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Don’t trust those testing kits

The purpose of “tests”

Right at beginning of the non-pandemic, shortly after the “two week to flatten the curve” period if I recall correctly, I caused some offence to a village shopkeeper by announcing, perhaps a little too forthrightly, that the Coronavirus story was nothing but a hoax. Regretting the manner in which I had acted and the upset that had been caused I resolved to send the gentleman a letter of apology. Of course I knew then, as I know now, that the civilian population had been earmarked for something of a human culling and a thought had come into my mind regarding the potential for the proposed testing kits to be used as a vector for “Coronavirus” transmission. I knew the man’s wife worked in a local hospital and so sure I was of what was going to happen next I decided to send warning of the perceived danger by writing ”It is going to be in the test kits!” within the text of the letter. Now in retrospect this was a little hasty and I was admittedly somewhat unsettled in mind about the entire “lockdown” situation at the time albeit for somewhat different reasons than most other people. Since that time the lady has, I am sure, undergone several testing procedures just like millions of other people (including some that I know personally) and to the best of my knowledge no harm has yet befallen any of them. Perhaps I was wrong all along and I certainly hope that this is so.

This morning, some nine months later, I awakened to those same unsettled thoughts however and the niggling doubts about those testing kits have never really left my mind. The whole “testing” process has proved to be highly disturbing in any case and the official justification for their continued use can be discounted on the following grounds; a) There is no “pandemic” and b) The tests don’t work, or at least not in the way that people have been led to believe. The true (known) purpose of widespread testing amongst the civilian population has been to a) Control both the perceived scale and severity of the illusory pandemic and b) To isolate and discriminate against those people who are sick (Limited though they are, the various “tests” do at least have this capability). And in this regard they have worked very well indeed.

But I fear there is a deeper and far more insidious purpose for which these things may have also been intended. Those who are tested can sometimes find themselves being subjected to an invasive and uncomfortable six inch nasal probe which is neither practical nor necessary. Something untoward is certainly going on and whilst it may appear that these things are relatively safe they most certainly have the potential to cause harm as any number of diabolical pathogens could quite conceivably be introduced into the human body through the use of this method.

A brainwashed medical fraternity has already been tricked into causing harm to people and it does now seem as if one of their planned primary methods moving forward will be to be to use quite specific bio-chemical agents to target the human immune system. There is unfortunately now likely to be a very real mass death event in the near future but the causal effect will not be some nonsensical “Coronavirus” pandemic but rather the various medical interventions that have been put in place to ostensibly protect the civilian population from this perceived but non-existent danger.


What is really going on?

Is it not now glaringly obvious that this world is not being managed in the manner that people have been conditioned to believe and is the reader at least open to the possibility that there may be a lot more to this existence than perhaps they had previously thought? We write for those who might wish to view the events of the previous year from an alternative perspective which somewhat contradicts the news as presented by the constant and rather boring repetition of government propaganda.

You are born into a cult that is governed by a hive-mind mentality which is largely controlled by an intelligence that is so powerful that it is almost impossible to conceive of it as being of human origin. Now there may well be more benevolent aspects of consciousness seeking to influence human affairs (There almost certainly are) but for the moment it is quite obvious that something has gone very amiss here upon this earth. A powerful evil dwells among us now although the majority of the population appear to be somewhat oblivious to its presence and they have received precious little in the way of useful guidance from their next to useless clergy.

Not that the events of 2020 have happened in isolation of course for these transformative times are not simply the result of happenstance but rather the culmination of decades, if not centuries, of extremely intricate preparation. The cult member does not notice this conspiracy because their human lifetime is so short and is spent amongst a bewildered herd of similarly confused lost souls who cannot see the forest for the trees so to speak although they will rapidly and rather enthusiastically devour any fellow wanderers that can. Remember that this has been, at the highest levels, an inter-generational conspiracy and one which has very much been organised around the apparent manifestation of this supposedly deadly virus. But what exactly is a “virus”?

There is no compelling evidence to substantiate the claim that what are termed viruses even exist. Whatever viruses are said to be, they are most certainly not living things. It is said they can show signs of life within living cells but quite how anyone could assert this with confidence is very unclear as it transpires that no person has ever actually seen a virus. Any “proof” that is offered regarding viruses comes by way of inductive reasoning whereby observed effects have been attributed to an assumed cause….

