Extinction rebellion-controlled operation in the service of the NWO?

The purpose of controlled opposition is to conceal lies amidst truths in order to distort information thereby steering perceptions in the service of the established power structure it purports to oppose. The followers of such groups are often well intentioned, but they may be blinded by their ideological fervour and cognitive bias as they are exploited by a long-established counter-intelligence technique which is especially valuable to ruling hierarchies during times of turbulence and transition. As Lenin is reputed to have said:

“the best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves”

A group of social justice warriors calling themselves “extinction rebellion” have made a sudden impact on the political scene and have received a great deal of media attention, mainly on account of the disruption they have caused in the capital city, London. They make alarmist claims about our impending doom and proselytise about how we must take drastic collective action to save the earth based upon their dogmatic faith in what they presume to be the “scientific consensus” of anthropogenic global warming. These activists, like much of the population, have been deceived by the endless repetition of emotive propaganda and the misrepresentation of climate science in mainstream media. The myth was sold to a gullible public through the techniques promoted by Bernays, and as Adolf Hitler is reputed to have said:

“if you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough it will be believed”What is referred to as “man-made climate change” has not been caused by carbon emissions, it is the result of deliberate weather manipulation (geo-engineering) and the massive aerosol dissemination programme has disrupted the weather, caused increased toxicity in the air and led to a noticeable decline in sunlight, which is referred to as global dimming. Geo-engineering has not, as is claimed, just been introduced on a small scale, it has been ongoing for a long time (without the informed consent of the population) and the government has knowingly allowed it’s citizens to be exposed to harm whilst denying these operations were in progress.
The public has been deceived on a massive scale and there are huge ramifications were the truth to be known but most of the compartmentalized public officials do not want to see what they do not want to know.

Extinction rebellion is part of the wider agenda to blame the effects of geo-engineering on “carbon emissions” as they demand the government impose prohibitive taxation and regulation as “citizen assemblies” under the guidance of “experts” are introduced to supposedly reinvigorate local democracy.

The government was already in the process of implementing these so-called “demands” and the protests in London (and the attention they received) are undoubtedly to their benefit as they can now claim that they are responding to “public concerns” as they rush to introduce legislation to impose their pre-planned taxation whilst seeking ever-increasing power to control and surveil the affairs of private businesses and individuals, all to be introduced under the guise of a “climate emergency”. A carefully orchestrated propaganda campaign has been rolled out in the media to persuade the increasingly sceptical public that they must accept such austerity measures and politicians have predictably been wheeled out to virtue signal their supposed care for the natural world. When naïve young children hopelessly indoctrinated by a broken education system are shamelessly paraded on the world stage to be fawned over by gushing imbecilic public representatives it is a sad reflection of the pitiful state to which this country has been reduced.

A local MSP Ian Blackford has made contributions such as these:
“Holly and Greta’s efforts in encouraging action on climate change across the globe have been exemplary”
“Scotland has long been a leader in the fight against climate change. It is imperative that the UK follows in Scotland’s footsteps and plays it’s part in the fight”
“It is abundantly clear that global warming is worsening” (incorrect, according to statistics from NASA)
MP for Inverness Drew Hendry advised the government that they should “start taking climate change seriously by following the leadership of Scotland’s first minister and declaring a “climate emergency”.

There have been numerous days of heavy spraying over the constituencies these gentlemen purport to represent and there are thousands of dead and dying trees littering the countryside. They are either complicit in wilfully withholding information or they are blissfully unaware of what is going on, which would not be too surprising as Scottish politicians have never appeared to be the sharpest tools in the shed.
This is why conspiracies are so easy, it is simply a question of weak, gullible minds being exploited by malevolence and blind to the agendas they unwittingly serve. As Martin Luther King once said:
“nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity”.

These are wise words and should be heeded by those who are thinking of joining climate-change protests in the mistaken belief that they are saving mankind- nothing could be further from the truth. The protesters of extinction rebellion are facilitating the objectives of the New World Order to target the assets, liberties and lives of the civilian population as they endanger the environment by deflecting attention away from those that are really poisoning the air and they appear to be funded and well organized. It would be unfair to simply assert that they have been set up purposefully to further the interests of the “elites” but it not unreasonable to draw this conclusion: are extinction rebellion controlled opposition in the service of the NWO?


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