Apartheid is coming to the UK (If we allow it)

A fortnight or so ago I stopped by a small (Harry Gow) bakery to order some food and was challenged on my arrival at the counter with the following question: “Do you have a mask?” Tersely, but politely, I replied, “No, but we have already gone through this before” (Several weeks previous; same establishment, different employee) as I explained, once again, the legal case for discrimination with regards to withdrawal of service.

But this time there would be no pies and no smile.

The staff member insisted that if I did not wear a mask then I must instead put on a lanyard and explained that no food could be purchased unless I complied with a demand that was, from the perspective of protecting the public health, utterly nonsensical. Service was therefore withheld although the matter is not yet settled; the local customer service manager later stated verbally that the staff had acted in accordance with company policy and a formal letter of complaint, the reply to which has not yet been forthcoming, has been submitted to Harry Gow bakeries for their consideration.

The employees within the Harry Gow bakery that refused service have themselves been wearing face coverings for many months now and their customers likewise adorn these ridiculous garments whilst obediently queueing outside in compliance with the bakeries government “mandated” policy on “social distancing.” It seems fair to surmise that most of these individuals either believe that the “virus” itself poses a significant threat (despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary) or they have allowed their behaviour to be conditioned by the will of the collective consciousness; Either way precious little tolerance is forthcoming for the small percentage of people who still refuse to wear face masks and the social pressure is to conform to the prevailing orthodoxy.

In itself a small incident such as this may not appear to be especially significant, but refusal of service is a key component within an ever-expanding agenda which seeks to exclude from society those that refuse to go along with the physically and psychologically damaging lunacy that is now demanded of any aspiring member to the New Coronavirus Order which has recently been founded amidst a prolonged and intensive period of incremental behaviour modification. First it was “social distancing” (amongst other things), then it was the wearing of face masks and next (if people allow it) will be an acceptance of arbitrary “vaccination.”

Those that stubbornly insist upon retaining control over the autonomy of their own body by refusing to allow profiteering pharmacological cartels to use their skin as an experimental pin cushion will, in the planned future dystopia, be denied access to employment, travel, leisure facilities, social gatherings and healthcare. Such “undesirables” will effectively become second-class citizens within a system of worldwide apartheid that segregates between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. The imposition of such a system is clearly not a desirable outcome which is the reason why the minutiae of this agenda, such as the Harry Gow situation, require considered attention.

Unwitting civilians have been propagandised, or, as Brian Gerrish would say “re-framed”, into a psychological condition that is commonly known as the Stockholm syndrome, this being a state of mind that occurs when hostages or abuse victims form a bond with their captors or abusers which is in this case our rogue national government/media. The process by which this unfortunate situation came to pass is explained within the following transcript that was recorded whilst filming Loch Ness from the Fort Augustus shoreline on the 14th July 2020….

“About the easing of the lockdown; it is nice to see people out and about again, but they have come out because they have been socially engineered to come out, they have come out because the politicians have given them “permission” to come out when all along all they had to do was release themselves. It’s very troubling. There is a book there, “don’t shoot the dog”, the new art of teaching and training by Karen Pryor, and basically it really is relevant to what is going on just now. People are being given some positive reinforcement; that is the term that she uses, just like giving a dog a treat, a biscuit, for doing good. So basically they have shut down all their businesses, they’ve lost all their day-to-day life, just destroyed, their entertainments, social gatherings……What you would term normality has been…..Well, they have deprived themselves of it. But they have lost it all. Because they have made that sacrifice, they are getting a little titbit, they are getting “allowed” out again. And the titbit, in training, is as small as you can get away with. Because people up in the Highlands particularly have been so abjectly compliant it’s just……It’s pitiful.