~ An effect is observed, repeatedly
~ A hypothesis is formed to explain the observed effect.
~ Further experiments support the hypothesis and it is then elevated to a theory (In this case germ theory).
The conclusion is probable, rather than certain which is why, strictly speaking, no scientific theory is regarded as being true. (The Trivium)

An equally valid hypothesis to explain flu like symptoms is the Terrain Theory which can be briefly summarised as follows; Toxicity is assimilated from the environment. The immune system then responds and expels those toxins primarily through skin and nasal secretion. This process causes some discomfort and debilitation but a person in good health soon recovers and feels rejuvenated. At no time could this person be considered as “contagious” or to be a hazard to others.

The scientific literature which supports the passage of infected aerosols from one person to another is just as unconvincing as the studies which purport to show the efficacy of face masks to prevent what is termed viral transmission. But germ theory has officially won this debate and the matter is supposedly settled; the breath of a human being has been deemed by the scientific consensus to be potentially hazardous to another person’s health.


Why was germ theory accepted?

Very often the surface layer of a conspiracy is simply down to money, currency being the energy that has been used to control all supply chains, especially those that are concerned with knowledge and information. Scientific research that is unverifiable and unfalsifiable will always be bought and paid for if it is expedient to do so and the mark up for pharmaceutical products can be, according to one modern day enthusiast, as high as twenty to one. And so the vested interests predictably contrived to influence science, academia, the media, politicians, and whomever else they could get their grabbling little paws on because in this business there is no profit in terrain theory and an absolute killing (quite literally) to be had from germ theory. The scientists themselves do not necessarily have to be complicit; it is usually just a case of promoting and financing those who have themselves arrived at the prescribed opinion through indoctrination for the cult “education” system has been specifically designed, and financed, to churn out such useful functionaries.

And once that is done it is simply a matter of constant repetition, visual imagery and salesmanship. And we all know, or should know, just how important it is to get the sales pitch right. Nothing quite sells the concept of contagious “viruses” more than a historical, written or filmed account of a “pandemic” so they control, through finance, the publishing houses, the media and the film industry which conspire to create a worldwide advertisement campaign peddling theories and histories which then become an established narrative throughout the now even more deluded cult. And a great deal of what is termed modern medicine has evolved through this very process particularly in relation to vaccines. Listed below is a selective list of somewhat dubious viral conditions that it is claimed have been identified in the modern era.

Swine flu (1976) HIV/AIDS (1981-) BSE (cattle) 1996-2001 (non-viral) Foot and mouth (Livestock) (2001) SARS (2002-04) Nigerian Polio outbreak (2007) Bluetongue virus (cattle) (2007) H1N1 Swine flu (2009) West African Ebola (2013-16) ZIKA virus (2015)

They were promoted with widespread and emotive media coverage and often a terrifying taxpayer-funded advertising campaign would be used to spread fear and alarm.

The symptoms were somewhat ill-defined and could be attributed to any number of existing ailments.

Alternate hypotheses to explain symptoms and purported fatalities were disregarded.

The somewhat arbitrary “tests” failed to isolate or visualise the alleged virus.

The predicted horror never materialised.

The presented cures proved to be somewhat harmful and often deadly.


If terrain theory is correct and viruses do not exist then each of the above has been a total fraud that was presumably perpetrated so that certain interests could generate significant revenue streams as an illusory health scare was used as an excuse to justify further extensions in the power of authority. And on a human level this is all perfectly understandable but what is difficult to grasp is the coordination and planning that links all of these seemingly unrelated non-events together. At the higher levels this was never about “fighting disease” or even mere profiteering; each manufactured crisis was a systems test for the main event of 2020 and the architects of chaos would much prefer it if their supposed subjects were never able to work this out. So they have kept the masses distracted and dumbed them down with mindless entertainment and an appalling education system.

“The quality of education given to the lower class must be of the poorest sort so that the moat of ignorance isolating the inferior class is and remains incomprehensible to the inferior class”. Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

“Coronavirus” is simply an infection of the mind that is propagated by an intelligence that knows well that people are connected to one another energetically and in that sense it can be said that emotionally at least human beings are extremely contagious. The virus, from the perspective of that intelligence, seems to be us. And by “us” we mean the entirety of humanity including those that have been deceived into labouring slavishly towards what could ultimately prove to be their own destruction if they ever do “succeed” in their dangerous and quite misguided endeavours.


