Genocide and the Mask of Shame

“Any radical eugenic policy will be for any years politically and psychologically impossible. It will be important for U.N.E.S.C.O to see that the eugenic problem is examined with the greatest care and that the public mind is informed of the issues at stake so that much that is now unthinkable may at least become thinkable.”                            Julian Huxley

There are, according to the self-proclaimed “elites”, far too many people in this world (too many of you that is, not them) and the solution is what they have often termed “population control”. If the inscriptions on the Georgia Guidestones are to be believed these people are planning to reduce the human population to half a billion people.
What has been termed COVID 19 is the cover for, and not the cause of, the genocide. In March of this year elderly people were deprived of care and started to die in abnormally high numbers following the introduction of a government lockdown which had been implemented on the basis of a blatant statistical fraud. Incompetence? No, not when the same so-called “mistakes” were being repeated all over the earth!

“If I had to make an educated estimate I’d suggest that the number of elderly patients murdered globally (worldwide) between the beginning of March and the end of May 2020 was somewhere between 100-150 thousand, and that’s a fairly conservative estimate”                                                                                                                       Vernon Coleman

Are the people within the political and media class aware of the full extent of the horror for which they are, to a considerable extent, responsible? Do they know what they are doing or are they so stupid that they actually believe their own propaganda? The longer this goes on, the deeper is the hole that these sad pathetic entities are digging for themselves as they work feverishly to impose the will of the tiny minority of sick, diseased psychopaths who own them.

The murderous genocide of Western populations has only just begun, and the horrors will only continue to escalate so long as the great mass of the citizenry allow themselves to be beguiled by the illusions that their tormentors have so cunningly devised for them. It is time now to speculate on the specific methods that will be used to kill people which is not a pleasant topic to focus on, but this is not a time for the human race to bury its collective head in the sand.

Rumours that the pandemic has all been faked, or at the very least hopelessly exaggerated, are starting to resonate with those of a questioning mind. They must, in my opinion, start murdering people in noticeable numbers if credibility is to be restored to the discredited pandemic narrative. The most vulnerable people are those who are in the care of the state, or its affiliated institutions, such as the elderly (again), prisoners, and children. They are likely to come after the young because firstly they are Satanic and revel in causing harm to the most innocent and secondly because a population traumatised by death amongst its children will be far less able to think logically and calmly about its predicament. Those “conspiracy theorists” who were claiming the Coronavirus to be a hoax will then become an ideal scapegoat for the rage of the mob. Intelligent and inconvenient people are typically amongst the first to be incarcerated or eliminated in times of revolution along with the strong and principled individuals who possess leadership qualities.

“Old king Tarquin knew what he was talking about when he symbolised the surest way of enslaving a community by striking off the heads of the tallest poppies.”                                                                                              Lord Salisbury

But how is this targeted genocide to be implemented?

The masks offer a potential clue. A mask is commonly worn by those who engage in the act of premeditated execution against a fellow human being whose identity may likewise be concealed in the final moments in order to make the dehumanised victim easier to kill. The police (and army) are now obediently adorning their gimp masks in the service of the Rockerfeller/Gates cabal and the Rockerfeller-educated medical profession are likewise now frequently attired in this most troubling garb.

The “protect and serve” brigade could be tasked with restricting movement within a given area and then removing, forcibly if necessary, those who have been deemed to be a health hazard to the wider community. Isolated individuals would then be at the mercy of doctors and nurses who generally adhere to whatever protocols their institution demands, even if this means using ventilators to end the lives of perfectly healthy people.

Most law enforcement personnel and medical practitioners are not natural born killers, but they are, generally speaking, incapable and unwilling to stand in their own sovereignty. Institutions will dehumanise an individual and leave their moral conduct dependent upon the integrity of the institution they serve, such is the banality of evil. The sentient will generally leave (or be sidelined) in times such as these leaving the spiritually dead and the diseased to inflict all manner of misery upon their fellow creatures. The weak and the misguided who are, of course, “just following orders” will often remain haunted by their actions till the very end of their days although the numerous psychopaths who hide behind the costume of a uniform will not be troubled by any such moral qualms. Masks will conceal the shame of the perpetrators and also the bystanders who so often fail to summon the courage to intervene and may even encourage an atrocity or injustice, so long as it is not being directed against them.

“Only when the house burns, do you see the face of the rats”

Now is the time to address this potential catastrophe, not later.

Another clue is the strange cult-like clapping ritual that citizens were encouraged to partake in every evening ostensibly to pay tribute to those considered to be “key” workers in the health and security services. This is a Satanic New World Order which mocks the gullibility of its victims and revels in the use of inversion. There is nothing that these sick puppies would like more than to get half the population outside performing like clapping seals for the very institutions that were helping to euthanise their elderly relatives as the groundwork was being prepared for a wider population cull. And does anybody remember when the Soros-funded BLM movement tricked mobs of clueless gullibles into invoking their own destruction by repetitively chanting “I can’t breathe” following the contrived George Floyd situation? (This is precisely what will happen if ventilators are used inappropriately upon you, you will be unable to breathe and you will suffocate and die)

The principal threat to life this winter is not the sniffles (although the annual flu season is likely to be much more deadly than usual this year thanks to self-isolation, mask wearing and immune systems adversely affected by stress), it is medical terrorism directed against the civilian population which is being directed by a treacherous government and facilitated by indoctrinated (and masked) medical and security personnel. The pandemic has of course been faked but a very real and deadly virus could easily be spread amongst the general population by direct transmission, so watch out for those “tests”.

The penny should, by now, be beginning to drop. Bill Gates, the W.H.O and the Rockefeller Foundation are at the centre of a vast network which has conspired to invent a pandemic and terrorise the populace. Their goal is to vaccinate the world population and to completely subjugate whatever is left of humanity after their genocidal ambitions have been fulfilled. These criminals, who own and control all the political parties and all major media outlets, are at war with the human population and with the creation itself.

When Bill Gates spoke the following words, it was widely assumed that he was referring to countries outside of the so-called developed nations. That is a dangerous assumption. And why would healthcare and vaccines reduce the human population?

“If we do a really great job on new vaccines, healthcare and reproductive health services we could reduce that (the world population) by 10-15%

Bill Gates now seemingly identifies as a doctor who is speaking for others unnamed who have collectively decided that….

“For the world at large, normalcy only returns when we’ve largely vaccinated the entire global population.”

As Gates himself puts it, with great pleasure and satisfaction….

“We are taking things that, you know, are genetically modified organisms and we are injecting them into little kid‘s arms. We just shoot them right into the vein.”

Gates also seems to think that a further round of lockdowns is required. It is not just what he says, it is the manner in which he speaks. The following words were spoken with relish as Gates and his wife struggled to conceal the obvious delight that they felt at the prospect of another, more deadly, lockdown. (a lockdown incidentally from which citizens may never escape from.)

We will have to prepare for the next one. That I’d say, will get attention this time”

The lockdowns are simply tools of oppression which serve geo-political objectives. Government terrorism, and indeed genocide, can be directed at the scale and location which best suits the interests of Gates and his affiliates. From their perspective it is a beautiful system which allows them to retain a level of control which would be completely impossible in a genuine pandemic. The “second wave” (or waves) of lockdowns will consolidate the power of the increasingly overt tyranny which has recently seized power. When all potential opposition has been neutered or removed and the bewildered majority has been successfully initiated into the new system the depopulation agenda can proceed in earnest without unwelcome protest or interference. A staged genocide which will be linked with the vaccine and the sterilisation of the human population. That, I believe, is their plan, or at least one part of it.

“The population problem must be recognized as a principal element in long range planning.” John Rockerfeller