These people will be back with another lockdown. The way they make a lockdown is just to manipulate the statistics. That’s the beauty of it, they can have a lockdown whenever they want and next time, they’ll come back they will come back even harder, and again, they have already socially engineered people to think that it will have been caused by people not observing “social distancing”, not wearing masks and all this sort of nonsense. That’s the negative reinforcement; that is the punishment. I mean, we are basically dealing with abusive and manipulative behaviour and the real danger now is that the people who have been abused and manipulated: i.e. the overwhelming majority of the population who failed to see through this utter bullshit are going to get locked in the “Dunning Kruger” (I should have said “Stockholm Syndrome”) and actually turn to their abuser for comfort and protection. And it is pretty obvious, as I have been trying to say for a long time, that these people want to depopulate, they want to seize the assets of people, and they want to take away their liberties. But they need people’s cooperation to do that, so people are not encouraged to think about how they are manipulated. Just some thoughts from Loch Ness……”

The chosen testbed for the planned medicinally based apartheid control structure is the state of Israel, where concerned citizens have compared conditions to the early days of the Weimar Republic on account of the blatant discrimination that is currently being directed towards unvaccinated civilians within this unfortunate country. There, as here, the victims of Stockholm syndrome are being groomed for horror by their own malevolent oppressors who are now seeking to recruit an army of willing servants to persecute and suppress the principal threat to their own malevolent power, namely the small minority of people who have somehow retained the ability to think.

And we are, I believe, being forewarned of this albeit it somewhat cryptically.

Consider the following statements…

“Mass infection prevention and mass vaccination with leaky Covid-19 vaccines in the midst of a pandemic can only breed highly infectious variants.”
“Immediate cancellation of all ongoing Covid mass vaccination campaigns should now become the most acute health emergency of international concern.”

“So far, nobody has provided any kind of scientific evidence or rationale that massive human intervention (i.e,. global implementation of infection prevention measures and mass vaccination) in the Covid-19 pandemic will lead to a decrease in mortality and morbidity rates in the human population.”

These are the words of Dr Geert Vanden Bossche, an eminent virologist, whose extensive career has involved working with Glaxo Kline, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the GAVI vaccine alliance. The vaccine man almost comes across here as a “lockdown sceptic!

And there is truth in what is being said for the vaccination programme should be stopped immediately and there is no viable evidence to suggest that any so-called Covid 19 health protection measures are in any way effective. That said, there is also, in my opinion, a great deal of dangerous misdirection being peddled here. The “rogue” virologist has speculated that repetitive mass inoculation will cause mutating strains of “Coronavirus” that will then create the potential for a very real pandemic to spread throughout the population, a situation which could then prove to be especially hazardous for the unvaccinated.

Now I do agree that the vaccinations are likely to cause death and suffering on a significant scale, but as a subscriber to the terrain theory I believe that any harmful effects will be the result of compromised immune systems, or “vaccinosis” and not, as Geert postulates, transmissible infection. Is a cover story, albeit a clumsy one, being prepared in anticipation for mass casualties amongst the civilian population?

Is the seemingly apocalyptic warning from the good doctor a cryptic message which has been veiled in allegory? The “Coronavirus” is, as we have said so many times before, a disease of the mind and perhaps the “new variants” of this pathological delusion are intended to ferment pathological behaviour amongst members of the Coronavirus cult?

Could this also be a cryptic message which portends to the planned mobilisation of the compliant majority within the population against those who refuse to submit to the needle? Perhaps the unvaccinated are indeed at risk from the vaccinated but not for somewhat more prosaic reasons than those that are now being postulated by Dr Bossche?

Remember that famous quote, attributed to Voltaire?

“Those that can make you believe absurdities can also make you commit atrocities.”

The next step, relating to the Harry Gow situation, will be to send the above article to the relevant parties along with issue 7 of the people funded “The Light” truth paper to which the above will also be submitted for possible future publication.

And one further point for consideration; no viable scientific case has yet been made for the efficacy of face coverings and the prolonged use of such garments has been shown by scientific study to have a detrimental effect on both the physical and psychological health of the wearer as evidenced within section 7 (The problem with masks) of the ten-part compendium that was enclosed alongside the initial letter of formal complaint.

It can only be hoped that bakery staff are not being pressured or coerced into the wearing of face masks and perhaps it would be wise for both the staff and management of Harry Gow to consider carefully the potential ramifications of any future attempt to implement a “no jab, no job” policy upon retail employees.

This is precisely why the Flat Earth Inverness has continually warned people not to engage in the preparatory mask wearing ritual.

Take off that mask!