How are they planning to kill people?

We are currently living through the early stages of a planned genocide which is establishing what is likely to be a recurrent theme in the coming months and years; kill people directly or create conditions in which they will inevitably perish and then blame their demise upon the non-existent “virus”. The initial stage of the programme involved causing the death of tens of thousands of elderly people through neglect and mistreatment (UK) and now after an eight month hiatus period this demographic is once more being targeted through a carefully weaponised “vaccine” that appears to be designed to kill the most vulnerable amongst them.

One can only imagine what it must have been like, both then and now, for these poor people as they laid down to die alone, isolated from their loved ones and surrounded by an array of alarmingly attired strangers who had been instructed by protocol to remain devoid of all humanity. A country that has permitted such an abomination to be propagated against the most vulnerable members of its society is quite simply broken for when, in the known history of mankind, did a culture allow for its elders to pass from this realm in such an appalling fashion?

This killing operation will not be confined to the elderly and the general population could now be in very real danger. If the officially endorsed “scientists” have contrived to create a scenario in which the presentation of toxic secretion is seen as a problem that needs to be suppressed then it stands to reason that it is the human immune system itself that is at risk from these immunisation programmes. And the manner in which these immune systems will be affected can be predicted because it has already been revealed to us in those oh-so carefully contrived writings regarding the supposed 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic (A cover for vaccinosis incidentally) which refers to the bodies overactive immune system response to contagion, or perhaps toxicity, as a cytokine storm.

“A Cytokine storm is an overproduction of immune cells and their activating compounds which is often associated with a surge of activated immune cells into the lungs. The resulting lung inflammation and fluid build-up can lead to respiratory distress and can be contaminated by a secondary bacterial pneumonia- often enhancing the mortality in patients.”

Or, as put more bluntly in an invocation ritual from 2020 …“I can’t breathe”

I believe that they are planning to engineer a very real pandemic, nothing like the 2020 pretend one, in which biochemical primer agents are injected, or probed, into the human body. The effects of this will not necessarily have to show up immediately but could rather manifest the next time that the immune system responds to the presence of toxicity. When this happens what is termed the flu (Or the “Coronavirus” as it is now being called) really could prove to be deadly for the person concerned but the passage of time will have disassociated the death both legally and perceptually from the means by which that person was killed. And in the longer-term, under medical tyranny, a “pandemic” will be a means of population control that can be used in a myriad of different ways at whatever time and place that is deemed to be appropriate. It therefore seems wise to avoid both vaccination and intrusive testing kits.

And again, I do hope that I am very much mistaken about this.

But it all makes such logical sense; a civilian population has being systematically asset-stripped and the rather vacated and psychopathic entities that have so thoroughly engineered their financial demise will see little value in the continuing existence of such potentially troublesome and irritating liabilities. Is it not quite obvious that something extremely unpleasant is about to happen in a country where brainwashed and demoralised citizens are pressured, and increasingly coerced, into wearing face masks? There is something else; the whole Coronavirus pantomime has become such demonstrable nonsense at this point that the narrative simply may not be able to withstand the scrutiny of the increasing number of people who are seriously questioning what is going on. If people can start to free themselves, which they should have been doing right from the very start of this charade, then real horror, and the reactive countermeasures to that horror, will soon put a stop to that. They hope. It will also fuel the vitriol of a dangerous and emotional mob as its inherent rage is directed against anyone that is openly standing up against what is being done.

And so it is as well to get these things in writing before they happen.


Can genocide be averted?

I am not sure that it can now as the civilian population is so far gone psychologically. We certainly try though. The people who are behind this do appear to follow this strange karmic law whereby they must release information regarding their intent (Test kits infected with the “virus” being reported on for example) proceeding onward only on the proviso that their plans have not openly been called out. Humanity is being deceived into destroying itself through an inability to see through the illusions and so by writing prose such as this we help shine a little light on the Coronavirus trick in the hope that this message (and others like it) will help shake this population from its collective stupor whilst there is still hopefully time to avert a quite horrific scenario from unfolding. Remember, we are not alone and humanity is not the virus.

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Ian’s Blog; The Open Door

The open door

Part One

Wednesday March 14th, 2020. Aberdeen, Eastern Scotland. I had travelled there the previous day to meet my wife, who was touching down at the airport, having been away in her native Colombia.

