Flat Earth Books

There are a selection of books at the flat earth which can be purchased or borrowed. Most flat earth reading comes from the 19th century and the books are reprints and not originals. The authors were Zetetic scientists, Zetetic being derived from the Greek language, Zeteo meaning to search or examine. Their ethos was a firm adherence to a natural science which was based on practicality and sound logical principles and their intellectual honesty stands in marked contrast to the celebrity “scientists” of the present era. The more recent books have the benefit of observations with modern optics and should prove beyond any reasonable doubt to the discerning reader that the earth is level and does not move.

The greatest lie by Edward Hendrie (2016)

With nearly 600 pages (over 800 in the expanded version) the greatest lie is the most comprehensive book ever written on the flat earth.

The flat earth conspiracy  by Eric Dubay (2014)

Paying homage to 19th-century researchers Dubay also presents plenty of contemporary observations in this accessible and well illustrated book.

Terra Firma by David Wardlaw Scott (1901)

An impressive and interesting read, terra firma is a mixture of science and the relation of flat earth cosmology to biblical scripture.

One hundred proofs the earth is not a spinning globe by William Carpenter (1885)

Carpenter presents 100 reasoned arguments that the earth is not a ball writing with derisive exasperation.

Zetetic Cosmogony Thomas Winship “Rectangle” (1899)

This book is an absolute gem. The prose is a bit condescending at times but the science is thorough and the fallacious reasoning of the heliocentrics is continually exposed.

Zetetic Astronomy – Earth not a globe-Samuel Rowbotham (1865)

Written by the most prominent 19th-century proponent, this book concentrates on the experimental and observational evidence and features the famed Bedford levels experiment.

Kings Dethroned Gerard Hickson (1922)

Revealing a sorry tale of how the earth came to be perceived as a globe. This book reveals how the helicentrics failed to adhere to the scientific method and the sound principles of logical deduction.

Zetetic Astronomy Lady Blount and Albert Smith (1904)

A short book which was written by members of the zetetic society focusing on celestial observation.

Is the Bible from heaven-is the Earth a globe Alex Gleeson (1890)

Comparing biblical scripture with contemporary science at the time, this is a heavy tome which seeks to discredit heliocentricism from both a theological and scientific perspective.

Waking up in Inverness – (2018)
A small booklet about the flat earth, the conspiracy and the poisoning of the population.