School Circular

The following circular has been distributed as a means of raising concerns regarding both the unsatisfactory standard of general education and the potentially harmful environment that school children will shortly be subjected to should teaching personnel continue to abide by government instruction in relation to health protocols that are associated with the supposed Coronavirus pandemic.



The overall decline in cognitive ability amongst the general population of the United Kingdom is one of the greatest hidden scandals of the modern era and we must all now face the consequences of living amongst, and being managed by, an indoctrinated citizenry that has quite intentionally been deprived of the most basic tools of critical thinking. As one (relatively) intelligent journalist has noted….

“Hardly anyone has been taught how to think while millions have been taught what to think.”

People who are prone to collectivist thought and are not suitably equipped intellectually are easy to control and this explains so much about the educational practices to which our young people are currently being subjected. The unfortunate situation is by design as Bertrand Russell, (diets, injections, and injunctions) once noted….

“The populace will not be allowed to know how its convictions were generated.”

(Recommended study for educators as an antidote to the above: The Trivium- The classic liberal arts of grammar, logic, and rhetoric and the writings and lectures of the late John Taylor Gatto.)



Employees should carefully consider the consequences of wilfully enacting harmful protocols such as the wearing of face masks within school premises should this policy be adopted. It is morally wrong to pressure, or coerce, children into this abominable, and quite unnecessary, practice which will undoubtedly cause them physical and psychological harm. And this is not just about face masks; young people are currently being programmed into a completely new way of being and interacting with their wider environment and anybody who still believes this being done for their benefit or protection is rather sadly lacking in the skill of discernment.

Abdication of responsibility is not an excuse and historical precedent would indicate that any mitigation claims through appeals to authority (“I was just following orders/instruction etc.”) will, in future analysis, be summarily rejected.

The “government” has gone rogue and is now employing propaganda and medical terrorism against its own civilian population. We should therefore like to take this opportunity to also express in writing safety concerns regarding the planned testing, and vaccination, of school children (and staff) against what is, at worst, a negligible threat. Just say “NO”. The pandemic has been a fraud and the lies are now unravelling- Coronavirus Information Compendiums are available upon request.

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