We had a day to spare before returning home. The morning was cold, crisp, clear – beautiful in the stark, austere way that Scotland can be beautiful – and we opted for a trip out of town.

The bus moved swiftly along the nearly-empty new ring road, or by-pass, or whatever it’s called, before heading north through wide landscapes beneath an even more expansive blue sky. I remember it well: it was a funny feeling. We were the only passengers on the bus, and the world seemed to be closing down. The virus was here, or nearly here. Like us, heading north; it was only a matter of time.

The bus made a detour from the main road to take in the infamous Trump golf course. This was the reason for the end of a beautiful friendship between Donald Trump and Alex Salmond a few years back. The American was none-too-happy with Mr Windfarm’s plans to stick a bunch of turbines off the coast in clear sight of the golf course. True to form, Salmond went ahead. The turbines are there, out at sea, but not far from shore. An insult to the eye and the intelligence. They are visible enough from Aberdeen beach, but from the golf course a decent swing of your club, and the ball will ping of the body of a turbine. I wouldn’t want to play golf there. Not that I play golf….

Ellon: our destination for the day. A small and pleasant town some fifteen miles north of Aberdeen, lazily straddling the River Ythan. We had little idea what we would find there, but a small, smart, modern-in-a-rustic-kind-of-way cafe proved perfect for a late lunch.

It was a weird feeling. The staff were keeping up a semblance of normality, but there was an unmistakeable sense of this fast fading. The final playing-out of the ritual of normality, before an as-yet undefined apocalypse was upon us.
The same strange energetic vibration accompanied us as we strolled beside the river in the afternoon sun and into the final fading warmth of the day. People with dogs, kids, pushchairs, all as usual; but not.

Now away from the bustle of the city, I relaxed and lent an ear to my instincts, intuitions. The inner antennae relayed to me two (then puzzling) things. A voice declared loud and clear:”Evil is abroad. It has emerged from its hiding place and is now roaming the face of the Earth.” And, it continued:”Trust in authority is finished. You must believe nothing, no-one, who poses as ‘authority’. You can no longer afford to do so. Your life depends on it.”


Part Two

Sunday April 5th 2020. I sat down at my laptop in anticipation. An interview. By now, much of the human world had been plunged into varying degrees of panic, fear, confusion, apprehension, and anxiety. People would jump into the nearest hedge at my approach, or into the path of an oncoming bus. They would stay at home and have a heart attack, rather than go to hospital for help, such was their fear of the novel pathogen. And vast swathes of the population barely deigned to set foot outside their front door; there was no knowing where the killer virus might be lurking.

Into this world of terrified headless chickens came David Icke. On April 5th he sat down with Brian Rose for the conversation which, in the real history of the world, has become known as Rose/Icke ll.

I had dipped somewhat into Icke’s work a decade ago. As the years had passed, so had my attention to what he was doing. But now, searching, scavenging, for clues about this ‘pandemic’, I found him turning up on my radar once more. In the few snippets I caught, he was speaking sense, a commodity becoming rarer by the day.

I scrutinised his substantial frame. He sat focussed, still, his arthritis-affected hands at ease. I scanned his facial features, his mouth, his eyes, for tell-tale signs. I fell back in my seat at what I saw. The man had no fear. Not the faintest flicker. He was out of it, completely. He knew; what, exactly, I did not understand. But he knew. And it was a miracle.

He started to speak, elucidating the various elements going to create the pandemic, or plandemic, as it was to become known; elements which continue to come into play right now, as the planned agenda unfolds. In conclusion, he declared that he was more powerful than ‘them’ – the Cult, the dark forces, the Cabal – and explained precisely why.

It was a unique experience – one of those ‘I was there’ moments. A point arrived in the conversation when Icke seemed in contact with some higher force, a different dimension of being altogether, as he intoned the nature of the present, and of the future unless we stop it. My wife meandered casually past the laptop, but ended up watching the entire thing, transfixed.

It was early in the conversation that David explained how he had been spending all hours reading, researching, listening, studying, what experts, specialists, medical people, were saying. And then he intoned his game-changing conclusion: “There is no vai-russ.”

Excuse me. What’s that you just said?

For his troubles, Icke was immediately thrown off YouTube; but it was too late. Millions – literally – had watched as he laid out the elements comprising the panic-demic and its nefarious intent. Millions more have watched since. Once out, the genie will never get stuffed back in the bottle.



