The flat earth is primarily concerned with the shape of the earth but also tries to alert people to the ongoing geoengineering programme which is being implemented without their informed consent. The aerial spraying over the town of Inverness and the surrounding area is becoming increasingly obvious and concerned citizens are being met with evasion and denial all across the world.

The spraying is usually concentrated in front of the sun and the thick trails disperse to form a thick silky haze which noticeably affects visibility especially on days of heavy operations. Closely observing the skies should soon dispel any ideas that “contrails” are creating this mess and there is plenty of documented evidence on what is termed geo-engineering. Condensed information sticks on chemtrails are a good way of alerting people to what is being done and are available at the flat earth as are chemtrail awareness sweatshirts.

David Keith at Harvard University is the most prominent of the climate scientists who advocate spraying metallic particulates into the atmosphere to protect the public from the effects of climate change by remediating sunlight away from the earth. What is said to be under consideration correlates exactly with what we see. Chemtrails are not a conspiracy theory and the public is being sprayed-supposedly for their own good.

It all comes back down to earth and into the soil, the water and the air we breathe. The motivations behind the perpetrators cannot be known with any certainty but if megatonnes of aluminium particulates are being sprayed upon us (Keith) it is a matter of science and of common sense that people and the environment will be adversely affected both by the toxicity and the weakening sunlight. Attentive citizens are noticing a decline in bee populations and a countryside littered with and dead and dying trees and it has been suggested that chemtrails are causing a rise in respiratory ailments and a decline in cognitive function which aluminium is known to effect.

5G communication technology

There are numerous scientific studies which show a clear correlation between wireless technology and a multitude of adverse health effects and yet these concerns are being disregarded by a political system serving the corporate interests of major telecommunications companies.

What is going on?

Those who have been implementing a worldwide “stratospheric aerosol injection” programme on a civilian population without seeking their informed consent (and pretended it was not going on) are now claiming that this is to be “considered” and it is essential in the “fight” against “global warming”.

There are others who warn that aerial spraying and the microwave communication technology are examples of weaponized technology which are the “silent weapons for quiet wars” that the military-industrial complex is using to suppress and weaken the civilian population. There are communication towers and poles going up everywhere (for what tangible benefit?) and dozens of aircraft (sometimes untraceable on apps) are leaving trails from horizon to horizon over this town, as they are the length and breadth of the country.