Citizen training in the New World Order

Superficially at least, it seems nice to have some sense of normality returning to people’s lives after several months of government mandated confinement. Citizens are now being informed that they are “allowed” to go outside a little more. They have official approval to visit their loved ones as retail establishments are once more permitted to sell their wares, albeit under prohibitive conditions. People can be seen smiling as they emerge from their self-imposed quarantine. Isn’t life wonderful?

No, it is not as will be explained. Sentient human beings are being trained like animals to become the subservient and abused slaves of a small, malevolent clique of psychopaths. This is how it is being done.

The true purpose of easing the lockdown is to introduce a positive reinforcer, a psychological tool which can be defined as….

“anything that, occurring in conjunction with an act, tends to increase the probability that the act will occur again”

The recipient is intended to perceive the positive reinforcer as desirable. Psychologists and animal trainers will dispense rewards amongst their test subjects to modify behaviour in accordance with their objectives, feeding fish to a dolphin for performing a leap being a simple example.

Human beings are being trained in a similar manner. The release of the lockdown is a carefully timed reward which has got nothing at all to do with an imaginary pandemic. The greater the desire there is for a reward, the more effective it can be, which is why the media used finely crafted propaganda to fuel the general sense of frustration and anticipation prior to the partial removal of restrictions. This particular treat has a very important and very specific purpose; it is designed to associate lockdown obedience with a pleasant outcome in the public mind.

And the citizens of this strange new world certainly deserve their treat because for several months people all over the country have willingly confined themselves in a self-imposed quarantine as business and social activity came to a virtual standstill. Thinking themselves to be in mortal danger, they have rather tamely complied with all manner of guidelines which would have been totally unenforceable in the face of widespread non-compliance. These naïve and often well intentioned fools may have assumed that the more abject their obedience, the better their lives would become but that is just not how training works.

Behavioural protocols dictate that the positive reinforcement be as little as is necessary to get the job done which means that the reward is pathetically small if the target subjects are easily compliant. Previously unthinkable levels of bureaucratic interference will remain and are likely to be extended even further. There will be no official relaxation to the mandates regarding social distancing and the wearing of masks. (These are important measures designed to instil obedience and social control and have got nothing at all to do with protecting human health). The “new normal” is going to be as far from the “old normal” as the trainers of the human zoo can hope to get away with and they are far from being finished yet with their docile and bewildered pets.

The conditioning has now prepared the citizen for the next lockdown and in order to justify this, the authorities need only to create the perception of a resurgent Coronavirus which is very easy to do; simply introduce meaningless tests which do not even isolate a virus and then employ blatant statistical manipulation and fraud. The more “testing” is done, the more serious the elusive virus can be perceived to be as one of the handful of remaining journalists discovered when he investigated the apparent outbreak in Leicester….

“Then there is the simple question: Are there more infections because we are looking harder for them? Well, I can tell you this. I asked for a list of testing stations in Leicester and the dates on which they opened. One opened on May 1. All the others – seven of them – have opened since June 18, the very period during which the supposed surge has taken place.”                                                                                                                           Peter Hitchens

It really is that easy, and the beauty of this simple method (there are others- geographically targeted phone surveys being used to “identify” cases for example) is that an “outbreak” can occur at any time and in any place dependant on the wishes of the human trainers. In the United States recently freed citizens are once more being told to hide themselves away in the face of alarmist media reports as businesses and shops shutter their premises for a second time. The trainers are now employing negative reinforcement as they berate citizens for not being sufficiently compliant. They must therefore be punished. Naughty children, go back inside now! Those measures that were so wisely introduced proved effective and so they must be repeated, only they may be used more vigorously this time. The return of the virus can only be the fault of you, the citizenry, for not following our “rules” stringently enough. Non-conformists must be identified and, if necessary, persecuted. Just conform and obey your instructions and everything will be just fine; remember the last time, what a treat it was when we eased the lockdown for you…..

Once people have accepted that the Coronavirus really is a threat to human health, they develop an emotional attachment to that belief which is strengthened by the sacrifices which so many have made in the face of the perceived danger. The entire narrative, as officially explained, is beyond ridiculous and the whole edifice of lies continues to crumble with every passing day, but to the indoctrinated the facts are no longer important. The emotional pain (cognitive dissonance) that it would create to confront reality and to face the humiliation of facing ones one stupidity and pointless self-abasement is difficult to face, especially when surrounded by other dupes who have been similarly deceived. It is a well observed phenomena that such victims of manipulation will often develop a positive emotional bond with their abuser (Stockholm Syndrome) who they will even protect in the face of others trying to release them from their own captivity.(Plato’s cave)

Abusive manipulators are employing intensively studied methods of behavioural psychology to trick human beings into enslaving themselves and the sticks will only continue to get larger and the rewards smaller until the last vestige of humanities self-respect and independence is eliminated. These people will not stop. They are psychopaths who do not respect weakness. They exploit weakness. Their aim (which some have even boasted about) is to have a more manageable population (depopulation/genocide) and to enslave the remainder of humanity as they seize whatever wealth and assets they can amidst the unfolding dystopia they have themselves created. And so far, their diabolical plans appear to be working.