Part Three

It’s a funny thing, really. I never really believed the story. Never fell for it. The official story of the novel, uniquely dangerous killer pathogen. It always smelled off, weird, suspect, phony. I have never felt afraid of the virus. I tried, but failed miserably. Even if something nasty were going around, and I dropped dead as a result, well, it would be a shame, because I’ve got things going for me at the moment. But these things happen. Far more fearful is the prospect of the vaccine Stasi turning up at the front door at 5am ready to plunge a needle into my arm.

Instinct as it presented itself in Ellon turned out to be spot-on. Evil was indeed abroad. It had emerged from its underground hideaway – metaphorically or literally -, and was now openly stalking the face of planet Earth as it worked to change – or should we say destroy – humanity as we have known it.

And authority – yes. This is the deeper layer of the plandemic hoax. The name itself gives the game away. Corona-virus: virus of the corona, or the crown. There is a virus in your crown; whose crown do you wear? Is it yours, or have you given away your crown, your sovereignty, your personal authority, to someone else? If you have, you’re now in big big trouble. It’s no longer a viable option.

Intuition kicked in a third time. At the beginning of the year, I developed the intention of joining the majority of humanity and purchasing a smartphone. Convenient, instant; put aside your scruples and go for it.

I started to check them out – prices, packages, the whole thing. Then Covid came onto the screen, and I promptly lost all interest. More than that, I developed a distaste for smartphones, and much of the modern technological world. Bizarrely, I opened up a cupboard full of ancient music cassettes and started playing them. Cassettes really are the pits, lacking both the clarity of digital music and the all-round warmth of vinyl. The quality was awful, but I found playing them reassuring.

As time passed, I realised the meaning of this aversion to a life lived on digital. The ultimate flowering of the digital world is AI: artificial intelligence. The wedding of human beings with technology. The dream human, the perfectly compliant robot human, a computer terminal that pretends to be a human being. Doesn’t sound too good to me.
As for David Icke – well, pretty much everything he was predicting back last spring continues to come to pass. “Know the (intended) outcome and you know the path” is how he explains his ability to foretell. Icke has been ridiculed like no other person I can think of, but his detractors have a problem, since most of what he was saying twenty, thirty, years ago has proven to be true.

Could you really fake an entire global pandemic? Really? It took me a while. But fake it you can, and it has been done. Those who refuse to entertain the possibility hold to their beliefs purely through exercising selective cognition. Put more simply, they won’t look at information outside their own little BBC/Guardian/Telegraph/Sky/CNN box. Not even for fifteen minutes. There is a mass of proper information out there now, and it’s not difficult to access. Ignorance is a personal choice, and fear of truth appears to be as incapacitating as fear of a vai-russ.
And there we have it. For now. Tomorrow is another day…..

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What is Covid Denial?

This article is presented with two distinct sections. The first part concentrates on the presentation of reasoned argumentation whilst the second is largely an expression of personal opinion.

Part 1

A provocative mantra is always useful for those who seek to invoke intolerance and hostility towards those that are questioning a narrative that it is deemed necessary to protect. Flavour of the month in this regard is of course that much-derided term of the “Covid Denier”.

Mainstream media allows no voice whatsoever to the heretical opinion that the much dreaded “Coronavirus” may not even exist and even the most ardent “lockdown sceptics” appear themselves to be frequently at pains to distance themselves from such seemingly toxic association. Those on the fringes of public debate must show willingness to recognize the prescribed parameters for discussion and whilst dissenters may still be permitted to question the wisdom of government policy and action with relation to this so-called pandemic they must never be allowed to challenge that fundamental underlying premise upon which all such responses have been justified.

And this is precisely how a false premise can become established as a perceived reality although the attempt to create and instil this narrative within the minds of men shall most certainly not go unchallenged on our watch. Let us therefore question directly whether or not there ever was such a thing as “Coronavirus”.

We are told that out of a world population of some 7.8 billion people some 2.13 million (24/1/21) deaths have been caused by a new and deadly strain of a contagious virus which is purported to have spread throughout the world over a period of some 15 months. To put this figure in context, it represents 1 in every 3,661 people upon this earth or roughly double the number of recorded annual suicides per annum.

