Drew Hendry, Ian Blackford and Geo-engineering

This is an open letter to Mr Ian Blackford, Member of Parliament for Ross Skye and Lochaber and Mr Drew Hendry Member of Parliament for Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey.

On the morning of Monday 18th November what was presumably a fleet of military tanker aircraft began a prolonged and intense operation of aerosol dissemination flying in a WNW direction in the skies above the Inverness area and their thick white trails littered the skies over a period of several hours. Dozens of planes were involved, and similar scenes were all to evident the following day. These flights have now become a somewhat familiar spectacle in the local skies and there can be no more denial about what is happening. Local citizens are being continuously sprayed upon without their informed consent.

Why is this happening? The official response that such trails are a result of condensed water vapour is an insult to the intelligence and this is not being done to protect the population from “global warming” either; that is a lie. The most probable explanation is that the programme is concerned with 1. Weather Manipulation, 2. Communication Technology 3. Dumping of Toxic Waste 4. Profiteering (ironically through funding marked for “green” initiatives) and 5. Depopulation (genocide)

You have now been contacted on several occasions regarding the matter of geo-engineering and yet, judging from your public response to the emotive appeals of a damaged and confused child, (Greta Thunberg) the penny still does not appear to have dropped; what is termed man-made climate change has got little if anything to do with “carbon emissions” but is instead the direct result of intentional (and presumably malevolent) weather manipulation. Whilst politicians bicker endlessly over relatively inconsequential subjects and contrived dramas the geo-engineers are quite literally blocking out the sun and calling for “emergency powers” to “fight climate change” is only going to make matters worse because it is this false narrative that is being used to justify geo-engineering. Such ignorance (and stupidity) amongst the political establishment is astounding; perhaps too much time is being spent indoors?

You have shown no indication of accepting or understanding the severity of what is being done and have clearly disregarded the previous request for your resignation. This letter is therefore a reminder to you that geo-engineering remains prevalent over the local area and, as an open letter, it will stand as a written testament that this matter has now been brought to your attention on numerous occasions.

The Flat Earth, 2 Greig St, Inverness.