A letter to the future James Corbett 11.4.20

The lamps are going out all over Europe, we shall not see them lit again in our lifetime.”

World War One conspirator Edward Grey. I do not write these letters for my contemporaries; we are the damned. It is our lot now to watch as the lamp of liberty is extinguished, our burden to bear witness to the final flickering of the flame of freedom. No, I do not write these words for my peers, I write them for those yet to come, the inhabitants of that future dystopia whose birth pangs we are experiencing. The remnant of once free humanity who might through some miracle, I can’t even imagine come across this electronic message in a bottle. I know that it’s almost hopeless, that the chance of these words surviving the coming Internet purge are slim at best, that even if, against all odds, this message does wash up on your digital shores, that the chance of these words being understood by you is even slimmer. Not because you don’t understand English but because you no longer use these words I’m writing. Freedom. Humanity. Individual. Still, I am here to record the end of an era so I will press on in the hope against hope that someone, somewhere in the future digital dark age will have eyes to see and ears to hear.

The darkness is descending, let there be no mistake we all know this. We know what it means when 17 million Americans, a full 10% of the workforce, are added to the unemployment rolls in a mere three weeks. When they are joined by millions more newly unemployed ex-workers all around the globe. When modern-day breadlines stretch for miles in the heart of Americas once-proud cities. When the phoney-baloney Fiat funny-money debt rises over 24 trillion and the Feds Sovietization of the economy is complete. We know what it means when police start shooting people dead for not wearing a mask, when drones police quarantines from the skies and robots police lockdowns on the ground. When governments admit to tracking every movement of every citizen and begin internal checkpoints where digital immunity passports determine who may pass and who must stay in their home. We know what it means when billionaires start telling us that their new experimental M.R.N.A vaccine will be able to release us from this nightmare. When they threaten to mark us with invisible ink tattoos to I.D the vaccinated. When they tell us, we will not be able to buy or sell or participate in the economy until we can prove our immunity. It means that the Corona world order has arrived.

Oh sure, some will still deny it, but they are only fooling themselves. They are afraid to admit that its true. Many are still under the old conditioning that told them to bleat “conspiracy theorist” at anyone questioning authority. We have a name for that kind, sheep, or sometimes sheeple. The masses in our day are kept in the pen by the jack-booted sheepdogs of the police state and led along by the political puppets who act as their shepherds. Occasionally a wise old-timer in the flock cottons-on the game but the shepherd has only ever fleeced the flock before, so he resigns himself to his fate. Why struggle, its mostly painless. Never did the sheeple suspect that someday the shepherds would lead them to the slaughter. It is a term of derision of course, sheeple, but I like to think that it doesn’t just speak to our stupidity, it speaks to our naivety and innocence. We are trusting and gentle creatures by nature, peaceable, cooperative, that is nothing to be scorned. If it weren’t for the predators in our midst, our failings could even be counted as virtues.

But I am not here to say that, I am here to say this; resist, struggle, fight; you are not cogs in a machine. Despite what the shepherds of your day may be telling you, you are free and beautiful human beings. You are not born under the authority of another. You choose how you live your life, not some bureaucrat, not some police robot, not some immunity checkpoint, algorithm or QR code. You do not need permission to buy or sell or assemble or speak your mind or leave your house. You are not an asymptomatic carrier of whatever virus your mis-leaders are telling you to be afraid of. You do not have to shelter in place because someone in a white lab-coat told you to.

I want you to understand that once upon a time the government didn’t have the right to know where you were, who you were meeting with, what you were buying and what you were doing 24/7. Hell, the government didn’t even have the ability to do that. I need you to know there was a time when you could leave your house when you wanted, travel where you wanted, buy and sell as you saw fit, meet your neighbours, rally, protest and party. Live, as free human beings are meant to live. Oh, what am I saying, these words, this language, it makes no sense to you does it? These concepts don’t exist in your time, do they? You go where you are told to go, you stay home when you are told to stay home and you shut up when you are told to shut up and you think what you are told to think. I can’t blame you after all, you are trusting and naïve and peaceful like a sheep but oh, how I weep for what you have become.

I tried to avert it, please believe me. I really tried. But the lamp of liberty is being extinguished and I am bearing witness. I don’t know if history is something you study anymore but UK Foreign Secretary Sir Edward Grey made the following observation about the lamps going out all over Europe at the end of the so-called 12 days. The period during the summer of 1914 in which the mainstream history books tell us that the British were trying to avoid a World War; we are asked to believe that this prescient remark proved Grey to be a sage diplomat, racked with grief over the pain and suffering that was about to be unleashed upon the world. But this is History by the winners of the worst kind. In truth Grey himself was one of the conspirators that was actively working to bring the First World War about. What’s more the source of his quotation is in fact Grey himself, it was first recorded in Grey’s own Post-War memoir. Any tears by Grey about the extinguishing of those lamps were crocodile tears to be sure. One can well imagine that some years hence Bill Gates made a similarly portentous remark at the onset of the Corona crisis. Gazing out of the window of his 147.5 million-dollar 66,000 square foot Xandar 2.0 mansion at the then epicentre of the US outbreak in Washington state. Gates post-Corona virus memoir will no doubt tell that he remarked to an underling “the lights are going out all across the globe, we shall not see them lit again in our lifetime. But his memoir will no doubt fail to inform us that he was smirking as he said it.

To my children, or my children’s children or whatever remnant of once-free humanity happens to unearth these words in the God forsaken future we are goose-stepping into, I am sorry, I failed you. We all failed you. But remember this; as long as the blood of your forbears flow through your veins, the lamp of human freedom shall not be extinguished forever. Let it shine, dear sheep, let it shine.