Such statistics may appear to be a cause for concern, but they clearly do not justify the social and economic devastation that governments have imposed upon civilian populations across the entire world or the mass vaccination programmes that they and their affiliated pharmacological cartels are now seeking to impose upon the civilian population. In Britain over 100,000 citizens are said to have fallen victim to this supposed pandemic according to the death registration records but in this strange new dystopia in which we now find ourselves very little is as it seems. When we look a just little bit closer at these numbers and from where they were derived a very strange picture begins to emerge and it has got nothing at all to do with a “pandemic”.

Evaluating the information
Let us first briefly review the records of annual deaths for England and Wales in recent years.
2017 533,253
2018 541,589
2019 530,841
2020 529,841 (up to 13th November)

So, 2020 undoubtedly has not been a good year and when the figures are made available it can be expected that the annual death toll will not be too far short of 600,000 people, this being an increase of more than 10% upon the previous year. But exactly when, and how, did these excess deaths occur? A closer examination of the data reveals a spring spike in reported fatalities (some 50,000 people) after which we see nothing whatsoever to indicate any abnormalities within the overall mortality rate which continually remained within expected parameters throughout the months which followed that initial surge.

Overall mortality rates are the best indicator to show whether we are in a pandemic or not and the data quite clearly shows that, statistically speaking, there quite simply was no pandemic in this country or, for that matter, in other countries such as the United States of America where the Coronavirus was falsely reported to have had a devastating effect upon the health of the nation. To underline this point we shall look once more to the data.

Freedom of information requests have revealed that between 1st January and the 31st August only 76 Coronavirus related deaths were reported from a sample of 1,641,281 public service workers (England and Wales)

The age standardised mortality rate (ASMR) for people aged 65 and under was 16.6 per 100,000 people as of August 2020 (31/7/20 England and Wales)

“All of this (referring to data) points to no evidence that Covid-19 created any excess deaths. Total death numbers are not above normal death numbers. We found no evidence to the contrary.” Genevieve Briand (Director of Applied Economics- Johns Hopkins University. Analysis of Data (source CDC) covering February to September


And this is when things can start to become really disturbing. Not only did the political, media and medical authorities fail to report upon the rather benign nature of the supposed crisis but they then repeatedly and verifiably set out to misrepresent and distort information in such a way as to intentionally create the illusion of an ongoing epidemic. All across this world a widespread and coordinated deception has been propagated in which people who had died of a pre-existing condition have had their cause of death reclassified as “Coronavirus” as further fear was induced using case numbers of supposedly infected people that had been derived from a hopelessly unreliable, and easy to manipulate, testing process.

And so we then ask a not unreasonable question: What possible benign explanation could there be for lying about the existence of a pandemic? Whilst this deception does not in itself prove whether or not Coronavirus exists it does provide an extremely powerful indication that it may not. And so we dig a little deeper into the statistical record.


The overall mortality rates (England and Wales), which are, as previously stated, the primary indicator for a pandemic, show that somewhere in the region of 50,000 excess deaths were recorded over a period of several weeks in the Spring of last year. Does this not then prove that the Coronavirus is therefore a very real and deadly threat?

Not necessarily.

The overwhelming majority of these alleged Coronavirus victims died in hospitals and, to a somewhat lesser extent, care homes. Even the mainstream media itself admits that a large number of these people died not as a consequence of the “Coronavirus” itself but rather as a result of the somewhat chaotic response to what was thought at the time to be an impending emergency.

“Approximately 16,000 people may have died as a direct result of the coronavirus lockdown, new government figures show….. The shock number includes an estimated 6,000 people who did not go to A&E because they feared catching the coronavirus, and another 10,000 who died in care homes following early hospital discharges designed to free up capacity….The estimates – which were presented to the government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) in July but only published on Friday – also suggest that another 26,000 people could die by next March because of ongoing restrictions on healthcare.”
Independant 8th August 2020

And so, with the single stroke of a pen, the perceived death toll from the alleged virus during the initial surge period immediately diminishes by nearly one third. But how accurate, or trustworthy, was the research upon which this article was based? Let us not forget that the source (S.A.G.E- The Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies) is the same government affiliated think tank whose interest-conflicted members produced that now notorious document entitled “options for increasing adherence to social distancing measures”.

So what exactly was it that caused the death of so many people, some 16,000 if this study is to be believed? The World Doctors Alliance addressed such concerns directly within an open letter that was addressed to all national governments and was rather predictably disregarded by mainstream media.

