Church Circular

Churches which continue to acquiesce to the guidelines and directives of a government which has verifiably conspired to terrorize the civilian population are depriving their congregations of spiritual comfort whilst helping to spread the palpable sense of fear and unease which is permeating throughout the country. The various guidelines and mandates which have been decreed following the Coronavirus Act have questionable legality, are not supported by credible science, and are quite obviously being used to subdue and control the civilian population.

“There is a pandemic, there is, but its Pan, the flute player Pan. Pan, Pandemic, Pan demonic. Pan demonium. There is no invisible disease that spreads through people that’s killing people. There is Pan, and he’s playing that flute. And he’s walking people right off a cliff.  March the 14th, I made a video on my last remaining YouTube channel that said name one person with the virus. Name one. Thousands of people…Name one person that you know that got this and died that you know was healthy. No one can name anybody. Thousands, and thousands and thousands. And people say “Just Wait, its March, but by April people in your family will be dead and you’ll be sorry. I said no the f*** I won’t. Name one person. This is a lie. April rolled around, May, June, July, August…Name one person, who is completely healthy, shook someone’s hand, and died. Does anyone know a name. Don’t quote a stat. Don’t tell me a number. Tell me a name. In this time, I could tell you of people who have died from depression, from addiction, from heart disease, from cancer; not one person is dying from the worst illness in history. It’s a test. God is saying Speak out! Don’t take this. Don’t be silent. Don’t be lukewarm. Don’t sit on the fence. He’ll spit you out, that’s a fact, you know that to be true. I did that March 14th. Name one name. One name that I can verify. There hasn’t been one. Yes, people have died with the Corona virus in their system. Did they have a pre-existing condition? Did they have terminal cancer? Yes. Was that the bodies last ditch effort to clean itself? Yes. We all know this, and if you go along with a lie with silence, compliance and a public display of your subservience, (such as wearing a mask) you are serving Satan. It’s not a joke. It’s not fake. It’s not what you do on Sundays so your neighbours think you’re pious. Its real. If you go with that Pan player, you are going off a cliff and your children are right behind you. And it won’t hurt me. “But I know someone who got really sick.” Yeah, old sick people got sick. You don’t say. And you’re going to shut down the entire economy, scare the shit out of another generation over a lie, because you can’t sit and think for five minutes? Since day one. Why? Because I don’t buy their lies. I kept my Logos. My word. I kept it. I never gave it to them.”       Owen Benjamin

Fake a pandemic. Terrorise the population. Population genocide all blamed on a “Virus”. Vaccinate the survivors. Welcome to the New World Order.