Scientists are the refined products of a systematic educational process which has been intentionally designed to programme the student into orthodoxy and obedience through the suppression of intellect and within their ranks are some of the most close-minded and indoctrinated minds that have ever spawned from the collective consciousness; a considerable portion of these people seem incapable of mastering even the most rudimentary aspects of logical thought. Scientism is their new religion, a world in which the uninitiated are expected to uphold blind dogmatic faith in revered institutions whilst placidly accepting proclamations from the chosen priests – and woe to the heretic that would dare to question them!

Scientists have a tendency to react with petulance and derision when faced with the flat earth conspiracy because this revelation undermines the psychological foundations of their entire belief system, destroys their most venerated idols and exposes their own gullible stupidity for slavishly accepting and repeating what is possibly the most absurd doctrine that the imagination of man has yet conceived. None of these compartmentalized zealots have “studied” the shape of the earth at all; they have simply accepted the world as it was presented to them and having considerable emotional investment to protect will instinctively defend their worldview when it is called into question.

“If your intellectual territory is a particular idea you are going to tend to contradict any ideas that contradict that. The stronger the ideas are, the stronger your resistance is going to be”
Graham Hancock

Unfortunately for the short-term psychological wellbeing of many within the scientific community the “ideas” pertaining to a level earth are not simply strong, they are irrefutable. The properties of a substances will always conform to its reality and contorted mental gymnastics cannot redefine axioms; water shall always seek to find and maintain its level whilst a vacuum and a pressurized system cannot co-exist without a sealed separation between the two, regardless of how vehemently it is protested otherwise. This negation of reality is an extreme example of a collective psychosis which has been caused by a contagious mind virus commonly referred to as “cognitive dissonance” in which the human mind will deny the truth and lie to itself thereby greatly hindering the search for objective truth.

“Sometimes people hold a core belief that is very strong. When they are presented with evidence that works against that belief, the new evidence cannot be accepted. It would create a feeling that is extremely uncomfortable, called cognitive dissonance. And because it is so important to protect the core belief, they will rationalize, ignore and even deny anything that does not fit in with the core belief” Frantz Fanon

The promotion and endorsement of “science” and the simplistic and generalized manner with which the word is used is an intentional subterfuge for it allows what is subjective and conjectured to be concealed amidst the objective and the empirical and thereby be validated by association. Such sleight of hand allows falsified and misrepresented information to be presented as factually true and for objectors to be defined and condemned as “anti-scientific” by servile political and media establishments working in conjunction with affiliated corporate and financial institutions.

This process inevitably incentivizes the funding of scientific “research” by vested interests (or their front organizations) which then further corrupts scientists, institutions and educational establishments thereby creating a perverse demand for the indoctrinated, the immoral and the simple-minded to fill positions of influence; it also creates a situation where the most powerful corporations on earth have a mutual interest in promoting and protecting the equity of the “science” brand name as anything labelled as “scientific” will immediately become eligible for political, media and public endorsement.

“Scientists have discovered that people will believe anything when you say that scientists have discovered it”

Theoretical science, soft science and pseudoscience are all unprovable sciences giving claims, beliefs and theories which are widely accepted despite not adhering to the testable, observable and repeatable criteria of the scientific method. Scientism is a faith which has, in large part, been created, encouraged and sustained for the base motive of widespread profiteering which must now be considered in serious jeopardy; scientists are now seeing for themselves the pervasive corruption and dissolution within their respective fields and it seems hard to comprehend how this fraud can continue as the true shape of the earth becomes more widely accepted.