“Ventilating patients instead of oxygenating patients proved to be a deadly policy and an unwarranted failure. Ventilation resulted in many unnecessary deaths.”

“Sending infected people from hospitals to care homes placed the elderly and frail under unnecessary risk and resulted in many unnecessary deaths.”

“Blanket Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) orders were imposed on thousands of people without their consent nor the consent of their families – this is both unlawful and immoral and lead to unnecessary deaths in care homes.”

“Hospitals became essentially ‘Covid only’ centres as vast numbers of patients were wilfully neglected, resulting in many thousands of unnecessary deaths.”

Add to this list the shortages in the availability of essential medical supplies (especially oxygen) and the various pressures that were placed upon nursing staff in both hospitals and care homes. Is it not possible that it was a simply combination of these factors which led to such an excessive death toll during March and April? Could it be that some 50,000 people died as a consequence of the initial lockdown measures and not the 16,000 as was estimated within the report that was submitted to S.A.G.E ? And if the answer to that question is “yes” then it is surely logical to deduce that not only is the alleged threat from what is termed “Coronavirus” of no consequence in the present moment but that it never was a danger in the first place.

After months of misreporting on what is now being termed a “casedemic” we are now being asked to believe, by these same untrustworthy sources, that the now mutating “virus” is once more resurgent following a most improbable worldwide hiatus period of several months. A “second wave” of deadly contagion is now said to be upon us and mortality rates are indeed starting to rise once more above statistical variation according to the latest data from the O.N.S. (Office National Statistics)

Is this then finally proof of the deadly virus?

No, absolutely not because it could be argued that this unfortunate situation is the predictable, and some would say inevitable, consequence of government lockdowns that have been imposed alongside harmful protocols which were introduced as supposed health protection measures. The following extracts are from an article that was written on the 9th November last year.

“Coronavirus is the cover for, and not the cause of, the excessive mortality that is unfortunately to be expected during the coming winter. The government and the media have contrived to create a situation whereby citizens are kept in fear as they are isolated from one another and it can be expected that those on the fringes of society will be increasingly deprived of the most basic essentials in the coming months. The cumulative effect of all this will be a compromised immunity amongst a civilian population that is being denied access to previously available treatment and healthcare services.

It should not be necessary to explain this to grown adults, but wearing face masks for prolonged periods of time, losing herd immunity through “social distancing” and continually spraying harmful chemicals upon the skin is also going to have a detrimental effect upon their health. People are going to fall ill and die this winter as a direct consequence of measures which have supposedly been introduced to “keep everyone safe.”

A sizeable percentage of the annual winter death toll will be people who are, to some extent, authors of their own misfortune and still more will succumb to the effects that this traumatic year has had upon their mental health. The statisticians will doubtlessly calculate such collateral damage to the nearest unit and the death of the unfortunate victims will, of course, be blamed upon the unverifiable Coronavirus. Perhaps all this human misery, used in conjunction with further contrived statistical trickery, will prove sufficient in itself to persuade people that the “virus” is indeed real and that they must continue to acquiesce to all the demands of their government.”                    The Flat Earth Inverness

Since those words were written, a new variable has entered the fray; some 6 million UK citizens have, at the time of writing, been vaccinated. This very evening a personal acquaintance got in touch to relate the experience of an elderly relative who was vaccinated, fell violently sick and then lost the ability to walk. Two days after vaccination this lady died in a hospital. Such “adverse reactions” or “side effects” are a known hazard of inoculation. According to the ACIP COVID-19 Vaccines Work Group (19th December) 3150 out of 112,807 (2.79%) recipients of the Pfizer-Biontech COVID-19 vaccine experienced what they term a health impact event, meaning that following injection the person was…

“Unable to perform normal daily activities, unable to work, required care from doctor or health care professional”

Occasionally, or perhaps frequently, (it is too soon to know) some of these people, especially amongst the elderly and the frail, will die which will then impact upon the overall mortality statistics.


But I have had Coronavirus! I know people who have died from Coronavirus!

How would you know?

Shortness of breath and high temperatures are extremely common symptoms that are associated with any number of conditions. Every single year hundreds of thousands of people are admitted to hospital in the UK alone with what are termed “respiratory ailments” and unfortunately some of these people can then die. Recovery from such trauma can be a slow process especially if the lung tissue has been damaged.

