£10K Curvature Challenge

The flat earth has written to over 100 land surveying companies and offered considerable financial incentive to show in a demonstrable way that the earth is a globe by measuring the curvature of the earth:

“There is a rapidly growing belief that the earth is flat and does not move. This idea is often ridiculed but nobody can reference any substantiating evidence to support the idea that the earth is a globe.

The purpose of contacting a surveyor is to propose a challenge–if the earth is a globe then it should have curvature which should be measurable. Find the curvature in a demonstrable way and flat earth inverness will pay up to the tune of £10,000. A method should be agreed upon and then a contract signed prior to any incurring of expense.

We seek evidence of the drop height over distance and do not wish to get involved in the complex mathematical discussion of navigation over the surface. We seek tangible and not visible evidence and contend that the curvature/refraction allowance is simply a matter of refraction and nothing more.We propose that the expected curvature of a sphere with a radius of 3963 miles equate to 8 inches per mile squared.

We accept there is contention regarding this formula and would discuss alternatives as the amount of expected curvature would need to be clarified and accepted by both parties. The flat earth is open to discussion regarding viable methods of testing over distance – a fixed, unsupported, tensioned wire for example. Alternatively, evidence could be found within ongoing or completed surveying projects.

Surveyors must be aware of the growing discussion regarding the shape of the earth. There are multiple projects often over hundreds of miles and yet no tangible evidence for allowance for curvature is forthcoming whilst debates still rage about what the curvature of the earth actually is. It is becoming increasingly apparent that people are being deceived, and not just about the shape of the earth.

This absurd lie has been perpetrated for far too long and has done immeasurable harm to the psyche of mankind. That so many seem to think it of little importance is testament to how damaged and demoralised we have become. This is important, it is time to settle this matter in a clear and definitive manner and to deal with such implications that arise.”

Many others have given similar challenges which are usually ignored. If the earth were truly a globe then the curvature over distance would not be a matter of debate, it would be both accepted and widely used in practical application.

Bridge sections are joined at right angles and fitted together, sometimes over distances of several miles. Bridge construction, canals, tunnels and everything else on the level earth works by surveying and building using planer principles.

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