facing the unmasked and accept that these people would probably not agree with the sentiments and opinions that were expressed within the pandemic-related articles and compendiums that were recently distributed amongst local Harry Gow bakeries. They cannot exactly argue with the evidence though.

We are not going to all this trouble to offend people or out of a hunger for pies but rather as a means by which to encourage people to question a pandemic narrative that we have long known to be a total fraud. The real danger to public health is not some imaginary bug, it is the surrendering of bodily autonomy to the same nefarious and deceitful external authorities which have been conditioning the citizenry into a state of fearful subjugation for over a year now using a wide range of psychological warfare techniques which include keeping people apart from one another and compelling them to cover their own face. Your bakeries are facilitating these agendas and the main purpose of this letter is to express our concerns and disapproval although we are aware that the policies of food and retail outlets may often be misguided rather than malevolent, resulting from a combination of ignorance, social conformity, (the two are so often connected) and, to some extent, coercion”.