If a sick person is told that it is the dreaded Coronavirus that is responsible for their suffering then very often this seemingly definitive explanation is accepted without question. The patient has no idea what “Coronavirus” actually is and neither do the health professionals who are treating that patient because the diagnosis is always based upon the subjective interpretation of symptoms and “guidelines” which are supported by, as has been previously highlighted, a series of hopelessly flawed and unreliable clinical tests. And is it not more than a little strange that such a supposedly serious and transmissible virus did not cause an abnormally high manifestation of respiratory symptoms amongst the young and healthy population in the year 2020? Could not the fear that has been induced within the general population not adversely affect some people’s ability to recover from known respiratory ailments, both physically and psychologically?

Those who have suffered personal loss or suffering as a consequence of what they believe to be Coronavirus are prone to become volatile and emotional when the stated cause of their grief and pain is so directly challenged. Such understandable hostility is unfortunately shared by a small army of zealotry virtue signallers who will puff out their collective feathers in displays of self-righteous indignation as they dutifully protect what has become a most privileged and revered victim status. How dare these people say that Coronavirus might not exist! Burn them!

We dare because the truth is without emotion and so has no care for feelings. Everything that is within the prose above can be supported with facts, reason and logic and the reader is challenged to find fault with either the information that is provided or the conclusions that are then drawn from the critical evaluation of that information. There are very solid grounds for doubting the existence of “Coronavirus” which urgently need to be reviewed and discussed in a reasoned and civilized manner.

Part 2
The opinions of a “Covid denier”

Think of the events of 2020 not in terms of a deadly pandemic but rather as a worldwide political, economic and social revolution. What we are currently witnessing is a pre-planned well controlled, and relatively ordered, dismantling of the established order which is taking place amidst ongoing plans to asset-strip, enslave and reduce a civilian population that is undergoing a massive social engineering programme which seeks to completely change human beings both on a physical and psychological level.

Some form of crisis, or the perception of crisis, needed to be created in order to provide an impetus to implement such unprecedented changes and being a worldwide agenda this required an event that would impact upon countries across the entire earth. A pandemic was duly manufactured. Or so it seemed. Because, and this is the brilliant part, the well planned and rehearsed crisis would be caused not by the “pandemic” itself but rather by a carefully coordinated response to something that was, in reality, nothing more than the elaborate presentation of a crisis for the “pandemic” itself was simply an illusion.

To understand how this has been done it is necessary to examine the long and tortuous history of Western medicine in the 20th century, and much else besides, because the events of 2020 did not happen in isolation but were rather the culmination of decades, if not centuries, of intricate preparation. For the purposes of this article it is enough to state the basic methodology that has been used; they have weaponised psychologically known respiratory ailments.

And people will say; but how can this be? How can so many seemingly normal human beings within what had previously been regarded as quite respectable institutions possibly have conspired to deceive the world in this way? What about all those esteemed medical personnel that are frantically careering around this world seeking to save us all from this new and deadly plague? And all across the land there are people hiding themselves from the world and only venturing outside with masks upon their faces as the social and economic life of the country grinds to a standstill; have they all gone quite mad?

Yes, all these people are clearly behaving in a deranged manner and engaging in collective mass psychosis but whether the individuals themselves could be considered “mad” or “bad” is largely a matter of how consciously aware they are of what they are doing and how tightly they are bound by the psychological ties that hold them to the pandemic narrative. Functionaries who exist within systems of mandated and collectivised orthodoxy are rarely able to demonstrate the independence of mind which is required to challenge the surrounding hive-mind mentality and are generally content to externalise their responsibility to think and to act for themselves. They know that to betray the lie is to betray the system that sustains them and many will desperately cling to their belief in that lie no matter how far-fetched and illogical it may eventually become. As the stench of the lie becomes overpowering (as it most certainly has with Coronavirus) the true vacated nature of the deceivers (and deceived) begins to show and it is a most unpleasant sight to behold.

And that is the process by which human beings can construct for themselves a literal hell upon this earth; it has all happened many times before and it is happening again right now.

All of these people, masters and slaves alike, are under the hypnotic mind control of highly proficient magicians who are perfectly capable of manipulating the thoughts and emotions of less conscious beings in accordance with their will. Think of the Coronavirus not as the common cold (for that is its literal definition) but rather as that most insidious virus of the human mind; fear. Fear is the real virus and it can, as recent events have so clearly revealed, prove to be extremely contagious.

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